Permanent Makeup for Seniors: Is There an Age Limit for PMU?

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Semi-permanent makeup has already established itself as a staple in the lives of beauty bloggers and influencers, but these procedures could greatly improve the lives of all women (and men!), no matter their profession or age. There is no age limit to permanent makeup. Its benefits are universal, and for anyone who wastes time reapplying makeup every day, or has some insecurity they would like to fix, it’s worth exploring the wide range of permanent makeup procedures.

Although it seems only young people are getting work done, you’re never too old for permanent makeup, although permanent makeup for senior women generally implies more subtle results.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of permanent makeup that might interest women over 60.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup implies a wide range of procedures that, by injecting pigments into the skin, imitate the results of applying different kinds of regular makeup. The most popular treatments are brow enhancement and correction procedures like microblading, powder brows, microfeathering, etc. As the most subtle, microblading is the best option for mature women, as it gives natural looking results that can’t be distinguished from natural brows.

Other procedures include permanent eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lip and cheek blushing, but also procedures aimed at correcting skin discoloration, like micropigmentation, or sparse hair, like scalp micropigmentation.

What can permanent makeup do for older women?

The most obvious benefit of semi-permanent makeup is the fact there’s no need to apply regular makeup every day for 1.5 to 3 years. This is how long PMU effects last and the pigments are retained in the skin. PMU is useful for saving time, but it could also make the lives of older women easier. Deteriorating eyesight can make makeup application complicated and frustrating, as can hand tremor, the two essentially harmless, but inconvenient symptoms of ageing.

As we age, the notion of body image and the desire to look (and feel) our best doesn’t vanish, nor should it. Permanent makeup for the mature woman can have great physical and phychological benefits and elevate the quality of life.

Physical effects of permanent makeup to seniors

With age, the body goes through numerous changes. Unfortunately, our looks suffer as a result. Creative use of permanent makeup can be a way to slow down and reverse the ageing process, at least to a certain point. The most obvious sign of ageing is hairloss and thinning that affects the scalp, but also eyelashes and eyebrows. The next most obvious change has to do with complexion and the color of lips.

Luckily, these are some of the permanent makeup procedures that can fix these issues:


Microblading eyebrows is a way to volumize or completely reconstruct eyebrows, which tend to get thinner and fall out with age.The hair-like strokes blend with the natural hairs (if there are any), or recreate the whole arch from scratch, modifying the shape to best suit the facial structure. The shape of the arch can do wonders to a face. It can lift all the features and give a younger look overall. Another plus, no need to dye gray hairs! So mature women would, without a doubt, get a confidence boost from microblading.

Helen Mirren is the best example! This senior Hollywood celebrity is a major advocate  for microblading, which reconstructed her sparse brows.

To get a complete overview of microblading treatment, visit our Ultimate Guide to Microblading Eyebrows.

Eyelash enhancement

Modern technique of permanent eyeliner also called eyelash enhancement is a great way to open up the eyes and give them a dose of femininity without looking over the top. This procedure means darkening the lash line by blending dark pigments into it. As there are no harsh lines but rather shading, this look is appropriate for any age group and for every situation.

Accentuating the eyes is the best way to bring out femininity!

Cheek blushing

The rosy hue in the cheeks some women have naturally, which gives a fresh, healty look to their face, usually fades with age. So instead of recreating it every day with regular blush that more often than not looks artificial, there’s a way to give the face its youth back through cheek blushing. The name says it all: this procedure means injecting pink and reddish pigments into the cheek area in numerous little dots that look like a shade rather than a block of color.

Apart from giving the face a dose of color, clever shading can lift the cheekbones and minimize the saggy look. Instant refreshment!

Lip blushing

The same goes with lips. Lips lose their natural color with age. Lip blushing can color them into any shade you want, although most mature women opt for natural, subtle flesh-colored tones. Skilled permanent makeup artists can also make them look fuller and give them the illusion of volume, which is another feature that is lost with age.

To learn more about the treatment, visit Lip Blushing treatment page. 

Scalp micropigmentation

This one is for the gentlemen! Balding and receding hair is a process that targets a large percentage of men and some women and can cause a significant drop in self-confidence. Scalp micropigmentation means injecting pigment into the scalp in either numerous dots or hair-like strokes. It can be a way to make sparse hair look denser, or give the whole scalp a shade that looks like very short hair.

To get a complete overview of a SMP treatment, visit our Ultimate Guide to Scalp Micropigmentation.

Psychological effects of permanent makeup to seniors

Sometimes called cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup has as much effect on the psyche as it does on our look. In today’s beauty-obsessed world, body image is a universal struggle that affects women and men of all ages. While some people get increasingly comfortable with their bodies with age, many people develop new insecurities.

A study shows that permanent makeup for older women can give them a huge boost in confidence. ‘This study seems to confirm that for these older women, body image remains important, especially qualities of the face’. So, contrary to the popular belief, women over 60 still very much care about their looks and enjoy highlighting their femininity. It can also relieve their frustration with some common issues that impede makeup application, like poor eyesight and trembling hands.

Final word

Permanent makeup is a great way for older women and men to minimize or reverse some of the effect of ageing. Scalp micropigmentation is extremely popular among older gentlemen, while microblading and eyelash enhancement can draw attention to the eyes. The shape of the eyebrow arch transforms the whole face and makes it look younger. Lip and cheek blushing inevitably refresh the face, giving it a beauty-from-within look. Rosy hues in the face instantly make anyone look younger.

So for anyone struggling with insecurities related with ageing, or anyone who just wants to maximize their femininity, semi-permanent makeup is a practical way to boost your confidence!

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