Permanent Makeup for Men: Treatments & Examples

By Emily M.| Last updated on July 26, 2023

Welcome to PMUHub’s ultimate guide through permanent makeup for men. Read along as we explain the most popular treatments & the effects they can help you achieve!

permanent makeup for men

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When it comes to permanent makeup, there’s a bit of a stigma surrounding who it’s for. Just like with regular makeup, the assumption is that only women will have any interest in it, but you probably already know that that’s just not true!

PMU can be used to achieve different goals – some use it to cut their morning routine short, some to enhance a feature, and some to cover up an insecurity. A practical beauty routine and confidence aren’t gendered and they never were.

So, if you’re a guy looking to get some PMU work done, keep on reading and we’ll tell you about all the different treatments you can choose from!

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Why Go for Men’s PMU?

Like we already said, permanent make up for men and women alike is used for all sorts of purposes.

But besides the versatility, a huge benefit is the non-invasive nature of all these treatments, meaning that you don’t need expensive and potentially dangerous cosmetic surgery to look your best.

On top of all that, despite their name, most PMU treatments are also temporary, albeit long-lasting, so if you don’t love the way it turns out, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to stick to the look or not.

Finally, we have to mention the stunning results that come from different treatments, but you’ll see them for yourself in the next few sections!

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Men’s Permanent Eyebrows

Getting your eyebrows professionally done is a great way to save the time and effort you’d otherwise spend on maintenance. Not only that, but these treatments are also a quick and easy fix for, for example, eyebrow scars.

So, what are the options when it comes to permanent eyebrow treatments?

Male Microblading

Microblading is an eyebrow treatment that works by depositing pigment in the surface layer of the skin by making tiny incisions with a manual blade to imitate the natural look of hair.

The result is a fuller brow, but it can also be used to modify the shape so that it best suits the rest of the face.

If you choose microblading, you will work with your brow artist to find the best color match, and then decide on a style.

One option is to go completely natural, which is great for filling in gaps and covering up scars.

microblading for menImage source: Instagram @browsbymorgan

Or, you can figure out a completely new shape and enhance your overall appearance.

Microblading can also be combined with a bit of shading to get combo brows – a slightly more polished, fuller brow look.

combo brows for menImage source: Instagram @ana_v_brows

If you have oilier skin, your artists may suggest nano hair strokes, which look like microblading, but are done with a PMU machine, not a manual blade.

The results will usually last 1 to 2 years, after which they will start to fade. In general, the treatment is almost completely painless and can cost between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

You can read all about male microblading here!

Powder Brows for Men

The idea of microblading and powder brows are the same, in that they both introduce pigment to the skin to enhance the look of eyebrows, using numbing cream to minimize the discomfort.

The main difference is in the technique and the subsequent effect.

Powder brows are done with a machine rather than manual work, which makes this treatment somewhat less painful.

Powder brows are also a slightly bigger commitment since they won’t fade away entirely for about 3-4 years. In terms of cost, both treatments average around $600.

Regarding the style of powder brows men usually go for more natural looks, typically to fill in gaps or make the brows appear thicker, but changing the shape of the brow is also a possibility.

powder brows for menImage source: Instagram @mona.inks

Male Eyeliner Tattoo

Male eyeliner, or guyliner, is somewhat of a newer trend and its goal is to enhance the appearance of your eyes.

The permanent eyeliner procedure is pretty similar to powder brow shading – an artist will use a PMU machine with a thin needle to insert pigments into the skin. Numbing cream is used, so there’s no significant pain here, but some discomfort is to be expected.

And, just like with brows, permanent eyeliner comes in different styles. You can go for a more dramatic look with a full wing, or a more subtle one that will still noticeably make your eyes stand out without making you look like you’re wearing any makeup.

Men typically opt for more thin and discrete lines that can be added either to the top or bottom lash line. The line ends where the eye ends, meaning that there is no wing or additional flairs – just an enhanced yet still natural look!

Learn more about permanent guyliner by clicking this link!

permanent eyeliner for menImage source: Instagram @cleobrows_australia

Lip Blush for Men

Lip tattooing is used to enhance the appearance of the lips, be it by changing their color, altering their shape, or cool-toned lip neutralization.

When it comes to lip blush men usually go for natural colors that just improve upon their natural lip, but it’s also possible to achieve a more dramatic look.

Just like any other lip tattoo appointment, the men’s lip blush tattoo process takes about an hour. In general, it can feel a little less comfortable than the other treatments we talked about because the tattoo is done on such a sensitive area.

Still, your artist will start by applying a numbing cream, so it shouldn’t be anything too bad.

Choosing a permanent lip color for men can also be done in consultation with the artist, who is there to help you find the nearest match to your natural lip color if you don’t want to seem like you’re wearing lipstick.

A special blending technique is also often used so that the borders don’t seem too clean-cut and makeup-ey.

Follow this link to find out more about the lip blush procedure, price, and choosing the right artist!

lip blush for menImage source: Instagram @buonabeauty

Hair Tattoo Treatments

If you’re battling any insecurities regarding your hair – either on the scalp or on the face – cosmetic tattooing techniques can help fix bald patches, or even create the look of a full head/face of hair!

Scalp Micropigmentation

As you can probably guess, SMP refers to micropigmentation done on the scalp. It aims to make the hair look fuller and denser and cover up any bald spots by tattooing tiny dots that resemble hair follicles.

It can be done on areas without any hair, or on hairy areas that need an illusion of more volume.

Keep in mind that this tattoo lasts up to 8 years, but is still temporary.

You can find a step-by-step guide through the SMP process here!

scalp micropigmentationImage source: Instagram @scalptist

Hairline Microblading

The illusion of denser hair can also be created with the microblading technique, although there are several issues with this off-label use of microblades.

Hair strokes that look like hair strands can only be added to improve the look of the hairline above the forehead and along the temples, not on the actual scalp. The strokes don’t last long and tend to blur, so SMP is usually a better option.

Read more about hairline microblading and its drawbacks here.

Beard & Mustache Micropigmentation

Since the aim of scalp micropigmentation is to mimic the look of a buzzcut, the same can be done for facial hair to recreate a stubble or add volume visually.

The process is nearly identical to SMP and can be used to treat patchiness and asymmetry or to simply make the facial hair look fuller.

This treatment also isn’t permanent, but there are certain steps & products you can invest in to prolong the tattoo’s life. Still, it will begin to fade after a couple of years.

Here’s all about the treatment.

beard and mustache micropigmentation
Image source: Instagram @starmicropigmentation

Beard & Mustache Microblading

Instead of tiny dots, some artists offer facial hair enhancement with the microblading technique. Strokes of pigment are made with a manual blade, which gives the illusion of extra hair strands.

This can look realistic when done by a skilled artist, but the question of eventual blurring has to be raised. If the strokes start spreading, they can create a messy look.

Read the full guide here!

Permanent Makeup for Men – Key Takeaways

All the cosmetic tattoos we talked about can be made to look natural and cover up insecurities like scars, hypo- or hyperpigmentation, or alter the shape of any feature. On the other hand, they can also be made more dramatic and enhance your appearance in different ways.

They’re also all temporary (despite the name), long-lasting but not forever. Whichever style you choose, or how long you decide to stick to it, PMU and cosmetic tattooing is still a great way to boost your confidence – no matter your gender!



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