Permanent Lipstick

How Much Does Permanent Lipstick Cost?

Permanent makeup has a lot of admirers around the world. It’s no wonder, since it saves you the trouble of applying makeup every day. It makes you look all ready as soon as you get out of bed.

One of the hottest treatment right now is permanent lipstick. This PMU procedure is also known as permanent makeup lips, permanent lipstick tattoo or lip liner tattoo. So many names for the same procedure for accentuating lips by adding them volume and a bit of color. The results are the most amazing natural-looking lips.

Keep reading to find out more about the treatment and the permanent lipstick prices.

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What is Permanent Lipstick?

Permanent lipstick is perfect for women who like wearing lipstick or want to add some fullness to their lips, without having fillers. It is similar to lip tattoo, but it doesn’t use the tattoo ink.

Natural pigment is used in permanent lipstick treatment. It is injected into the first layer of the skin of your lips. The pigment makes your lips look powdery, but it fades away faster than tattoo ink. This is why permanent lipstick is actually a semi-permanent makeup treatment.

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How Much Does Permanent Lipstick Cost?

The average price of permanent lipstick is $800. However, the prices vary significantly, depending on different factors, such as location, the popularity of a salon, the material used etc. Reputable salons charge more than $1000, but you can also have the treatment for only $300.

As it was already mentioned above, the color of the pigment tends to fade away gradually. Therefore, touch-ups are required and they are usually charged separately.

How Much are Permanent Lipstick Touch-Ups?

The frequency of your touch-ups depends on your skin type and your lifestyle. For instance, people with oily skin and those whose skin is exposed to the sun and water will need more frequent touch-ups to maintain the color.

The first touch up, which is done after the healing period is over and is there to complete the final look, is sometimes complimentary. It is usually displayed in the price list, but you can ask your artist if you are not sure. Other touch-ups, which are usually done once a year, cost around $200. If you have them regularly, your permanent lipstick can last up to 10 years.

What Variations of Permanent Lipstick Treatments are There and How Much They Cost?

There are several variations of the lip treatment, it depends on what part of your lips you want to treat. You can do only permanent lip liner, which costs around $300. It works like a regular liner, so the lipstick must be added. The other option is lip blush, which is a permanent lipstick without a liner, and it costs around $500. The most popular one is the combination of the two. It is full color, which includes permanent lip liner and permanent lipstick and the average price of this is $800.

In the table below permanent lipstick price is shown compared to other permanent makeup treatments:


Average Price in USD ($)



Permanent lipstick (lipstick + lip liner)



5 – 10 years

Lip liner only



5 – 10 years

Lip blush only



5 – 10 years

Lip fillers



6 – 8 months

What Does the Price of Permanent Lipstick Depend On?

There are various factors that affect the price of permanent lipstick treatment.

  • Besides the kind of treatment you choose, one of the factors is certainly the popularity of the artist. If a makeup artist is excellent at his job, he will naturally have a great reputation and a lot of satisfied customers. If an artist’s services are in high demand, it is very likely that the prices will be higher than average.
  • Certified artists also charge more, as well as professionals with a lot of experience.
  • It is known that high-quality products cost more and they affect the prices of the treatment.
  • Some salons are popular because they hire experts, use quality products, have a good website and marketing and take pride in a lot of satisfied customers. Naturally, they have higher prices.
  • Location is another factor. The price of the rent affects the salon’s prices. Therefore, if the salon is in a big city or an elite part of the town, it is very likely that the prices will be higher than ones in a small town. If there are a lot of salons in a small area that offer the same services, artists might lower their prices in order to beat the competition.

What is Included in the Price of a Permanent Lipstick Procedure?

The price usually includes only the initial treatment, and that one is the most expensive.

The treatment starts with numbing the area with an anesthetic and inserting pigment with a needle. The first follow-up treatment is sometimes included in the price and sometimes charged additionally. Its price is around $200.

Other touch-ups are charged slightly more, $300-$400. Some artist charge per hour of work, so the more your permanent lipstick is faded, the more work will need to be done and it will cost more.

Your artist should provide you with nourishing creams to help healing and to maintain the color. Those products might be complimentary or charged additionally.

Price of a permanent lipstick procedure

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Will My Skin Type Affect the Price of Permanent Lipstick?

Even though your skin type will not affect the price of the initial treatment, it will dictate how often you need to have a touch-up appointments, which are charged additionally. If your skin is oily, the lip liner will fade away faster. Also, people who lack in iron tend to lose color more quickly. Therefore, in order to maintain the color as long as possible, you should have a touch up every six months.

People who are good candidates for permanent lipstick treatment can have a touch up once a year.

How Do I Choose a Permanent Lipstick Artist?

The most important thing is that your artist has obtained a certificate. It is a proof that the artist has completed the necessary training hours and covered all the steps of performing permanent makeup procedures. Also, the artist is familiar with how different types of skin react to permanent makeup and what side effects might occur. 

Secondly, your artist needs to have a lot of experience, recommendation and good reputation. Before and after photos on the website are a good reference, too.

As expected, a technician with a license, experience and good rating will charge more than average. On the other hand, low prices may indicate inexperience.

PMUHub tip: Do not let the price be the main factor when you choose the artist. It is much more important that you trust the artist and leave the salon satisfied with the outcome.

How Much is Permanent Lipstick Removal?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can remove it. However, it will cost you. The permanent lipstick removal is usually done with laser therapy and it costs $150 per treatment. Also, be avare that you may need more than one treatment.

Unless your permanent lipstick is really botched, you can wait for the color to fade. It will be faster if you skip touch-ups and use products that contain retinol.

Does Permanent Lipstick Pay Off?

Permanent lipstick is a good investment for those who like wearing makeup, especially lipstick, and want to look good at any moment. It is also a perfect solution for those who want fuller lips but want to avoid lip fillers.


Permanent lipstick or a lip tattoo is an ‘old but gold’ permanent makeup treatment, nowadays updated with the improved technique and pigments. It is quite convenient, effective, and a lot of women love it.

So, if you want amazing, colored lips every day, go for it. Also, don’t let the price be an important factor when you choose an aesthetician. Focus on the skillfulness and experience of the artist and the other factors mentioned above.

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