Average Permanent Concealer Price

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Here’s an overview of the permanent concealer price range along with an average cost + tips on how to choose a salon.

Average Permanent Concealer Price - How Much Does PMU Concealer Cost?

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Last updated in December 2021.

Permanent concealer is a form of permanent makeup that’s supposed to diminish the visibility of dark under-eye circles. It’s done by depositing skin-toned color into the skin under the eyes, and the results are supposed to last for years.

However, the treatment turned out to be quite controversial, and not many technicians perform it. So finding out how much it costs can be challenging.

PMUHub has collected all available information and we’re giving you the average permanent concealer price.

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What’s the Permanent Concealer Price Range?

As with any permanent makeup treatment, the permanent concealer price can vary significantly from one salon to another, and many factors affect the formation of the price.

The general permanent concealer price range is between $350 and $800 per session, but since most salons only disclose their price upon consults, the cost could be lower or higher for each particular case.

How Much Does Permanent Concealer Cost on Average?

Permanent concealer is charged per session, and the average cost of a session is around $400.

Depending on the technique, 2-4 sessions may be necessary in order to achieve the desired coverage, and the price will obviously increase with each session. Most salons offer package deals, though, so the prices of additional sessions are lower than the cost of the initial session.

What Factors Determine the Permanent Concealer Price?

Several factors affect how much does permanent concealer cost. Here are the main ones:


It’s important to note that permanent concealer is not really a standardized treatment and technicians have different techniques. Depending on the technique, a concealer tattoo can be permanent or semi-permanent.

Although you might think that the permanent version should be more expensive since it is, well, permanent, it’s actually not. The permanent version is done with tattoo inks, while semi-permanent techniques use more advanced products, they are usually branded, and techs spend a lot of time and effort developing them, so they charge more.

Plus, semi-permanent concealer is done in several sessions and needs to be refreshed every 2 years or so, and all those extra sessions are charged separately, so the price is higher in the long run.

What Factors Determine the Permanent Concealer Price?Image source: Instagram @lorbeautyofficial


Permanent concealer is more popular in some parts of the world (like Brasil and Asia) than in others, and where there’s a higher demand, the price is expected to be higher, too.

But it’s also possible that, if there’s only a single tech in the area offering the treatment, they might set higher prices.

Experience of the Technician

As with any PMU treatment, beginners charge less than more experienced technicians.

With permanent concealer being such a tricky treatment, it’s definitely justified that someone who knows what they’re doing charges more for their work.

What’s Included in the Permanent Concealer Price?

If you get the permanent version done with highly concentrated inks, you will probably only need 1 session, so that’s all that’s included in the price.

If you get the semi-permanent version, most techs include 2 sessions in the price, and charge further sessions separately. But this is just a tendency, not a rule, so always check with your technicians how many sessions are included in the initial permanent concealer price and how much additional sessions cost.

Most techs will also provide you with a free aftercare balm to apply to the treated area while it’s healing.

What’s Included in the Permanent Concealer Price?Image source: Instagram @longtimecamouflage

How Do I Choose a Salon Based On Their Permanent Concealer Price?

If we were talking about any other PMU treatment, we’d say go for someone who charges about the average price.

But since permanent concealer is a very risky treatment if not done 100% right, or if the products used aren’t top-quality, it’s advisable to avoid techs who charge lower prices, and go for someone who is experienced and uses the most advanced technique, regardless of price.

This treatment is definitely not something you should try and save money on, as the use of cheap inks or pigments can lead to very unattractive long-term consequences. Subpar formulas aren’t stable and they can change color over the years, turning into yellowish or greenish.

Does Permanent Concealer Pay Off?

This depends on how bad your dark under-eye circles are, and how well the results turn out. If you get a significant enhancement from the treatment and everything goes right, without unattractive color shifts in the following years, then yes, the treatment is worth it.

But be aware that things can go wrong with this treatment very easily, and unless the implementation is impeccable and the pigments stay stable until they fade, permanent concealer won’t only cost you several hundred dollars, but also a lot of frustration.

Average Permanent Concealer Price – Main Takeaways

The average permanent concealer cost is around $400, but the price can vary from $350 to as much as $800. It’s important to note that this is the one treatment where it’s worth cashing out on the more expensive technicians, as their techniques are probably more advanced and will give better long-term effects.


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