Ombre Brows Scabs Not Falling Off: Possible Scenarios and Solutions

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on February 3, 2023
ombre brows scabs not falling off
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Ombre brows are a very popular look and the demand for them is always growing. They are a version of powder eyebrows, done with a PMU machine. These eyebrows have a lighter head and a darker tail, creating a so-called ombre effect.

So, after the ombre brows treatment your artist, and a bunch of PMUHub articles will explain that any eyebrows tattoo requires a healing period after the treatment – which includes scabbing and peeling (that can be light or heavy).

But what if you notice your ombre brows scabs not falling off? Here are some possible reasons for that and solutions.

Scenario No 1: The Scabbing Was Very Light

Some lucky people don’t really scab much after an eyebrow tattoo. Sometimes, that is due to their skin type, and sometimes it’s because the aftercare tips and aftercare ointment were just perfect, as well as the artist’s technique.

In this case, there’s not so much scabbing and there’s almost nothing to peel. If the procedure was done right, ombre brows will have great retention and the results will be perfect.

It’s possible you have so little scabbing you don’t even notice it peeling. Just because you don’t get big chunks coming off doesn’t mean your ombre brows scabs aren’t falling off! They may be falling off in tiny flakes you don’t even see.

ombre brows scabs are very light
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What Do I Do?

Just enjoy the fact your brows aren’t flaking and expect good results.

If everything looks fine, there’s no need to worry. All the stars aligned and this is the perfect scenario actually. Just keep up with the aftercare routine and don’t skip the follow-up appointment.

ombre brows scabs not falling off what to do
Image source: Instagram @dagmaraschulz_browacademy

Scenario No 2: Picking the Scabs Caused Extended Healing

The first rule of brow tattoo aftercare is not to pick the scabs. But if you can’t resist picking them and pulling the scab, the healing process may slow down and more scabs can appear.

They will take more time to form and more time to peel, which leads to ombre brows scabs not falling off within the window when they’re supposed to.

If scabs reappear, they’ll peel off on their own schedule, which might be different from the expected timeline you’re probably expecting.

What Do I Do?

Just don’t touch the scabs, it’s as simple as that. If you accidentally pull the scab or scratch your brows, don’t worry too much, but try to resist touching them. If your eyebrows feel itchy, a recommended ointment may help.

Scenario No 3: Poor Aftercare Messed Up the Healing Process

Your ombre brows artist will recommend suitable aftercare which you need to follow religiously (you can also learn about ombre brow aftercare here). You need to follow the tips religiously to avoid complications.

Not washing your eyebrows may cause heavy scabbing, and as a result of this, slow healing and poor retention.

If you don’t follow the tips, it can cause infection. Infected wounds ooze secretions, which can form a crust and potentially cause your ombre brows scabs not falling off.

What Do I Do?

Ideally, this scenario should be prevented.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your freshly done eyebrows clean, dry and moisturized.

This means they need to be washed regularly with a bit of water and prescribed antibacterial soap. No splashing them with too much water.

After washing them, use a dry tissue to soak all the water off your eyebrows. Then apply a recommended moisturizer. Never apply the ointment before cleaning your brows properly.

But if you’ve already found yourself in this situation, and you feel like your healing isn’t going smoothly, contact your artist. Send them a couple of photos, and they’ll assess the situation much better than you can.

microblading aftercare day by day

Scenario No 4: The Scabbing Just Lasts Longer Than Expected

In most cases, the ombre brows scabbing stage starts between days 3 and 5 and lasts up to 7 days.

But the healing process is not the same for everyone, naturally. For some people, scabbing can last longer than expected. And they may feel anxious about their ombre brows scabs not falling off.

The longevity of the healing process depends on many factors, but mainly on the skin type and aftercare routine. Mature skin will take longer to heal, so the scabbing stage may be prolonged.

What Do I Do?

Everything is probably fine, but if your brows take too long to heal, i.e. if the scabs don’t peel after 2 weeks, consult your brow artist. They will probably ask you for pictures in order to determine if something’s wrong.

Scenario 5: The Artist’s Technique Was Not Good

This can also happen. If the artists did something wrong during the pigment implementation, it can cause poor healing results and ombre brows scabs not falling off.

The artist may have used the wrong size of the needle, and implemented the pigment too deep which caused heavy scabs that are persistent and don’t fall off.

Or, the opposite – they didn’t go deep enough.

To implement pigment right, the artist needs to get to the dermis, the second layer of the skin. As a result of this penetration, the skin oozes lymph and perhaps some blood, which is why scabs emerge in the first place.

If they stay in the first layer, the epidermis, the skin will secrete very little lymph, if at all, and there likely won’t be any blood. Therefore, there will be no scabbing, and no consequent flaking.

PMU Implementation Depth in the Skin

What Do I Do?

Contact the artists (or another artist) to help you if you are concerned about your ombre brows healing process.

But remember – better safe than sorry. That’s why we always emphasize the importance of finding a skilled, certified and experienced permanent makeup artist. So do your research beforehand to avoid any unexpected scenarios.

If the issue that causes your ombre brows scabs not falling off is shallow implementation, it’s possible you’ll lose a lot, if not all of the pigment, by the 6-week touch up.

Final Note

If your freshly done eyebrows are causing concern during the healing period, don’t hesitate to contact your ombre brows artists. They are supposed to be there for you for all the support to make sure no complications occur.

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