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By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 19, 2024
old money nail ideas
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There’s no need to drink cocktails in Malibu, ski in the Swiss Alps, or have a gigantic pool in your yard to feel like you’ve made it – you can look and feel rich with just the right manicure.

With millions of views on TikTok, this nail trend simply skyrocketed due to the quiet luxury feel it gives off.

Getting old money nails will make you feel like Sofia Grange Richie on a budget. Yes, they are that good.

So, if you’re ready to feel like a millionaire sipping on the most expensive champagne, let’s dive into our luxurious list of Old Money nail ideas.

What Are Old Money Nails?

The phrase may sound confusing, but there’s no need to worry – we’re here as your fashion assistants to guide you through every trend, including Old Money nails.

Simply put, the Old Money aesthetic resembles Old Hollywood, that timeless elegance and sophistication. It was kind of reinvented with Gen Z and TikTok, due to numerous younger influencers being dazzled by vintage glamour.

Naturally, the trend spread to the nail industry as well and got the name Old Money nails. If you enjoy that classic, timeless look, then you are the perfect candidate for this kind of manicure.

How to Get Old Money Nails?

To embody the Old Money aesthetic, opt for simple but timeless styles like deep, rich reds, or soft, flesh-colored pinks and neutrals. Whether you desire French tips or simple red nails – the key is in the perfect nail shaping and clean cuticles.

When it comes to shape, go for squoval short nails, or medium-length almond nails. This is the ideal way to achieve that quiet luxury and have nails that exude luxury and opulence.

Here’s a list of Old Money nail ideas for your next appointment that will enhance your luxurious outfits and make you feel like a million dollars.

Classic French Tips

You can’t go more elegant than with classic French tips. They are sophisticated, timeless, and go with any look. The classic combination of pinky canvas and white line on the tip of the nail is and will always be undefeated.

Even your favorite celebrities will agree – this style is here to stay, only the aesthetics are changing. When it comes to Old Money nails, opt for classic white French tips with a nude or milky canvas.

french manicure old money nailsImage source: Instagram @leminimacaron

Sheer & Sleek

If you thought French tips were subtle, you were wrong. There’s something even more delicate and that is a sheer nail set. Sheer nails are gentle, modest, and feminine.

They simply embody the clean girl aesthetic but in a luxurious way, making it easy for you to pair them with your everyday outfits, and even night outs. To make them stand out, put on some gold rings and dainty bracelets for that extra oomph.

sheer and sleek nailsImage source: Instagram @nailsbyalsn

Pearl Accents

Nothing screams luxury and opulence like pearls. With a modern twist, you don’t have to wear yours around your neck, but on your nails. Old Money nails are all about pearl accents, giving your manicure a touch of extravagance.

Take inspiration from the ultimate Old Money diva – Princess Diana herself. She wore pearls around her neck and caught attention left and right whenever she showed up. You can do the same with your pearl accent mani, on a budget.

pearl accent nailsImage source: Instagram @matejanova

Red-Wine Red

This kind of red hue is very specific – it needs to have a blue undertone. Also known as burgundy, this shade is tailor-made for fall, but it can be stylish all year round.

Drawing inspiration from red wine, these nails will make you feel like a powerful femme fatale. They will immediately transport you to the vineyards in France, where you will taste-test the most expensive wines and tap the glasses with your luxurious burgundy nails.

Talk about combining the Old Money aesthetic with ASMR!

burgundy nailsImage source: Instagram @nailedbyshev

Neutral Chromes

Chrome powder doesn’t have to be modern only. It can be elegant and timeless when rubbed on top of a specific color. For that classic look and feel, pick a neutral hue of your choice and a pearly chrome finish on top.

Also known as Glazed Donut nails (thanks, Hailey Bieber), they suit any kind of outfit or occasion and will make your hands look sleek and elongated.

chrome nailsImage source: Instagram @austulyys

Old Money Nails at Home

If you want to DIY your nails at home, we’ve prepared a list of goodies for your quiet luxury manicure on a budget. Here’s everything you need for Old Money nails at home.

French Tip Press Ons

French tips are one of the hardest techniques to master when it comes to professional nail enhancements. So, if you want the perfect French manicure, the best way to achieve that is with press-on nails.

Pearl Embellishments

For that Princess Diana feel at home, take a look at this pearl kit – there are various shapes and sizes to choose from, but we recommend going for the tiniest one for the ultimate Old Money vibe.

Burgundy Polish

To get your nails looking sleek and elegant, opt for this burgundy nail polish. It has high coverage and you may cover the entire nail with one swipe. With its glossy finish, you can feel luxurious and rich on a budget.

Chrome Powder

All the it-girls are getting chrome nails, so why don’t you do the same? Chrome powder is pretty straightforward to use – simply rub it on the color of your choice, but make sure that it’s all dried up.

@michellekhxn Found the best gel/chrome combo for the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails 🤩💎💿✨ #easydiynails ♬ LONG WAY TO GO X PROMISCUOUS - ALTÉGO

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re sipping on a glass of champagne on a private yacht, or doing the same at home – the vibes will be the same with Old Money nails. Drawing its roots from the vintage aesthetic, this trend will never go out of style.

From almond-shaped French tips to powerful but still sleek burgundy nails, these Old Money nail ideas will perfectly complement all your outfits and make you feel like you’re all set to go on a luxurious European vacation all summer long.

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