No Eyebrow Look in 2024: Is It Still In + How to Get It

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 26, 2024
no eyebrow look
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The no eyebrow look – risky 90s trend or still in? According to the trends for 2024, a high forehead is still the standard of beauty. So, if you’re curious about trying out a bold look you’re at the right place!

We’ve gathered various approaches, such as brow shaving and bleaching, as well as some other approaches inspired by celebrity looks. So, let’s unleash your inner fashionista and get started!

The Rise of the No Eyebrow Trend

From Madonna to Kendall Jenner, many famous women have embraced this timeless, bold, and minimalist style over the decades.

The trend of having brow-less faces is currently being influenced by Y2K fashion, which trendsetters like Bella Hadid and Julia Fox have revived. But, how did it start?

It all began with thin brows in the 90s, followed by transparent brows and bleached eyebrow hair.

It was fun, it was cool, it was edgy – but it also left some consequences in the form of damaged hair follicles and brows that never quite grew back.

no eyebrow lookImage Source: Instagram @richieshazam

Then, a new trend happened that upped the ante – completely shaved off eyebrows. Currently, we’re at the peak of this trend in 2024, but we’re sure that many people will still take inspiration from the no-eyebrow look in the future.

ameliagrayImage Source: Instagram @ameliagray

Is the No Eyebrow Look Still In?

According to many celebrity looks spotted on the Oscars red carpet in 2024 (Cynthia Erivo we’re looking at you) we say YES!

This trend made a permanent mark on the runways, red carpets, and of course, many social media profiles.

Just look at Lara Violetta’s brow-free style and tell us that you’re not feeling inspired. If you want to recreate this look in 2024, continue reading.

lara violetta no eyebrow lookImage Source: Instagram @laravioletta

How to Get the No Brows Look?

You can choose one of several options to achieve the bold and minimalist aesthetic of the no eyebrow look. Let’s explain each one!

Eyebrow Shaving

When shaving off your eyebrows, it is essential to prioritize hygiene. Thoroughly clean the eyebrow area, and use a fresh, sharp razor to shave off your brows.

Keep in mind the delicate skin around your eyes and do everything you can to minimize irritation, including using shaving foam or oil and moisturizing right after.

@isasliner Shaving off my eyebrows for the first time 🫢 #fyp #makeupartist #shavingeyebrows #shavingeyebrowsoff ♬ Black Sheep – Metric

How Fast Will My Eyebrows Grow Back?

If you use a razor for hair removal, your eyebrows should grow normally with proper care.

However, to speed up this process, you may need growth formulas to stimulate healthy regrowth.

On the other hand, scientific studies have shown that repetitive pulling or overplucking of hair can damage hair follicles, leading to slower regrowth.

So, don’t rely on your tweezers to achieve a no-eyebrow look.

Eyebrow Bleaching

For a more subtle approach, consider bleaching your brows. To do this, you will need petroleum jelly, paint, hydrogen, a spoolie, and a regular brush.

Perform a patch test beforehand to check for allergic reactions, and if clear, follow these steps:

  • Clean the eyebrows and skin.
  • Mix hair bleach powder with a cream developer.
  • Apply Vaseline around the brows.
  • Apply bleach mix on hair with a spoolie brush, covering from roots to tips.
  • Cover with plastic wrap.
  • Wait about 15-20 minutes.
  • Use a toning shampoo and leave it on your brows for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you want to buy a bleaching kit, you can find some useful information and product suggestions here. Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Bleaching can be quite damaging to your brow hair when done incorrectly. To restore softness and elasticity to your brows after bleaching, use a deep conditioning hair mask or a specialized eyebrow serum.

Avoid using products that contain alcohol denat to prevent drying and further damage to bleached brow hair.

How to Get a No Eyebrow Makeup Look?

If you’re still unsure about bleaching or shaving off your brows completely, a great way to start is by covering your eyebrows with makeup to test out the look. Here are a couple of useful tips and methods for recreating a no eyebrow look:

Fake Bleached Eyebrows

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Use a few shades lighter concealer than your natural hair color.
  • Brush the concealer into your brows in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • To blend the edges, use a warmer concealer that matches your natural skin tone.
  • Set the makeup with translucent powder to ensure it lasts longer.
@thefashionfreakk How do we feel about this trend?👀 @novabeauty Bronze eyeshadow palette #bleachedbrows #bleachedbrowstrend #fauxbleachedbrows #makeup #beauty ♬ Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 – Bizarrap & Shakira

Glue Down Your Eyebrows

You may have seen how drag queens do it, which may appear simple. However, there is a specific technique for properly gluing down your eyebrows.

First, get your supplies: non-toxic washable glue stick, translucent setting powder, foundation or concealer matching your skin tone, makeup sponge or blush, and setting spray.

Then, follow these steps:

  • Clean and dry the eyebrows.
  • Apply the glue stick directly to the eyebrows toward hair growth.
  • Press the glued hair against your skin.
  • Set with powder.
  • Conceal your brows.
  • Set with powder again.
  • Apply a setting spray.
@shopwillbeauty Glow Down Eyebrows for Drag! 💜 – Gluing down eyebrows is very difficult and can take quite a few tries to get the hang of. However, once you get a hold of your technique, you will love being able to play with your eyebrows to change your face and your make up. – You can conceal part of your brow or all of your brow that’s totally up to you. I left out the front part of my eyebrows so I could have a realistic hair texture and then I conceal the rest so I could draw them up at a angle that would feminize my face. – #makeuptutorial #browcoverup #dragqueenmakeup #dragmakeup #dragqueen #dragqueentok ♬ Do It Better – Beachcrimes & Tia Tia

So, Is the No Eyebrow Look Right for You?

Before making any permanent changes, consider alternatives such as bleaching, no-brow makeup, or a gluing-down technique that works for you.

It’s important to consider potential drawbacks and avoid tweezers at all costs. Overall, the choice of the method depends on your style and commitment to maintenance, so have fun experimenting with this edgy look in 2024!



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