Nipple and Areola Tattoo

How Much Does a Nipple and Areola Tattoo Cost?

If you have had a mastectomy in order to fight breast cancer and a breast reconstruction surgery afterwards, you might consider taking one more step towards recreation of preoperative appearance of your natural breast –  nipple and areola tattooing treatment.

Should you feel insecure without a nipple and an areola on your reconstructed breast, we have got great news for you – you don’t need to feel this way anymore! A lot of beauty and tattoo salons offer a service of nipple and areola tattooing for women just like you. And the beauty of this procedure is that it is not yet another surgery you should go through. Furthermore, it is quite a fast and painless treatment which effects last over years.

Take a look at this guide to find answers about the treatment and nipple and areola tattoo cost.

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What is a Nipple and Areola Tattoo?

This is a semi-permanent tattoo technique practiced with the aim of recreating a realistic image of a natural nipple and areola for the breast cancer survivors. If you are not willing to undergo yet another surgery after a mastectomy and a breast reconstruction surgery, this tattoo treatment might help you regain your self-confidence and feel more secure.

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How Much Does a Nipple and Areola Tattoo Cost?

The average cost of a nipple and areola tattoo is $400 per breast, depending on the location and how renowned a salon and an artist are. Some more famous artists charge up to $1,500 per hour. One procedure could take up to three hours per nipple/breast.

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You could come across a nipple and areola tattoo price as low as $100. How amazing is this? This is usually done by a few studios that offer this discount service for limited number of breast cancer patients. However, the cost usually varies from $100 to $2,000 depending on different criteria.

PMUHub tip: You should be aware that some salons and artists include a follow-up or a touch-up session in the price. Others charge extra for this, which is usually about $100 per breast.

Take a look at the average cost of a nipple and areola tattoo across the US states in the table below.

US State

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What’s Included in the Price?

The cost of a nipple and areola tattoo includes first a consultation with a tattoo artist. This is done before the actual treatment, since an artist needs to see your reconstructed breast, check the level of scaring and skin thickness.

  • If your other breast is intact, the artist will probably ask to see the nipple and areola on your natural breast. This is how he/she will be able to match your recreated tattooed nipple with your natural one as best as possible.
  • If you need a nipple and areola tattoo on both breasts, the artist may ask you to bring some old photos of your breasts in order to try to recreate the natural look of your nipples and areolas. You may discuss the size, position and even the shade of your future nipple and areola during this first visit. Afterwards, your tattoo artist will give you guidelines on how to prepare for the day of the treatment.

Additionally, if you would like to make sure you would not experience any allergic reactions, a skin-patch test might be offered to you. This test involves applying a small amount of pigment with a needle to a small area 48 hours prior to the treatment.

Last but not least, the cost of a nipple and areola tattoo includes the actual tattooing/micropigmentation process, which usually takes between one and three hours. Most clients require one initial treatment followed by another appointment to build up the pigment color.

PMUHub tip: Bear in mind that some salons charge extra for a follow up treatment. Thus, make sure to check what exactly is included in the price with your artist before you undergo the treatment.

What Does the Price of Nipple and Areola Tattoo Depend On?

The cost of a nipple and areola tattoo depends mostly on the demand, location, the quality of the service, reputation and popularity of a salon and/or a tattoo artist. In addition to this, it varies from the amount of time needed to achieve the best possible realistic image. Thus, some artists quite justifiably charge per hour rather than per breast/nipple. Let’s not forget that every client is different and that your artist needs to adjust to your particular condition, which takes time.

Furthermore, if some artists and salons have invested a lot of their time and money in their training and certification/licensing, it will influence the price of a nipple and areola tattoo. After all, some of them create real art works and the crucial thing is for you to be satisfied with the end result.

Will My Skin Type Affect the Price of Nipple Tattooing?

The cost does not depend on the skin type. However, scaring and the thickness of your skin might affect the price, since they usually prolong the treatment. Additionally, if you are fair skinned, you might need more frequent touch-ups, since the pigment fades quicker on fair skin.

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Is a Nipple and Areola Tattoo Cost Covered by Insurance?

The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 – WHCRA is a federal law that requires group health plans and health insurance companies that offer mastectomy coverage to also pay for reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. The coverage should include all stages of reconstruction with the aim of achieving symmetry between the breasts. You can find more information about WHCRA at the U.S. Department of Labor and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Therefore, there is a chance that nipple and areola tattoos are in fact covered by some insurance plans. PMUHub tip: Insurance coverage and criteria vary by state, so it is best to check with your insurance provider first. Your tattoo artist will give you a receipt that you could submit to your insurance company.

How Do I Choose the Salon Based On the Price?

Consider doing research on tattoo artists and salons. It would be best to consult women who have already got this tattoo done. Ask your doctors/surgeons, as they might give you the right information. Besides asking for a direct recommendation, visit the salons, check about their hygiene and sterilization policies. Ask to see their previous nipple and areola tattoos.

Don’t opt for the cheapest option straightaway, since a lower price could mean less quality of the service and equipment, or less experience. However, some salons and artists offer discounts for breast cancer patients as a way to show their support and goodwill.

Does Nipple Tattoo Pay Off?

If you feel insecure without a nipple on your reconstructed breast, you should definitely consider some available options. One of the least invasive techniques is having a nipple and areola tattooed on your breast. It does not require yet another surgery and though it is flat and drawn, these tattoos give a hyper-realistic image of a 3D protruding nipple with exquisite detailing.

Additionally, this tattoo normally takes years before you require a touch-up. Now, if a nipple tattoo boosts your self-esteem, it is worth the price, isn’t it? 


After fighting breast cancer by having an inevitable mastectomy, having a nipple and areola on your surgically reconstructed breast is entirely up to you.If you feel in any way uncomfortable without a nipple, do consider a nipple and areola tattoos. The tattoo might offer you a realistic image of your previous natural nipple and areola.

In addition to this, the procedure is quite fast and painless. In an hour or two, you can walk out of a tattoo studio with a recreated nipple and regained self-confidence. How great does this sound?

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