Introducing the New Phi PMU Machines – Which Model Should You Buy?

By Emily M.| Last updated on January 5, 2024
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We’ve officially stepped into the new era of permanent makeup – machine PMU is taking over and you need equipment that can keep up! So it’s time to meet the newest Phi PMU machines – innovation without compromise!

Elevate your skills with customizable features and universal cartridge compatibility. Take your artistry to new heights.

We’ll help you select your new trusted tool tailored to your specific skill level and preferences. So, let’s dive in!

Innovation for Every Skill Set: Introducing the Phi PMU Machines

The permanent makeup scene has been making a 180° lately as more and more artists are jumping on the machine techniques trends.

This shift has introduced a new era, redefining precision and efficiency in the world of permanent makeup.

With lip blush being the most sought-after treatment in 2023 and machine hair strokes a close second, the machine PMU market is huge – there are many clients wanting to do treatments, and artists taking classes.

To meet those needs, Phi Academy developed a collection of 3 PMU machines that borrow the best features of tattoo guns & adapt them to PMU.

A pioneer and industry leader in the sphere of microblading, Phi Academy is bringing you innovative solutions for machine treatments.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Choose the Right Phi PMU Machine for Your Style

The new Phi machines offer consistency and precision, with adjustable features that allow you to adapt the parameters to give you a different performance depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Different artists have different preferences when it comes to their equipment. So Phi created three different machines to fit your desires.

Phi Royal & Master – Innovation Without Compromise

The first thing you’ll notice about the Phi Royal and Phi Master machines is that they look stylish.

With their semi-mat housing and elegant curved contours, these machines will look great on your tray and in your social media content, even wrapped in a protective sleeve.

The second thing you’ll notice is that they are quite plump and bulky, with some additional weight. This is something many artists shy away from, preferring the comfort of a thin, light, pen-style machine.

But with size comes power.

Here’s the deal:

  • A strong machine implements pigments better with less skin damage.
  • To make a machine strong, you need a powerful engine.
  • A powerful engine can’t be small or it loses force, so it needs a bigger housing.

So, if you want a strong machine that provides top performance, you have to get used to a bigger machine, more of a tattoo gun than a pen, but still ergonomic and maneuverable.

What PhiAcademy did with the Royal & the Master was take certain features from the tattooing industry, like a longer, 3.5 stroke and a larger motor, to enable the needle to break even the thickest epidermis with as little damage to the skin as possible.

When you consider the mechanics of tattooing, pigmentology, and skin anatomy, a longer stroke is the most efficient option.

The longer the stroke, the more power is transferred from the engine to the tip of the needle. That means – more precise penetration that conquers skin resistance.

An additional function that a larger motor provides is the ability to achieve high torque AKA motor operation at low working speeds.

Why Is This Important?

Low operating speed allows you to make pixels with ultimate precision. A high torque gives the needle enough power to break the epidermis & penetrate the dermis with control, without any unnecessary tears in the skin.

Combined, these 2 features enable you to plant pigment exactly where you want, making as few skin pokes as possible.

The result is great saturation with fewer passes and minimal skin trauma because 1 pixel is created in 1 skin poke.

This is great for all PMU effects, but especially for machine hair strokes!

1. Phi Royal PMU Machine: Level Up Your PMU Artistry

Are you looking to try a powerful PMU machine but aren’t used to a heavier device? Then, the Phi Royal is your royal match.

It packs all the motor power you need, but it gives you the option to choose between using it with the integrated battery (which adds weight to the device) or with a power adapter, cord & power supply (which eliminates additional weight).

This custom German engine, known for its high torque at low speeds, is an excellent choice for leveling up your PMU technique skills.

With the Royal, the needle effortlessly glides into the skin, conquering even the thickest, most elastic skin types.

Precision is guaranteed with every pixel!

Phi Royal Facts:

  • Perfect for artists who want to transition into using more advanced equipment
  • 3.5 mm stroke length
  • High torque at low speed
  • Voltage: 4-12
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second
  • Battery or power supply operation
  • 162g with battery, 110g with power supply
  • Two interchangeable batteries
  • 800mAh batteries
  • Takes universal PMU & tattoo cartridges

Phi Royal Technical Specifications:

3.5 mm Stroke: This longer but balanced stroke gives you versatile power for consistent and reliable pigment implementation with long-lasting effects.

Impeccable precision: This stroke length and direct drive guarantee maximum control over the needle to create everything, from sharp pixels to the softest gradients.

Integrated batteries or plug-in: The choice is yours! The Royal machine comes with 2 interchangeable batteries, but you also have the option to use it with a cord & power supply and ditch the excess weight.

The Royal Assists You in Adapting

Wireless machines tend to be heavier, which can be challenging for artists who aren’t used to the additional weight. Phi Royal allows you to seamlessly switch between the integrated battery and a wired power supply.

It’s a fact that battery operation generally means more weight. However, once you get used to it, the extra weight can help you keep the balance as you work.

That’s why the Royal is designed as a hybrid solution. With the battery, it weighs 162 grams, but you don’t have the limitation of the cord. Or, you can plug it in and reduce the weight to 110g!

That way, if you’ve never worked with a heavier machine, give yourself time to test out the wireless mode, and plug it in when your hands get tired and you notice you’re losing your balance.

You’ll still need to get used to the bulkier body with a wider diameter, but at least you can eliminate the issue of weight!

2. Phi Master PMU Machine: Your Time-Saver

Are you an advanced artist looking to optimize your services? Want to cut down on treatment time and ensure your clients get the retention they want? Then hear this out!

The Phi Master is perfect for professional artists who want a premium device that encourages their skills and creativity while providing special features that speed up treatments.

The Phi Master has all the features of the Royal, only it’s completely wireless, has rechargeable batteries that last all day, and features 2 specialized modes: one optimized for shading and the other for lining.

Phi Master Facts:

  • Perfect for advanced pros
  • High torque at low speed
  • 3.5 mm stroke
  • Voltage: 4-12
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second
  • Wireless
  • 3 interchangeable batteries
  • 1900 mAh batteries for all-day operation
  • 170g without a battery, 205g with a battery
  • Dual mode: lining & shading
  • Takes universal PMU & tattoo cartridges

Phi Master Technical Specifications:

Apart from all the cool high-tech engine specifications of the Royal (high torque at low speeds and all that), the Master has a unique Dual Operation mode that allows you to switch between parameters perfect for lining and shading in one click.

The machine can work with direct drive – the force on the needle comes straight from the engine, which gives you total manual control over it – and with digital suspension, where the impact of the needle is softened for particularly fast motions.

phi master technical specifications

Finding the right parameters for every treatment can be challenging, and this dual operation process makes it significantly faster and easier.

The Phi Master PMU machine is powered by 3 interchangeable 1900 mAh batteries with a long operating time. This mastery of a machine allows you to work throughout the day uninterrupted, leaving you free to focus on what you do best!

Hair Stroke Heros

Both Phi Royal and Phi Master PMU machines are great for all treatments, but they’re specifically optimized for hair strokes, which are generally the biggest challenge in terms of finding the right equipment.

And if they’re good for hair strokes, they’ll do wonders with any other PMU technique!

phi master and phi royal pmu machines

3. Phi Artist: A New-Gen Pen Solution

But even if you’re perfectly happy with a pen–styled device, Phi Academy has a cutting-edge solution! The Phi Artist is the perfect solution for beginners, or for artists who simply prefer a slim, light machine with intermediate force.

It’s a pared-down, streamlined solution that gets the job done without overwhelming you with too many settings and features. It’s also the most affordable of the 3.

This affordable solution, with its user-friendly design, allows you to focus on perfecting your technique without breaking the bank.

Phi Artist Facts:

  • Perfect for new artists
  • 3 mm stroke length
  • Voltage: 4-12
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second
  • Ultra-light at 90g
  • Wired
  • Takes universal PMU cartridges

Phi Artist Technical Specifications:

The Phi Artist is as light as a feather and super compact. It weighs only 90 grams (for comparison, the Bellar V2 weighs 81g).

In combination with its super slim design, the Artist machine feels just like a pen in your hands, with just a 23 mm diameter at its widest point above the grip.

The 3 mm stroke length is on the more powerful side of balance – it’s more than enough to deposit pigment precisely and efficiently, yet it’s gentle enough for artists who prefer a lighter touch.

This stroke length is perfect for newer artists who are still learning pressure control.

Although all 3 Phi machines are versatile for any machine PMU treatment, the slightly shorter stroke will significantly help with shading and blending, making it a perfect companion for lip blushing.

phi artist technical specifications

What Makes Investing in a New Phi PMU Machine a Wise Choice?

With Phi PMU machines, you will not only elevate your skills to perfection but will also finish your treatments faster, so you can take more clients and make more income. 

With these innovative devices, you will get the flawless implementation of pigment and perfect saturation with fewer passes!

Find your perfect Phi PMU machine and become the master of your art!



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