Permanent Eyebrow Trends of the Moment: New Eyebrow Techniques

By Emily M.| Last updated on October 20, 2022
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Eyebrow tattoos aren’t anything new in the world of permanent beauty. And while most might associate eyebrow tattoos with its pioneer – microblading, there are many other options available.

New eyebrow techniques seem to be appearing every day. Just as one reaches its peak, a newer, more perfected version appears and takes the crown. Or, a more creative spin-off comes around that allows people to express their individuality more.

Let’s look into which new eyebrow techniques are the most relevant at the moment.

5 (Relatively) New Eyebrow Techniques

Permanent makeup keeps evolving and gaining in popularity, so artists are always perfecting their techniques and looking for ways to create different effects with well-known methods.

But since not everyone is willing to commit to cosmetic tattooing, non-permanent brow styling is also going strong.

So, let’s see what permanent and nonpermanent new eyebrow techniques are worth keeping an eye on.

Nano Brows

While nano brows might not necessarily be considered one of the new eyebrow techniques, they’ve been getting tons of attention lately. Their increasing popularity is indicating that they might soon overshadow microblading and become the go-to brow tattoo in the future.

The results are similar to the ones you’d get with eyebrow microblading, but the technique is different. Unlike microbladed brows, which are done manually, nano brows are achieved with a PMU machine and a very thin needle that deposits the pigment in dots that add up to a stroke.

This has several advantages.

Most prominently – it’s said to be much gentler on the skin as the needle afflicts less trauma than a blade. Machine application allows the artist more control and creates thinner lines.

Plus, the pigment is less likely to bleed and migrate, especially on oily and mature skin types, unlike microblading which gives the best results on normal to dry skin.

So nano brows are definitely more universal, and more and more artists and clients are acknowledging this.

Learn more about them in our detailed guide.

nano brows
Image source: Instagram @silkybrows_academy


First off, nanoblading is not the same thing as nano brows. In the past, the 2 terms were used interchangeably, but they now refer to 2 different things.

The prefix states the same advantage nano brows have – thinness of the strokes, but the technique is actually a form of microblading. It’s, in a way, the new and improved microblading.

It’s done manually, using the nano blade (which is usually 0.18 mm or less in diameter) creating the thinnest strokes possible and giving very realistic results.

But the thinness of the blade isn’t the only difference; more and more artists are turning to this technique over microblading because of the diminished risk of pigment bleeding in comparison to thicker blades.

Learn more about microblading blades here.

nanoblading technique
Image source: Instagram @fernandafernandespmu

Pixel Blading

Another microblading spin-off is pixel blading! It’s done manually, but with a different blade with wispy pins, which taps pigment into the skin in dots that add up to a line, rather than creating elongated incisions, or slicing.

Not many artists do pixel blading and this variation isn’t exactly becoming viral. But those who do claim that this technique causes less skin trauma and heals faster, which is its primary benefit over microblading.

Plus, it’s possible the results are less likely to blur due to the tapping implementation.

The results are similar to regular microblading, but the strokes also show small pixel dots, making the eyebrows appear powdery as well. Which some people love, but not everyone is a fan of broken-up strokes.

So, most still choose microblading or nano brows. Although it didn’t quite reach the same popularity other variations have, we’ll see what the future holds for pixel blading.

pixel blading brows
Image source: Instagram @mandydormaierbrows

Bleached Brows

Not exactly PMU, another older but very successfully reincarnated brow trend is the bleached brow trend!

This trend has been in and out of the spotlight a few times before, however, it has never reached this big of a following in the past. This brow trend can be easily achieved by anyone, as it’s a temporary and non-invasive dye job.

It’s a fun thing to play with and once you’re over it, just dye your brows back to their natural color.

Bleached brows are mostly associated with high fashion, futuristic, and an almost alien-like look. With makeup becoming more abstract and artistic lately, it only makes sense that eyebrows follow it!

They are a great way to highlight eye makeup, but they can also be done to match the hair.

bleached brows
Image source: Instagram @willowsmith

Colorful Brows

Speaking of matching colors, a lot of people are dying for their eyebrows to match their dye job. Or sometimes, matching them to their makeup or outfits. The colorful brow is a trend that’s grown from the bleached brow trend.

Lately, pops of color on the brows have been popping up all over Instagram and TikTok.

There are several ways to achieve colorful brows, from just makeup, to more permanent solutions.

You can just add in eyeshadow or eyeliner into your arches, or use a colored mascara. But this works mostly for people with either really light or really sparse brows, so the natural hairs don’t get in the way.

A more long-lasting solution is dying your brows, either bleaching them first and going for the desired color, or going straight for it if your brows are already light.

But you can also get a brow tattoo in any color of the rainbow! Here, you can choose between getting a couple of colorful strokes mixed in with the basic ones, or get the whole arch in your chosen color.

Obviously, most people participate in this trend with makeup, but it’s really cool that colorful brow tattoos are available for those who want to express their creativity.

colorful brows
Image source: Instagram @brows_on_fleek_au

In Conclusion

New eyebrow techniques are very diverse and in the end, it all boils down to what your preference is. So don’t choose your permanent brows just based on what new eyebrow techniques there are, choose something that you’re taught through and are sure you’ll love for more than a few weeks.

If you’re into exploring brow trends further, here’s an article on millennial vs Gen Z brow styling tendencies!

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