How to Achieve Natural Eyebrows Microblading – Factors to Look Out For

By Emily M.| Last updated on December 30, 2022
natural eyebrows microblading
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While microblading is very versatile and it can give you different brow styles, what most people ask for is natural eyebrows microblading, a small but effective enhancement that isn’t too obvious.

Most clients want their final results to look as if they didn’t have any work done, both in terms of shape and color, but this can sometimes be hard to achieve. Artists who can do microblading so subtle no one can tell it was done are considered the most skillful.

But this can be tricky. To help you master the art of natural microblading, here’s what you should pay attention to and practice till perfection.

Natural Microblading Eyebrows Shapes

If you want to give your clients natural microblading eyebrows shapes, you need to give each client bespoke, customized arches in accordance with their facial features.

While this is how most artists map, there are also certain styles that are now considered templated, and clients come in asking for those. For example, a shape that’s hugely popular right now is a flat, upwards brow, where the tails don’t go downwards.

Basically, the Bella Hadid brow. While this shape looks great on many people, it’s not the most natural thing in the world. Likewise, a thick Instagram brow type of shape doesn’t look natural on everyone.

So, start every outline from scratch, measuring key points in accordance with the golden ratio principle. Stencils here just don’t cut it.

You need to adapt the arches to the client’s face shape, their bone structure, their eye placement, etc. You also shouldn’t insist on perfect symmetry, as natural eyebrows are sisters, not twins, and they’re never identical.

Some clients may not need their whole arches microbladed, you can just fill in certain spots and edges.

Oh, and lose the sharp angle!

Find more tips on getting the most natural microblading shape for every client here.

brow mapping tips


The most natural eyebrows microblading patterns are those that look fluffy and not perfectly sculpted. This is what microfeathering is all about. And hyperrealism brows, too.

This effect is achieved by dragging out certain strokes slightly outside of the outline, so the aches look like they haven’t been brushed and set into perfect definition, but more casual.

Make sure your client likes this look, though.

natural microblading
Image source: Instagram @salon17microblading

Choosing a Color for Natural Eyebrows Microblading

Getting the color right is a huge part of creating natural eyebrows microblading. The color of the healed strokes needs to look indistinguishable from the actual brows hairs (presuming the client has any).

Color matching is a tricky skill that takes time and practice to master fully.

It also takes trial and error to get to know the pigments you’re using and how they heal and behave on different skin types over time. And only once you master that can you even think about modifying the shades further.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can advise here except to choose your pigments carefully. Before you decide on a brand, do thorough research, consult your trainer and fellow artists, and accumulate as much information as you can.

Before you implement any pigment into anyone’s skin, you should know how cool/warm it’ll heal, how intense is the retention, and whether you need to pre-modify it (add warmth so it doesn’t heal too cool).

Some brands get more love than others. For example, the Tina Davies I ❤ INK brow pigments are all pre-modified. The Phi Super pigment line is also praised for healing true to color.

Certain clients are more difficult to color-match than others. Read about the best colors for blondes here and for redheads here.

Image source : Instagram @brennabrowdown

Go with a Nano Blade

Since they emerged on the market, nano blades have been a huge trend among microblading artists, and for a good reason. These blades have a thinner diameter than standard – they’re usually 0.15 to 0.18 mm – and they make thinner, more delicate strokes.

Perfect for natural microblading. Gone are the days of thick strokes that blur over time!

Microblading with a nano blade is called nanoblading more and more often. This slightly modified technique provides you with more precision, so it’s perfect for achieving natural eyebrows microblading.

Learn all about nanoblading in this guide.

nanoblading microblading with nano blades
Image source: Instagram @esteticabrunacosta

Extra Tip – Start Sparingly

Artists like to say that with microblading, you can always add, but you can’t take away. Okay, you can, but removal isn’t so simple and it’s better safe than sorry.

So, when you get a client who is adamant they want their microblading natural, subtle and lowkey, you can do fewer strokes than you usually do at the initial session.

When clients say they want natural eyebrows microblading, they are likely not looking for dramatic volume and Cara Delevingne-esque bushiness. They may just want a couple of extra strokes here and there, to fill in sparse spots or thicken up the arch slightly.

So, you might want to simplify your usual pattern a bit for such clients. Do fewer strokes and space them further apart.

You’ll be doing the touch up anyway, at which point you can do some extra strokes if they ask. It will be less of a hassle to do some extra work than to end up with an unsatisfied client because you went all out at the initial session.

Remember – Natural Microblading = Bespoke Microblading

In order to give every client exactly what they want, you need to learn and perfect as many microblading patterns as possible. Not every pattern will look equally natural on everyone, it all depends on what their natural brows are like – whether they’re longer or shorter, straight or curved/curled, how they flow.

So, branching out and practicing different patterns will make you stand out from other artists. Life-long learning, guys!

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