Nano Needling Benefits – 5 Reasons to Try This Treatment

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 31, 2023
nano needling benefits
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Although it’s used as an irreplaceable step in so many different facials, it seems like there isn’t much talk of nanoneedling. It gets overshadowed by its big sister, microneedling, which is extremely sought after – and for a good reason.

But nanoneedling deserves some attention too! It’s a universal, completely non-invasive little treatment that is perfect for incorporating into your skincare routine on a regular basis.

So let’s go through the top nano needling benefits and show some love for this underrated treatment.

Top 5 Nano Needling Benefits

Nano needling may sound like some complicated, scary treatment that involves a lot of poking, discomfort and recovery, but it’s actually super-simple, super-easy and super-affordable. Let’s review the top reasons why you should try it:

1. It’s Great for Your Complexion

Nano needling is 2-in-1 treatment: it’s exfoliating, but its primary function is to create nano channels in the skin. As the skin is poked with tiny, short, cone-shaped pins, the cells of the epidermis are divided and tiny pathways are created.

These pathways serve as a means to increase the absorption of skincare products – that’s why nanoneedling is also called a transdermal delivery system.

But they also serve to accelerate skin cell turnover. As the channels are made in the epidermis, the body recognizes that something is going on, and starts producing more new skin cells. As a result, the treated area of the skin is improved bit by bit.

There can also be a small but not insignificant boost in the production of collagen and elastin.

When all these factors are added up, nano needling is truly great for your complexion. The nano needling benefits are:

  • Refreshing of dull skin
  • Refining of skin texture
  • Diminishing of minor imperfections (emerging fine lines, minor hyperpigmentation, shallow acne scars)
  • Boosting the effects of your skincare

But it’s important to understand that all these effects happen gradually, with regular nano needling.

nano needling benefits for the complexion
Image source: Instagram @moonlitbeautyandwellness

2. It’s So Gentle & There’s No Downtime

Although your mind might jump straight to microneedling, the more renowned treatment, nano needling is nowhere near as invasive.

Nanoneedling only affects the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, which is mostly dead skin cells. It doesn’t reach into the dermis like microneedling does, so there’s no pain and there are virtually no risks associated with it.

There are also almost no side effects. After nano needling, you can expect some minor redness, but that’s about it. There’s no bleeding, no bright red patches as there is with microneedling, and you can carry on with your day, business as usual.

Just remember to wear SPF.

You may also be happy to hear that there are no needles. Nano needling is done with a different cartridge than microneedling. It’s more like a disc with tiny pins, which usually reach 0.15 mm into the skin. So, very shallow.

Here’s a detailed guide through nanoneedling if you want to learn more about how it works.

Nano Needling Benefits it is gentle
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3. It’s Universal

Due to its non-invasiveness and being so gentle, nano needling is suitable for all skin types and all skin tones.

Meaning it’s perfectly fine for mature skin, which tends to be thinner and reactive to more intense treatments.

People with darker skin tones are sometimes reluctant to get skin treatments and professional facials, worried about disruptions to the melanin production and potential hypopigmentation that can occur as a side effect.

But nano needling entails no such risk. Again, only the epidermis is affected and no serious damage can be done.

That said, nano needling shouldn’t be done on compromised skin, like active acne, wounds, or active herpes. If you have a more severe skin condition you think nano needling would improve, consult a dermatologist beforehand!

4. It’s Relatively Affordable

Being less intense, nano needling is also more affordable than microneedling. It’s a quick and simple procedure, so the prices at salons are on the lower scale. The average prices are around $100, but of course, the price range is wide.

The only exception is if you’re getting nano needling as part of the BB glow treatment, in which case you’re getting a series of treatments, each priced at around $200-$250.

But if you’re just looking for a way to refresh your complexion, you can do nano needling at home and save a bunch of money. And this time, we won’t try and talk you out of it!

5. You Can Do It at Home

Unlike more intense treatments, you can safely do nano needling at home. As we said, the pins don’t go deep into the skin, and there’s very little damage you can do as a non-professional, as long as you use it right and keep up with hygiene.

If you’re considering doing nano needling regularly, as complexion maintenance, even if you find an affordable service, the bills will pile up. So since the general consensus is that nano needling is safe to do at home, you might want to try and DIY it.

You just need to invest in a derma pen and an initial set of nano cartridges, and then just buy additional cartridges when you run out. But make sure you read the intrusions super carefully, and use serums and other products that are non-irritating.

Here’s a list of widely available derma pens you can use at home.

Final Note

To wrap things up, we just have to emphasize that since one of the biggest nano needling benefits is the fact that it’s so gentle, you shouldn’t go into it expecting a major change.

This procedure won’t help you much with severe skin imperfections like deeper lines and wrinkles or deeply-rooted hyperpigmentation – if that’s what you’re dealing with, look into more intense treatments like:

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