Nanoblading Healing Process Day by Day

Find out what to expect from the nanoblading healing process and what stages your brows will go through.

Nanoblading Healing Process Day by Day - What to Expect

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Nanoblading is a type of cosmetic brow tattoo, which means it’s done by opening up the skin and depositing pigments into it. Therefore, the skin needs some time to heal from the procedure and close up the tiny wounds.

Your brows go through several nano brows healing stages. We’ve put together a detailed overview of the nanoblading healing process so that you know what to expect, and see if your recovery is going smoothly.

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What Happens During the Nanoblading Healing Process?

Nano brows are done with an electric PMU machine. A super-fine needle pierces the skin over and over again and implements pigments in tiny dots that add up to hair-like strokes. Although very thin, the needle still creates trauma to the skin.

The period of skin recovery after the treatment is called the nano brows healing process, and it includes several stages. The incisions on the surface of the skin close up, and the pigments settle and take their true color.

During this process, you need to follow an aftercare routine.

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How Long Does the Nano Brows Healing Process Last?

The surface symptoms of the nanoblading healing process should subside within 10-12 days, but internal healing takes a few more weeks. Also, the pigments need time to settle into their final color. You can consider the area completely healed 6-8 weeks after the procedure, at which point you should go back in for a touch up.

What Are the Nano Brows Healing Stages?

Your nano brows will go through 6 phases during the nanoblading healing process and not all of them are too pleasant nor attractive:

  • Swelling and redness, the strokes look too dark
  • Scabbing
  • Scabs peel and flake off, pigment underneath looks too light
  • The color gradually returns, might look patchy
  • Touch up, followed by another recovery cycle (but less intense)
  • Full recovery

The nanoblading healing process is different for everyone. Some clients experience more scabbing and redness than others. It depends on the sensitivity of the skin.

Bear in mind that all these stages are normal and to be expected!

But if you notice extreme scabbing, irritation past day 3 or 4, pus or a fever, contact your artist. You may be dealing with an infection.

Nanoblading Healing Process Day by Day

We guide you through the nano brows healing stages day by day.

Days 1-2 – Initial Reaction

Your brows are a bit swollen, red, and tender. The incisions haven’t closed up yet, so the area can get infected easily and you mustn’t touch it.

The strokes look somewhat darker than you may have wanted. Be patient, this is not their final color.

Days 3-4 – Scabs Form

The color is already looking lighter and you’re getting used to your new brows.

A scabby film forms over the treated area, and it’s probably a bit itchy. Applying the aftercare ointment will relieve the itchiness.

Days 5-7 – Scabs Flake

The scab peeling starts.

The scabs fall off in flakes. The area won’t look very attractive, but you have to remember not to touch or rip off the scabs. You’ll pull out the pigments with them and your brows will heal patchy.

This is the most difficult stage to deal with. You have to be disciplined and keep your hands to yourself. Follow the prescribed aftercare routine.

Some scabbing is normal, but extreme scabbing is not. If you notice heavy scabbing, contact your artist immediately.

Days 8-10 – My Brows Are Gone! What’s Going On?

Your brows are probably lighter than you’d expected.

This is normal – your brows are going through a ghosting stage. They look too light because your skin forms new layers over the pigment.

You may experience another round of peeling. Keep up the aftercare routine.

Days 11-14 – You Can Discontinue Aftercare

The peeling is expected to end around day 12, and once it does, you don’t have to follow the aftercare routine anymore.

You can wear makeup again and you don’t have to be that careful anymore. It’s advisable to keep avoiding sunlight exposure, though. Wear SPF when you’re outside.

Days 15-42 – Color Reemerging

Over the next few weeks, the pigment color darkens a bit.

You may notice some strokes are lighter than others. Don’t worry, this is expected and it will be fixed at the touch up.

Internal healing takes about 6 weeks, so that’s how long you need to wait before getting a touch up.

Day 42 – Time for a Touch Up

After your touch up, you’ll go through another round of the nanoblading healing process, but it will be less intense, since less work is done.

After that, your brows take their final color. Congrats, you’ve made it through!

Nanoblading Aftercare

Your brows need some special care during the nano brow healing process. Your artist will prescribe an aftercare routine customized to suit the needs of your skin, but here are some general guidelines:

  • On days 1 and 2, clean the area to remove the built-up lymph.
  • From day 3, wash the area 1-2 times a day and apply an ointment until the peeling ends.

Avoid the following until day 14:

  • Touching your brows
  • Getting the brows soaking wet
  • Swimming, saunas, steam baths, jacuzzis
  • Sunlight
  • Makeup and any skincare product in the area apart from the prescribed aftercare

Following these instructions will ensure your nanoblading will heal into your dream brows, and prevent an infection.

Nano Brows AftercareImage source: Instagram @khrista_studiokb

PMUHub Tips for Surviving the Nano Brows Healing Process

Tip #1: Get informed beforehand

You should research what the nanoblading healing process is like so you can prepare yourself mentally, but also to be able to tell if anything is going wrong.

Tip #2: Plan the date of your treatment

You don’t want to appear on a special occasion with swollen eyebrows. You also don’t want to go on a holiday and have to stress about keeping your brows dry. So, plan your nanoblading treatment at least 2 months before any big event.

PMUHub Note

Brow PMU treatments may hurt more during your menstrual cycle. If possible, avoid booking treatments during that time of the month.

Tip #3: Don’t stress about your brows

You won’t make your brows heal any faster if you check on them every 5 minutes, you’ll just stress yourself out. Forget about them and go on about your life.

Tip #4: If something doesn’t feel right, contact your artist

If you suspect your scabbing, redness or irritation is excessive, send your artist a picture and let them assess the state of your brows. They should make themselves available for such consults.

Nanoblading Healing Process – Main Takeaways

The nanoblading healing process isn’t as intense as with some other brow PMU treatments. Your brows will go through several stages and the color will change throughout the process. Make sure to follow the prescribed aftercare routine until the peeling ends to prevent infection and get the best possible results.



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