Morning Beauty Routine: Simple Ways How PMU Can Save Your Time

By Katarina V.| Last updated on October 12, 2022
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We all know how hectic mornings can get. For many people, the first hour after waking up sets the tone of their entire day, so taking some time to relax over a cup of tea or coffee or doing some morning excercises would be the perfect way to start off a productive workday. But let’s face it, who would sacrifice those extra 15 minutes in bed for yoga? And after all, we all need our beauty sleep, right?

The answer isn’t necessarily waking up earlier, but cutting down on time it takes to get ready in the morning. If you find yourself running late every morning feeling stressed and anxious, you might need to rethink your morning routine. Or, only your morning beauty routine! Breakfast and a quick shower may be staples, but there are many time consuming habits we don’t even notice we have. Bad news for the makeup enthusiasts, most of them are makeup related.

Which activities consume majority of woman's time in the morning?

Creating a makeup look is the chief consumer of those precious minutes we have before class or work starts, so cutting down on time it takes us to finish up our makeup look automatically gives us significantly more time for other activities in our morning beauty routine. Let’s do an experiment! Tomorrow morning, pay close attention to every step in your makeup routine and figure out how much time each step took. From there, you can make your process quicker and more efficient.

If you happen to find yourself piling up layers upon layers of different skincare products, foundation, concealer, setting powder and setting spray, you might need to reconsider the products you’re using. Instead of buying several cheaper products, sometimes it’s better to splurge on a higher quality full coverage foundation which moisturizes, protects againt sun damage, and lasts all day without touch-ups. This way, you’re only applying one layer, which only takes a minute or two.

Is there a more permanent solution?

But still, once you’ve taken care of those dark circles under your eyes, there’s still eyebrows, eyeliner, lashes and lips to worry about. This is where permanent makeup steps in.

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup is a foolproof way to revolutionize your beauty routine. It implies a huge range of procedures that result in long-lasting makeup looks. There are numerous treatments available, including microblading, eyelash extensions, eyeliner tattoos and lip blush.


Thin eyebrows are so passé, but thick brows take a long time to fill in every morning. Luckily, there’s a procedure that ensures perfectly styled eyebrows for up to two years. Microblading has revolutionized eyebrow care. It is a type of special pigment application which involves injecting dye into the skin between your natural hairs with microneedles, creating an illusion of full brows.

A session lasts about two hours and the price can go up to $1000 depending on the artist, but just imagine how much time it would save you every morning!

Silk eyelashes

Mascara is a must in every makeup look regardless of your personal style, but lately, eyelash extensions have emerged as an alternative. Eyelash extension is done by gluing an artificial lash onto a natural one, creating double the original volume and resulting in fabulous, long lashes that last a full growth cycle of natural lashes (three to four weeks).

This treatment might be best suited to those who wear false lashes on a daily bases. We all know how disobedient falsies can be and there is no greater frustration than when you just can’t get them to settle in nicely. Well, with eyelash extensions you’ll never again be late to work because of a lash-related incident!

Permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is one of the most controversial permanent makeup techniques. Tattooing your lids just above the lash line sounds a bit radical, yes, but imagine not having to go through the struggle of drawing out the perfect cat eye every morning, getting it wrong on the first try, removing the liner mess, fixing you eyeshadow and going back in with the liner just to get it wrong once again. And then repeating the whole thing on the other side! Surely, this takes a huge chunk of our morning.

The treatment lasts about two hours and the results are visible for up to a year. That’s 365 mornings without eyeliner application!

Lip blush

And finally, as the crown of each look, an alternative to lipstick. The semi permanent lip tattoo gives you a your lips but better effect that eliminates any need for further lip coloring. A one hour session provides you with 2+ years of lush, natural looking lips and shortens your morning beauty routine.

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