Microshading Touch Up: Why Is It Mandatory?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 1, 2022

Microshading touch up is a mandatory part of the treatment. Find out everything about it – cost, frequency, effects, healing & aftercare, and why shouldn’t it be skipped.

Microshading Touch Up: Why Is It Mandatory?

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Microshading is a very popular cosmetic tattoo treatment, loved among those who prefer a subtle makeup look on their eyebrows. All of the cosmetic eyebrow tattoo treatments, including microshading, require 2 sessions. That means you need to book a touch up when your eyebrow completes the healing process. The first touch up is mandatory and it is done once the brows are healed after the initial treatment.

Here is when to book the touch up, why it is important, what to expect, and how often you should get additional color boosts.

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Why Do I Need a Microshading Touch Up?

Microshading is a form of an eyebrow tattoo. Even though it doesn’t include dragging a blade through the skin like microblading, the skin is pierced with a machine when the pigment is inserted. So, since the skin is opened, it needs to close up and heal.

During the microshading healing process, eyebrows go through different stages, and in the end, they can look patchy and uneven. That is why the touch up is needed – to correct all the imperfections.

Another reason is, it is hard to predict how your skin will retain the pigment and whether you will like your eyebrows when the healing process is over. If, for instance, you want darker brows, or they healed too light, the microshading artist will add more pigment at the touch-up appointment.

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What Happens If You Don’t Touch Up Microshading?

If you skip the touch up, you can’t blame the artist if your eyebrows are left patchy after the healing period is over or if they start fading too soon.

Some clients don’t even need a touch up – their eyebrows turn out great after the very first treatment. But it is up to the artist to assess the situation and say whether something needs to be corrected or not.

When Is the First Microshading Touch Up Done?

The first touch up should be done when the eyebrows are completely healed, so no sooner than 4 weeks after the initial treatment. Most artists book the touch up appointment 6-8 weeks after the treatment, which is the best time for it.

How Long Does the Microshading Touch Up Last?

The first microshading treatment lasts 2-3 hours because it includes mapping and the shading lasts longer. The duration of the microshading touch up appointment depends on the outcome of the healing process. If more pigment needs to be added, the process will last for about an hour. Sometimes, eyebrows heal so perfectly that barely anything has to be done at the touch up.

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How Long Is the Touch Up Healing Period?

The microshading touch up healing process is not long – it can last 5-7 days. This also depends on how much work is done at the appointment. Scabbing is not so common, but it can happen, and it is much less obvious than after the first treatment.

What Does the Microshading Touch Up Aftercare Include?

The aftercare routine is pretty similar to that of the initial implementation – avoid makeup, sweating, sun exposure, long showers, rubbing and scratching the treated area for a couple of days.

As said above, you will notice your eyebrows are healing much faster after the touch up, so there will be no need for long aftercare.

How Much Does the First Microshading Touch Up Cost?

Most microshading artists include the touch up price in the cost of the full treatment. Some of them like to charge for the touch up additionally, and it is usually around $100.

Sometimes, clients are not satisfied with the artist’s service and decide to book a touch up with someone else. If you end up in a situation like this, you can expect that the other artist can charge the full treatment price.

How Often Do You Have to Touch Up Microshading?

Besides the first, mandatory touch up, annual or more frequent touch ups are recommended to keep the microshading look good and fresh. These are also called color boost appointments or follow-ups. They can be scheduled once a year or more frequently, which depends on how fast your microshading fades.

Fading depends on your skin type, lifestyle and the pigments used. When you notice your eyebrows don’t look as good as in the first months after the treatment and you feel the need to fill them in with a pencil, that is the time to go for a color boost.

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Microshading Touch Up – Main Takeaways

The first touch up, done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment, shouldn’t be skipped – the microshading artist needs to check on your brows, see how they healed, and add more pigment if needed. Other touch ups are booked when your brow tattoo starts fading.



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