Microshading Healing Process: Day by Day

What to Expect Physically, Mentally and Emotionally

Microshading eyebrows treatment is probably one of the most popular eyebrows treatments at the moment. They are also called Instagram brows, because of their popularity on this social network. Women around the world come to salons showing Instagram pictures of influencers, longing for perfect microshading.

If you are considering having a microshading treatment, you should know that full effect of the treatment can’t be achieved overnight. Your eyebrows will have to go through a little bit annoying healing process. It can be emotionally challenging, so it is better to get well-informed and to know what to expect.

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How Long Do Microshaded Eyebrows Take to Heal?

Your microshaded eyebrows will need 4-6 weeks to heal. Your microshading artist will inform you about the side effects of the treatment. You will also be given strict aftercare rules to follow. You need to be extra careful at the beginning, and you can relax after 10 days. The outcome is visible after a month.

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What Can I Expect During the Healing Process?

The first thing you need to know is that you can’t know if your microshading was successful immediately after the treatment. At first, your eyebrows might look like a block of color. The color will probably be too dark, then at one moment, it might seem too light. Do some online research to see the pictures of what is normal and what is unusual.

Also, bear in mind that everybody heals differently. It depends on your skin type. The color does not retain well with everybody. However, all the gaps and irregularities can be fixed at the first touch up appointment.

What are the Stages of Microshading Healing Process?

Your eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle and not all of them will be very pleasing to the eye. Usually, there are 6 stages of the healing process after microshading procedure:

  • swollen and dark brows; redness
  • scabs
  • pigment too light, almost disappeared
  • the color returns, patchy brows
  • mandatory touch up
  • full recovery

Redness, swelling, scabbing and other things that are part of microshading healing process are not the same for everyone. Some people will experience more scabbing and redness than others. It depends on the sensitivity of the skin. Bear in mind that all these phenomena are normal!

What Does the Microshading Healing Process Day by Day Look Like?

Days 1-2

The treated area is swollen and red. It is sensitive and prone to irritation, so you have to be careful and mustn’t touch it. The color is too dark and looks like a block of pigment, so you might regret having the treatment. This is definitely not the final color. Be patient.

Days 3-4

The color is starting to fade and you are getting used to your new brows. Keep up with the aftercare routine.

Days 5-7

This period is probably the hardest one to deal with. The skin in the area starts to exfoliate. Scabs can be very annoying and not so pretty to see. The skin can be itchy but you are not allowed to scratch it because you might ruin your microshading. The pigment does not go so deep under the skin so you can take it off by scratching. Microshading usually scabs in one big or few big pieces.

If you were given some ointment, it will cover the scabs and they will not be so visible. Dry healing results in more scabbing and it can be annoying to people who are tempted to pick the scabs. The type of healing, either dry or wet, will be recommended by your artist. You should listen to them because they know which one gives better results in your case.

Some scabbing is normal, but if you experience extensive scabbing, contact your microshading artist immediately.

After the scabbing stage is finished, your eyebrows might look patchy. If this is the case, don’t freak out – it will be fixed at the touch up appointment.

Days 8-10

The eyebrows are probably lighter and uneven. You might be worried that your skin rejected the pigment. This is usually not the case – your eyebrows are recovering. They appear too light because your skin forms new layers over the pigment.

Days 11-28

You can be relieved because the hardest period is over. This is still not the final look of your eyebrows, but you can tell what they are going to look like. Also, you don’t have to be so careful anymore and you can continue with your everyday routine. Scratching is still forbidden and try not to sweat or be in the sun for a little bit longer.

This is also the time when you should think about the first touch up. It is obligatory, since microshading is a 2-visit-treatment. The touch up will correct all the imperfections.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the final shape and color of your brows, the touch up is the time to make changes.

Days 28-42

Your eyebrows are completely healed. If your microshading artist had done a good job and you were careful about the aftercare, then you don’t have to worry too much. After the first touch up, you should be completely satisfied with your brows.

Now get used to getting compliments for your eyebrows!

PMUHub Tips to Endure the Healing Period

Tip #1: Get informed

you don’t want scabbing or changes in pigment to surprise you. If you are well prepared for what’s coming after the microshading treatment, you will deal with it more easily.

Tip #2: Plan the date of the microshading treatment carefully

You don’t want to appear at someone’s wedding with swollen or patchy eyebrows. So, before booking the appointment, make sure you don’t have any important events at least four weeks after the treatment.

Tip #3: Get busy with something else

Read a book, watch TV, distract yourself from thinking about your eyebrows. Avoid mirrors and stop checking them every five minutes. You need to realize that the final result will be seen after at least a month.

Tip #4: Stop comparing yourself to the others who had microshading treatment

Maybe your friend’s eyebrows healed faster, or didn’t scab so much. Everyone has different skin type and the pace of healing depends on it.

Tip #5: If you are worried that the treated area is too swollen, red or irritated, contact your artist

Check online what the normal amount of scabbing is, and if yours is extensive, again, ask your aesthetician for help.

Tip #6: Makeup is allowed after scabbing period is over

If you have some unexpected event, you can wear makeup after 10 days, i.e. after the scabbing has finished. Makeup will fill in the patches.

Your Microshaded Brows Months Later

Six months after the treatment your brows will still look great. Microshading lasts even longer than microblading and with regular touch ups you can have perfect eyebrows for 4 years!

The frequency of touch ups depends on how fast your brows fade. Don’t let microshading fade completely. You will have to repeat the whole process. The healing period after these touch ups is usually much shorter and easy to bear. 


Microshading healing process requires just a little bit of patience. Listen to your microshading artist’s advice, don’t pick the scabs, don’t freak out and get easily annoyed.

Prepare yourself for what’s coming and you will have awesome brows in no time!

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