How Much Does Microshading Cost?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on May 31, 2024

Read our guide to find out how much does microshading cost. We’ve done the research for you and collected average microshading prices in 20 locations.

How Much Does Microshading Cost? Average Price Near You

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Microshading is a great permanent makeup treatment for the brows, perfect for anyone who wants to combine the natural look of microblading strokes with a bit of shading. It’s most often combined with hair strokes (the result is a hybrid brow), but it can also be done on its own.

It implies inserting pigments with either a machine or a manual shading tool underneath the brow hairs or between brow strokes in tiny dots that add up to a shadowy effect.

It’s a great alternative for any client whose skin is too oily for microblading.

We’ve conducted market research into average microshading price in various cities and towns across the USA to answer the question that’s probably on your mind – how much does microshading cost?

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So, How Much Does Microshading Cost on Average?

The average microshading price is just under $600 – $590 to be precise.

The price can vary significantly from one artist to another, so you can find the treatment as cheap as $300, or as expensive as $2000.

Is Microshading Cheaper than Other Brow PMU?

The average microshading cost is very similar to the average price of other brow PMU treatments. When compared, there’s virtually no difference between microshading vs microblading cost. It’s also priced almost the same as powder brows.

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How Much Does Microshading Cost on Average?Image source: Instagram @studiojanae

What Factors Determine How Much Is Microshading?

The microshading price is formed based on a number of factors, primarily:

The experience of the artist and the quality of their work

Artists who’ve been working for years and who’ve made a name for themselves naturally charge a higher microshading cost than beginners.

The exclusivity of the salon

Some salons are branded as more high-end than others.

Location & competition in the area

Location is perhaps the biggest factor that determines the microshading price. Prices can vary significantly from one city to another.

Closely connected to this is the competition in the area. In areas where there are many artists, you can usually find a wide range of prices that cater to all budgets. In areas where there are only a handful of artists, their prices will usually be similar.

How Much Does Microshading Cost in the USA?

The average price of microshading in the United States is $590, but it can vary from $300 to $2000.

In the chart below, you can find the misrochading price range and average price in 19 cities and towns across the USA.

The prices in the chart mostly refer to the combination of shading and hair strokes. The shading is rarely done on its own, and most artists treat it as an add-on for microblading. That said, you can find artists who offer manual shading on its own, too.

NOTE: The microshading cost in the chart is for 2 sessions – the initial session and the touch up.

Some artists charge additionally for the 6-week touch up.

Some of them also charge for consultations.

Taxes and additional fees may apply.

City/StateAverage Microshading Cost
Microshading Price Range
Chicago, IL$700$400 – $1400
Aurora Area, IL$525$375 – $850
NYC, NY$780$500 – $1250
Portland, OR$620$430 – $800
Houston, TX$610$425 – $800
San Antonio, TX$510$325 – $650
Dallas, TX$580$300 – $1350
Fort Worth, TX$575$500 – $650
Cleveland, OH$550$400 – $700
Columbus, OH$550$300 – $900
Miami, FL$700$350 – $ 1100
Jacksonville, FL$500$395 – $650
Seattle, WA$710$550 – $950
Olympia, WA$630$300 – $900
Los Angeles, CA$830$350 – $2000
San Diego, CA$550$300 – $775
San Francisco, CA$805$650 – $995
Phoenix, AZ$500$350 – $675
Tucson, AZ$530$450 – $625

PMUHub’s research – microshading prices

What’s Included in the Price?

The microshading treatment consists of one consultation and two visits:

  • Consultation is the first meeting you have with your artist. It’s an opportunity to determine the shape and the color of your future eyebrows. Also, you are given detailed explanations regarding the procedure, the healing process and the aftercare. Some artists do the consults separately, while some do them right before the procedure.
  • The initial treatment usually lasts up to 2 hours. The initial implementation is when your new brows are created.
  • The second visit is the touch up appointment which is crucial for the microshading process and it’s done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment when the healing period is over. It’s an opportunity to add more pigments where necessary – healing sometimes leaves some lighter patches.

Are Additional Touch Ups Included in the Microshading Price?

After the first touch up, further color boosts are charged additionally. The cost usually depends on how faded your brows are, and they go from $100 to the price of the full treatment.

Will My Skin Type Affect the Price of Microshading?

No, the initial microshading price is the same for everyone regardless of skin type.

Microshading is more suitable for oily skin and large pores than microblading, but you can still expect it to fade faster on oily skin.

So if your skin is particularly oily, you may need more frequent touch ups, so the total microshading cost over the years will probably be higher.

Is Microblading Cheaper Than Microshading?

There is no significant difference in the average microshading vs microblading cost. That said, the same artist probably charges more for microshading than microblading if they offer both services, since microshading usually implies some extra work on microblading.

How Do I Choose an Artist Based On Their Microshading Price?

Even though the microshading cost may seem a bit steep at first glance, consider the fact that eyebrows are the most prominent feature of your face, so it’s not a great decision to try and save money on this.

That said, it’s important to find an artist who does quality work without overpricing it. The best strategy is to compare prices from several salons in your area and go for an artist who charges somewhere around the average price.

Consult the price chart above. Chances are, PMUHub has already worked out the average microshading cost in your city.

Choosing a good, experienced artist is crucial to getting satisfactory results, but also to keeping you safe and healthy. That’s why you should never go to a self-taught, uncertified artist, although their low price might be tempting.

Once you find your artist, do a bit of research – take a look at their before and after portfolio, read their reviews, and contact them only once you’re sure you trust them.

How Do I Choose an Artist Based On Their Microshading Price?Image source: Instagram @lisaomofficial

Does Microshading Pay Off?

Microshading can give you the brows of your dreams that will last for months or even years, so yes, it pays off, but only if you take the treatment seriously and follow the aftercare routine.

Once you find your artist and book your initial treatment, promise yourself that you will follow the aftercare instructions to the letter. Unless you follow them carefully, your results might fade prematurely, which means that you will spend more money on extra touch-up appointments, and you might feel that paying the microshading cost was not worth it.

You also risk getting an infection.

The artist will provide you with detailed information, but the basics come down to staying away from direct sun, not getting your brows soaking wet repeatedly, and not picking at them during the healing process.

Microshading Cost – Main Takeaways

For some people, microshading price plays a significant role in choosing a salon and an artist.

Although the microshading cost may sound a bit high at first, bear in mind that eyebrows are an important, prominent feature of a person’s face, and since microshaded eyebrows are semi-permanent, this is not the time to be frugal. A higher microshading cost is often justified.

You shouldn’t let the cost be more important than the skillfulness and experience of the artist so you don’t end up with botched brows!



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