Microblading Aftercare: Day by Day 

+ Extra Tips for All Skin Types

The success of microshading treatment does not depend only on the expertise of the permanent makeup artist. After the procedure, you will be given strict aftercare rules to follow. You must take them seriously if you want perfectly microshaded eyebrows.

Keep reading to find out everything about the microshading eyebrows aftercare.

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How Long Does Microshading Aftercare Last?

The entire healing process is 4-6 weeks long. However, the aftercare does not take that long. It is vital to obey the aftercare instructions at the beginning. After the scabbing phase is finished, you can be a little bit more relaxed. So, basically, microshading aftercare lasts around 10 days.

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What are the Basic Rules of Microshading Aftercare?

The rules are very strict but not that hard to follow. Breaking any of them can ruin your microshading treatment results. So, here they are:

  • Wash your face being extra careful around the treated area. Clean the area with a wet cotton pad, then dry it gently, with a clean tissue.
  • Your artist might recommend some ointment. Apply a thin layer after cleaning your brows. Use the recommended cream only. If the artist suggested dry cleaning, stay away from ointments.
  • Be careful about the ingredients in the skin products you normally use. They might contain exfoliates. If you are not sure, avoid them until the brows are healed.
  • Don’t use makeup for at least 10 days. Makeup can cause irritation or even infection.
  • Don’t rub your brows.
  • Don’t pick scabs.
  • Don’t touch your brows.
  • Don’t sleep on your face.
  • Avoid physical activity, house chores, sweating and dust.
  • Avoid saunas and swimming pools as well as long showers.
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning.
  • Avoid having facial treatment until the brows are completely healed.

Microshading Aftercare Day by Day

Day 1 

After the treatment, the numbing cream starts wearing off and you might feel some tenderness and tingling. Your eyebrows are starting to heal. They might be a little bit swollen and appear too dark. What you need to do is to blot them with a clean tissue a couple of times a day.

Days 2-4

Wash your brows carefully as advised. Make sure your hands are clean. If advised, apply a thin layer of ointment with a q-tip. Don’t use too much ointment because it will clog your pores. The wound needs to breathe.

Days 5-10

Continue with the same routine during the scabbing stage. Let the scabs fall off naturally. If you touch them, you risk ruining your microshading. If you are advised to use the ointment, apply it during the scabbing stage as well.

Days 10-14

The aftercare period is almost over. You can stop using the ointment when all the scabs fall off. Also, you can go back to your normal routine, but be careful about which skin products you use. If essential, you are allowed to apply makeup now.

How Long After Microshading Can I Wash My Face?

You can wash your face after the microshading treatment but careful not to touch the treated area. The best thing to do at the beginning of the healing process is to clean your face with a wet cloth or a cotton pad. Then, after approximately 10 days you can wash your face normally.

What Types of Microshading Aftercare are there?

As already mentioned above, your microshading artist might recommend either dry healing or wet healing.

  • Both types of healing involve washing your face and eyebrows. Be careful to wash them gently by patting them with a cotton pad dipped in sterile water. The next step is drying them. Dry healing ends there. You don’t apply any cream, just let your brows heal naturally.


  • Wet healing, on the other hand, involves applying an ointment after cleaning eyebrows. The ointment is believed to speed up the healing process. Also, it covers the scabs making them less visible, so it is good for people who can’t resist touching them.


  • There is also one other type of healing – completely dry healing. This means leaving your eyebrows alone. You don’t wash them or apply any products. Some microshading artists believe that this type of aftercare gives the best results.

Which Aftercare Type Will Work the Best for You?

Microshading artists have different opinions on what works best. Some of them say that an ointment is a must, while others claim that dry healing only works. This can be confusing. You might ask yourself why you are not allowed to apply anything on your brows, and your friend uses the ointment. In this situation, you should listen to your artist only. They will know best what will give good results.

Also, your skin type might determine what type of healing is for you. Ask your artist everything that is not quite clear to you. 

Which Ointment Should I Choose for the Microshading Aftercare?

Again, you can’t go wrong if you listen to your microshading artist. They will know what ointment gives the best result for their clients. It is usually a cream based on panthenol and glycerin. The most common one is Aquaphor, which is used by tattoo artists. Also, coconut oil and crèmes that contain virgin olive and avocado oil are great for moisturizing and healing the treated area. Ointments that contain honey and propolis are good antibacterial products. Some artists are fans of Vaseline, too.

Before choosing the right ointment, inform your artist if you have any allergies, because some ointments may contain shea butter, cocoa butter, bee wax, etc. Whatever you choose, be careful not to overuse it. Apply a thin layer on your freshly microshaded brows.

How Do I Maintain My Microshading Once It’s Healed?

Once the healing period is over, you are set for around a year or more. That is when your microshading might begin to fade. With some people, it will start even sooner, depending on their lifestyle.

Book a touch up appointment as soon as you start noticing your brows are fading. If you wait for too long, the damage is bigger and there will be more shading. It will take longer to recover and it might cost more. So, regular touch ups will prolong the life span of your microshading and it can last up to 4 years.

What you can do is not to be too exposed to the sun, avoid saunas as much as you can.  Protect your brows with sunscreen lotion and avoid using products that contain retinol, because it speeds up the fading process.

What Do I Do If My Microshading Starts Fading Too Soon?

If your microshading starts fading too soon, something was not done right. To prevent this, inform your technician about any conditions you have. If you use some medicines or skin products, it can also affect the outcome of microshading.

Then again, it can also be your artist’s fault. It might happen that the microshading was not done properly and the pigment couldn’t retain. In this case, ask for a correction or refund and find another artist.


Make certain to be disciplined and to follow these few easy microshading aftercare instructions. You will be pleased with the awesome results! If something seems wrong, don’t hesitate to contact your microshading artist.

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