Microneedling Cost - What's the Average Microneedling Price?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 2, 2022

If you’re thinking about getting microneedling, you’re probably wondering how much does microneedling cost. Here’s a research into the average microneedling price.

Microneedling Cost - What Is the Average Microneedling Price?

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Microneedling is a very versatile treatment that can be used to minimize and potentially eliminate a wide range of skin conditions, from signs of aging, to scarring of different origins on the face and body, and even hair loss.

It uses the body’s natural processes to stimulate skin regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin. It’s essentially a very simple procedure – it’s done by making tiny punctures on the affected area, triggering the skin’s recovery process – so many salons offer it.

But how much does microneedling cost? We’ve done the research for you and we’re giving you the average microneedling price, along with a general price range.

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What Is the Average Microneedling Cost?

Since microneedling is done as a series of treatments and not a one-off, it’s charged per session.

The average cost of a microneedling session is $190, but you can find salons or clinics which charge significantly less, but also significantly more than this. It all depends primarily on the exclusivity of the salon or clinic, whether microneedling is combined with any other treatments (it often is), and your location.

What’s the Microneedling Price Range?

The dermapen treatment price can vary significantly from salon to salon. We’ve reviewed the microneedling prices in many US cities and we’ve come up with the price range: $75 – $450.

However, very few salons charge the lowest and the highest price. Most of them charge between $150 and $250 per session.

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What’s Included in the Microneedling Cost?

Microneedling is charged per session, meaning you pay for each visit. Included in the price of each visit is the microneedling itself, but also a quick cleanse, the products used during the treatment, and often a soothing mask applied after the microneedling. Sometimes, you’ll get a small amount of a certain product to use at home, between sessions.

This is the standard treatment, but many salons include various add-ons, like hydrafacials, peels, or dermaplaning. If these add-ons are included, the price per session will be higher.

Since most clients get several sessions if they’re just starting their microneedling journey, many salons offer package deals where the price per session is lower if you book several treatments. This doesn’t apply to maintenance sessions, which are usually done every 6 months.

What Does the Microneedling Cost Depend On?

As with any beauty treatment, different salons or clinics form their prices taking various factors into account. Let’s go through the main factors that determine how much does microneedling cost:


Some salons are more expensive than others in general, so they may charge a higher dermapen treatment price. Very popular salons where the demand for the treatment is high will obviously charge more.

Products Used

More exclusive salons will use more expensive products, so they will charge a higher microneedling cost. Sometimes, the products truly are superior and will ensure much better and faster results, but not always. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better in terms of skincare.


If other treatments are combined with microneedling, the cost of a session will be higher. Microneedling is very often combined with treatments like peels, hydrating facial, radiofrequency therapy, PRP, and others. You don’t have to get these add-ons at every session. It comes down to the severity of your condition.

It’s important to find a salon and a technician who will come up with a treatment plan that will truly work best for your skin, and not just bend over backwards to sell you as many services as possible.


Location isn’t that significant a factor in the case of microneedling, but it may affect the price. In large cities where the cost of living is generally higher, you can expect the microneedling cost to be higher as well. But such cities usually have a large number of salons offering microneedling, so you should research prices in the area before booking your treatment.

The Size of the Area Treated

Some salons (but not all) set their price according to the size of the area treated. For example, treating a smaller scar will cost less than treating the whole scalp. If this is the case, the price will be set upon consults.

The Number of Sessions

This may be obvious, but the more sessions you get, the higher your total microneedling cost will be. How many sessions you’ll need depends on the severity of the skin condition you’re trying to improve and how well your skin reacts to the treatment.

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What About At-Home Microneedling Cost?

The cost of doing your own microneedling will obviously be significantly lower than the cost of a professional service. But so will the success rate.

In the case of DIY microneedling, you’ll be using a derma roller. The rollers you can buy over the counter for at-home use have needles up to 0.5 mm in length. Trained professionals can use tools with much longer needles which can give you more prominent results, and do so much faster.

You can buy a derma roller for about $20. This is a simple plastic tool with stainless steel or titanium needles you roll against your skin.

You also need a product to use along with it. This should be a serum or a gel suitable for microneedling, aimed at the specific condition you’re working on. Prices of skincare can be quite affordable, but they can also be very expensive, depending on the brand and the formula. It’s advisable you consult a dermatologist who can recommend the best products for your specific condition.

This article can help you decide whether to book a professional service or to do it yourself.

Is the Microneedling Cost Worth It?

Generally, yes.

Microneedling is a very effective treatment and it can give great results within just a few sessions. In many cases, it can give the same results as much more expensive, complex treatments.

How fast the results will come and their extent will largely depend on the condition you want treated and the severity of your case. But a professional treatment will definitely give better results than DIY-ing it, and if your skin condition is a major cause of insecurity for you, the microneedling cost will definitely be worth it.

Is the Microneedling Cost Worth It?Image source: Instagram @schichathehomeofbeauty

Microneedling Cost – Main Takeaways

The average microneedling cost is $190, and in most salons, the price range is between $150 and $250. However, there are salons and clinics that charge way less or way more than this. The cost varies from salon to salon, and it depends on the salon’s exclusivity, the products they use, the location, possible add-ons, and sometimes, according to the size of the area treated.

When choosing a salon, remember that the price doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of the service, so do your research and find a technician you trust.

If you need more information on the microneedling treatment, head over to this guide.



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