Microcurrent Facial Cost in the US, UK, Canada & Australia

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on June 28, 2024

Is the microcurrent facial worth it? Let’s find out how much the microcurrent facial cost in the US, UK, Canada and Australia!

microcurrent facial cost

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The microcurrent facial is a popular solution for all those who want to tighten and rejuvenate their skin with a simple, non-invasive procedure.

It’s done with a device which massages the face, zapping it with low-currency electrical energy aimed at the facial muscles. This not only works like a ‘gym for your face’, but it also makes the skin firmer and more glowy due to the boosted production of collagen.

But, the microcurrent facial price depends on many factors, including the region you’re in. Jump to your location and see if this is an investment worth making!

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How Much Does Microcurrent Facial Cost in the US?

The average microcurrent treatment cost in the US is around $140 per session, but you can easily find places that go for as low as $90. Prices in major cities are quite similar, while you can expect the cost to be somewhat lower in smaller towns.

Here’s a list of average prices in several large cities across the States.

City in the USMicrocurrent Facial Cost US
LA, CA$135
New York City, NY$150
Chicago, IL$145
Houston, TX$180
Atlanta, GA$100
Boston, MA$150

How Much Does Microcurrent Facial Cost in the UK?

The average price is about £40-£65 So, if you require an average of 10 treatments to see visible results, you’ll need £4000 total.

Let’s break it down based on your city.

City in the UKMicrocurrent Facial Cost UK

The microcurrent facial is slightly less popular on the European market than it is in the US, so a good therapist might be more difficult to find. That’s not to say that there aren’t any – it’s just that you may need to travel to a larger city to find one.

How Much Does Microcurrent Facial Cost in Canada?

In Canada, the average is around $80-$150 per session. Depending on your location, you can check the table below for a closer estimate!

City in CanadaMicrocurrent Facial Cost Canada

Unlike some other treatments that were deemed unsafe in Canada while extremely popular in other parts of the world, the microcurrent facial has been approved by the Canadian government.

All the devices that are used for microcurrent facials have to be approved by Health Canada in order to be sold, so rest assured that even the cheapest ones have gone through inspection and can’t harm you.

How Much Does Microcurrent Facial Cost in Australia?

The average price of a microcurrent facial in Australia is around $60-$100. Take a look at the table below to see what you can expect depending on your city.

City in AustraliaMicrocurrent Facial Cost Australia

If you’re reading this from Australia, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe using any microcurrent device, since they are all verified by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) before hitting the market.

This rule applies to both at-home devices and professional ones used at salons.

What Factors Determine the Microcurrent Facial Price?

One of the main factors the cost depends on is the number of treatments you get. Keep in mind that it takes about 6-12 visits to the salon to see results, so you may be in for a bigger investment than it initially seems.

The typical session lasts around 30 minutes, so if, for any reason, your therapist suggests shorter sessions, you may be entitled to a discount. Anything longer than that won’t be safe for your facial muscles.

Another big factor is the exclusivity of the therapist and their salon. Just like with any other treatment, if you want to go see the specialist all celebrities go to or visit the most luxurious salon in your area, you can expect to pay more.

However, there’s not a lot of difference between microcurrent at a fancy spa and a more affordable place in terms of quality of the treatment, since the device does all the work.

All the devices that are in circulation have limits on how much power they can use, i.e, they can’t accidentally cause any serious harm with electricity.

Similarly, even the least expensive conductor gels should be perfectly fine, since they don’t have to be from luxury brands in order to perform their function.

The only difference might be in the add-on services.

How Much Does an At-Home Microcurrent Facial Cost?

If you’ve decided on being your own microcurrent therapist, your decision should depend on the capabilities of the device – more expensive ones usually come with extra add-ons and more settings to choose from.

Other than the device, you’ll also need a good conductor gel. The purpose of the gel is to help the current reach your muscles better and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

When choosing a gel, keep in mind that some can also double as cooling agents you’ll need after the massage, and note that the gel doesn’t have to be a gel at all – creams and other textures are also available.

Here’s a couple of at-home microcurrent gadgets:

NOTE: The products were picked from the range available in the US.

The SolaWave device is one of the cheaper options, with its price below $100. If you’re still not sure whether microcurrent is for you, this is a great device to test it out without making a huge investment.

It’s also great because it’s a 4-in-1 – it also provides red light therapy, therapeutic warmth and standard massage.

• Extremely affordable
• More features
• Sleek and modern style

• The Amazon rating is 3.7
• A charge doesn’t last long

The TheraFace Pro device is one of the more expensive ones at around $400, but it comes with 6 different attachments to justify the high price, as well as both red and blue LED light options.

• 6 different attachments
• Professional-grade

• On the expensive side
• Technical issues

Another good option is the ReFa S Carat Ray at around $200. The biggest advantages are that it feels very light and has a built-in solar panel, so it’s a sustainable, eco-friendly option!

• Affordable
• Platinum coating to reduce irritation
• Waterproof

• Plastic
• Too small for some users

So, Which Is Better, Professional or DIY Microcurrent?

If you add up the prices of the required 6-12 sessions at a salon, you’ll realize that you may be looking at an investment of over $600 to $1800 for a professional microcurrent session. This is over double the price of even the most expensive at-home device.

For at-home use, your only recurring expense will be the gel that you’ll eventually run out of. However, these gels aren’t very costly and can be found for under $10 or in value packs that won’t need constant refills.

But, if you have any uncertainties over using the device yourself or how your skin will react, going to a professional is worth it. Better safe than sorry!

Microcurrent Facial Cost – Main Takeaways

The microcurrent facial can set you back a lot if you require more than the average number of sessions. Depending on your location and the exclusivity of the salon, a single session may even be a few hundred dollars.

You can also do this treatment at home, with a device that can cost anywhere between under $100 and over $300. The choice is ultimately up to you, but keep in mind that a professional will be better equipped to advise you on proper aftercare and whether you should do this facial at all.



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