Microblading While Pregnant: Here's What You Should Know

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on May 31, 2024

Is  microblading while pregnant or breastfeeding safe? Read on to find out the risks and why microblading shouldn’t be performed during pregnancy and nursing.

microblading while pregnant - all you need to know

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Although microblading and similar permanent makeup treatments are generally safe and non-invasive, with minimal chances of serious side effects, in certain cases they’re not a good idea.

Among those are pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. So, take a look at possible repercussions that may occur when opting for microblading treatment while pregnant.

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Can You Get Microblading While Pregnant?

A frequent question PMU artists get is Can you get microblading while pregnant?, or Can you get ombre brows while pregnant?

Experts are unanimous – microblading eyebrows while pregnant is strongly inadvisable. The same goes for any other cosmetic tattoo. Keep reading to find out more abut potential risks of getting microblading while pregnant. 

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a permanent makeup treatment for eyebrows, similar to traditional tattooing, although it is not permanent, so it’s called a cosmetic tattoo. It’s done with a small blade that makes shallow incisions on the skin in the shape of brow hairs. PMU pigment is inserted into the scratches, making them look like actual hairs. The result is natural-looking eyebrows that usually last 1.5-2 years. Some touch ups might be required as well, in order to keep the results of the treatment fresh. Can You Get Microblading While Pregnant?

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Why Isn’t It Safe to Have Microblading During Pregnancy?

Here’s the list of issues related to getting microblading while pregnant.

1. Risk of Infection

Although trauma to the skin is minimal with permanent makeup for the eyebrows, the risk of infection is always present. This applies to less serious skin infections, and more serious blood infections like HIV or Hepatitis B, which can be very dangerous for the fetus.

Antibiotics that are used in treating severe infections are another thing best avoided while expecting.

2. Hormone Levels Affect Pigment Color

Additionally, PMU artists report that the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy often have a strange effect of the pigments injected during PMU. Most notably, they can affect the color, which can turn once the hormones are back to normal.

So, microblading while pregnant does not give good results.

3. Swelling Affects the Shape

The situation is similar when it comes to shape. During pregnancy, most women experience swelling and a bit of a weight gain in different parts of their body, including the face, so the shape of the brows microbladed during pregnancy could end up looking totally wrong once everything goes back to normal.

So, microblading while pregnant will likely give you the wrong arch shape.

4. Topical Anesthetic Isn’t Safe for Pregnant Women

The numbing cream used during PMU procedures contains a chemical called epinephrine. This ingredient is not to be used on pregnant women as it can affect the heart. In rare cases, it causes increased heartbeat, cardiac anomalies, and even fetal tachycardia.

5. Slow Healing and Intense Bleeding

The changes in hormone levels in pregnant women affect the circulation of blood, so extensive bleeding is possible during the procedure. This can lead to uneven settling of the pigments and patchy, unattractive results.

Hormone levels also slow down the healing of the skin, which means you are at risk of infection for a while after the procedure until the skin closes up completely.

6. Pigments May Be Unsafe for the Fetus

Although any PMU professional knows the importance of quality pigments, no one can guarantee that the formula is 100% safe for the vulnerable fetus. PMU is a relatively new procedure and there haven’t been enough studies into the safety of microblading while pregnant and possible effects on the baby.

Is It Safe to Get Microblading while Breastfeeding?

Getting microblading isn’t a good idea until you’ve stopped breastfeeding. Infections and possibly unsafe substances from the pigments are passed onto the baby through breastfeeding, so it’s better to wait, even if you’re dealing with post-partum hair loss.

Is It Safe to Get Microblading while Breastfeeding?

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Is It Safe to Get a Microblading Touch Up While Pregnant?


Getting a microblading touch up during pregnancy is no safer than getting the initial treatment, as it entails the same risks. So in case your brows have begun to fade, or you found out you were pregnant before you got the chance to do the mandatory 6-8 week touch up, you should skip it.

Use topical makeup until you’ve had the baby and stopped breastfeeding. It may be inconvenient, but the health and safety of your baby are top priority.

Is It Safe to Get Microblading While Trying to Conceive?


If you’re actively trying to conceive, it’s best to postpone your microblading appointment, as you may end up getting pregnant in the 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment and have to skip the touch up.

Is It Safe to Get Microblading during IVF process?


If you’re in any stage of the IVF (in vitro fertilization), it’s best to postpone your microblading appointment. There is virtually no information on how the hormones injected as part of preparation for IVF may affect the PMU pigments and their retention.

Additionally, if you end up getting pregnant in the 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure, you will have to skip the touch up.

How Long After Microblading Can I Get Pregnant?

Once you’ve had your touch up appointment and your skin has healed from that completely, there’s no risk of infection, so it’s safe for you to start trying to get pregnant.

Microblading While Pregnant – Main Takeaways

In order to be completely safe, general advice is to get your brows microbladed (or treated with any other semi-permanent makeup technique) once the pregnancy and breastfeeding period is over.

Most PMU salons and artists have a business policy where they don’t accept pregnant clientele. So, in case you came across some artists that do, please read the potential risks and repercussions listed above and then decide if it’s all worth it.  



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