Microblading Regulations Canada

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on December 27, 2022

In terms of microblading regulations Canada is not that strict, and there are no uniformed rules for obtaining a license. It’s all down to the province.

microblading regulations canada

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In the permanent cosmetic industry in Canada, there is no universal governing body that dictates requirements or safety standards for cosmetic procedures – it’s down to the province, and most of them don’t have strict regulations.

That’s why solo technicians and artists find themselves operating in a gray area most of the time.

To become certified, you will need to complete your microblading training with an accredited artist or academy, but obtaining a microblading license isn’t necessary for all provinces.

Even though microblading licensing in Canada isn’t exactly imperative, as a technician, it’s up to you to provide safe and sterile conditions for your clients and to operate within the law.

As rules and regulations are prone to change, it’s best to consult your local health authority to get the most precise, up-to-date information on obtaining a microblading license in Canada.

Microblading Regulations Canada by Province

Certain provinces have established microblading licensing regulations, others don’t. Here’s a rundown.

Microblading License in Alberta

Businesses that offer beauty and body services like tattooing, microblading, and other semi-permanent makeup procedures require a municipal business license in the province of Alberta.

Bloodborne pathogen training is also required from all microblading artists with their microblading certificate.

Microblading License in Manitoba

Microblading licensing process in Manitoba is the same as in Alberta. You need to have a municipal business license and proof that you’ve finished bloodborne pathogens training.

Microblading License in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, microblading is regulated by the Safe Body Art Regulations of the Safe Body Art Act.

According to this document, to practice microblading, a permit is required, which is obtained only when each operator and member of the personnel of a body art facility must successfully complete infection prevention training.

Personnel should also be trained in the practices and procedures set out in the facility’s infection prevention plan to the extent the operator determines to be necessary for the duties they perform, according to Section 25 (2) of the Safe Body Art Act.

Microblading License Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Other

At this time, there are no requirements for personal services establishments, such as tattooing, microblading, and body piercing establishments to obtain a microblading license in Ontario and other mentioned provinces.


Microblading licensing regulations are prone to change. The safest way to check them is to contact your local authority that regulates body art and get the information directly.

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