Microblading Price Australia - Cost Breakdown by City

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on February 7, 2023

The microblading price in Australia varies widely between cities and urban centers. Here’s a city-by-city price list of the average microblading cost, plus a look into the factors that influence it.

microblading price australia

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The cost of a microblading appointment can seem like a lot at first glance. Many people opt for cheaper procedures which save them money in the short run, but PMU eyebrows are a long-term investment.

Considering the years of flawless brows you get, and what you’ll save on regular eyebrow makeup, microblading is definitely worth it. Still, we understand that you would like to know specifically where your money goes.

That’s why we put together a comprehensive overview of the average microblading price in Australia organized by major city rates. Let’s take a look at the cost ranges and what they cover.

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Microblading Price Australia – What Is the Average?

The average microblading cost in Australia ranges from A$600 to A$800, depending on which city or urban center you’re considering. That said, the price range highly depends on the specific location and there are some wide variations.

For instance, the difference between lowest and highest microblading cost in Sydney is much larger than the range of microblading cost in Perth or Adelaide.

what is the average microblading price in Australia
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What About Nano Brows and Ombre Brows?

In the vast majority of cases, Australian beauty salons which offer microblading services also offer nanoblading, ombre brows, and powder brows. There are mild differences in price depending on the technique used, but the prices overall are the same.

Nanoblading in particular is often offered as an alternative to standard microblading. This procedure is done with thinner blades, ensuring more delicate results.

You can read more about nanoblading in this guide. Make sure not to confuse nanoblading with nano brows, which are a machine brow treatment.

Nano brows and ombre brows price in Australia
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Microblading Price List Australia

When putting together this overview of the microblading price in Australia, we focused on the price of the initial microblading session. Of course, the first touch-up is an essential part of the process, but the Australian salons charge it a little differently.

See below for further specifics on the touch-up microblading price in Australia. For now, here is a price list by location of the first microblading treatment.

Microblading Cost in Australia by LocationAverage Microblading Cost (No Touch Up)
Microblading Price Range
Microblading Cost SydneyA$ 750A$ 350-1390
Microblading Cost MelbourneA$ 800A$ 400-1200
Microblading Cost BrisbaneA$ 780A$ 355-1195
Microblading Cost PerthA$ 650A$ 350-850
Microblading Cost AdelaideA$ 600A$ 300-750
Microblading Cost HobartA$ 650A$ 550-950
Microblading Cost DarwinA$ 600A$ 400-750
Microblading Cost NewcastleA$ 650A$ 350-1000
Microblading Cost WollongongA$ 850A$ 450-1200
Microblading Cost Sunshine CoastA$ 700A$ 350-900

Source: PMUHub’s Research

Are Touch-Ups Included in the Microblading Price in Australia?

The microblading touch-up cost in Australia is usually calculated as a percentage of the price of the first microblading session. The specific percentage varies widely between salons.

In addition, some salons include the fist touch-up in the base service price, while others charge it separately. Moreover, each artist has their own system of how much time needs to pass after the microblading appointment to begin charging for touch-up work.

In some salons, the touch up is charged at 4-6 weeks, while in others the additional fee starts applying only after 3, 6, or even 12 months.

When you search for a microblading salon, make sure to inquire with the artist about their touch-up charges policy to get a clear idea of how much you would be paying total.


Regardless of how your artist handles charging the first touch-up, any further maintenance comes at an extra charge.

The maintenance fee depends on how much time has passed since your microblading appointment, and can go up to the full price of the initial treatment. Many artists offer significant discounts to returning clients.

Microblading cost in Australia
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So What Does the Microblading Price in Australia Actually Include?

So if the microblading cost in Australia is so fickle about including touch-ups, what does it cover?

In general, you pay for a consultation and potentially a deposit fee (though the artist may waive that if you commit to an appointment), the microblading itself, and your aftercare.

Consultation and/or Deposit

An initial consultation is mandatory in all Australian PMU salons. Many artists offer it for free, but most charge a small fee (usually around A$ 50).

Some also charge a deposit, which covers a part of the treatment price.

As a rule, deposits are non-refundable. However, in the vast majority of cases, the consultation fee is waived if you go through with making an appointment.

The Initial Procedure

Most of the price you pay goes toward the first microblading session. This is usually paid altogether the day of the appointment, but some artists charge a deposit as we mentioned above.

Sometimes, salons implement an installment payment system – the total cost of the treatment is broken down into two or three installments to make it more manageable for clients.

In those cases, a smaller part of the fee is paid when booking the appointment. That first payment includes your deposit and a part of the treatment price. Then the rest is paid the day of the procedure. If there’s a third installment, it’s paid at the touch-up.

Some artists even implement a buy now, pay later system.

initial microblading procedure price in Australia
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Aftercare Package

Aftercare is an extremely important part of the microblading process. It ensures your brows heal without complications and you get the best results possible.

It entails cleaning and washing your brows in a certain way and using certain products, and possibly using a healing balm on them.

To make this routine change easier, your artist will likely send you off with an aftercare kit that includes products you should be using, plus detailed instructions on exactly what to do.

Here’s our simple guide through microblading aftercare.

Here are some microblading aftercare essentials in case your artist doesn’t provide them:

What Factors Affect the Microblading Price in Australia?

The microblading cost in Australia depends on a few factors. Here’s an overview of what might affect the price of your microblading appointment in an Aussie salon.

Artist Seniority

In many Australian PMU salons you’ll find a pair or a trio of artists working and even offering the exact same treatments. The prices they each charge for their work directly depend on their experience in the industry and how long they’ve been in business.

You’ll typically see titles such as emerging artist, artist, senior artist, and master artist in addition to a few others. These reflect each artist’s level of experience, skill, prestige, and overall standing in the professional community.


As we mentioned in our overview of the microblading price in Australia by location, the cost of treatment varies a lot between cities.

Larger, more populated, more prosperous urban centers usually feature more expensive microblading treatments. This is due to factors such as high demand, more competition, and higher business costs.


Competition as a price factor is closely linked to location. In places where there are comparatively fewer beauty salons, the prices will tend to be more uniform.

In contrast, if there is a lot of competition on the local level, the costs will vary far more. Since there are many businesses offering the same service, artists can adapt their prices to target specific income brackets.

microblading cost in Australia
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How to Choose a PMU Salon in Australia Based on Price

While the price of your desired treatment is an important factor in choosing a salon, it shouldn’t be the only one. Rather, use the price range to determine whether it’s worth the investment. How does the salon justify charging what they do?

Look into the following:

  • The artist’s experience
  • Their reputation
  • Their portfolio
  • The quality of the materials they use
  • The quality of the competition
  • The cleanliness of the salon

When it comes to public image, research your potential artist from all sides.

Look into testimonials from satisfied clients, reviews from dissatisfied ones, and try to learn what other artists say about them. See how they handle criticism and whether their portfolio matches their reputation.

how to choose PMU salon in Australia based on price
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Microblading Cost Australia – Main Takeaways

The microblading price in Australia may seem steep at first, but remember that it’s a long-term investment. The results of your treatment will stay with you for months and years to come. Therefore, the cost itself shouldn’t be your primary focus.

Rather, use the pricing information as a way to gauge quality. Look into artists’ portfolios and the tools and pigments they use. Inquire into their experience and reputation to see if their prices are justified.

What you pay in a pricier procedure or a deposit fee will cost you less than a correction or removal. Take your time with the consultation process and feel free to look outside your immediate area for the best balance of affordability and quality.



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