Microblading License Requirements UK

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Find all the important information and sources on microblading license requirements UK – which qualifications you need and which restrictions to follow in every part of the country.

microblading license requirements uk

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The road to opening your own microblading salon and working as a microblading artist comes with its own set of challenges, but trust us, it’s worth it!

In order to legally work as a microblading artist anywhere in the UK, you’ll have to get informed about the bylaws and regulations in your local council in regard to permanent makeup.

To help fill in the blanks and guide you through the process of microblading licensing in the UK, we’ve gathered some of the most important questions and answers that will help you open up a legitimate business. Let’s get started!

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Do You Need a Licence for Microblading in the UK?


In the UK, you need to license your work premises and/or yourself as a microblading artist in order to provide semi-permanent makeup treatments.

Microblading has been deemed a special treatment that is licensed by local authorities. It is illegal to provide or advertise special treatments without a license.

However, requirements vary between areas according to the policies of the local council health department. Contact them to find out their exact requirements as each local authority has its own bylaws and costings.

Let’s take a look at the general license requirements for each country within the UK:

Microblading License Requirements England and Wales

To obtain a microblading license in England and in Wales, you must both register your premises and yourself with your local council.

In the Greater London area, excluding the City of London, you must get a Special Treatments Licence from your council.

Find more information on microblading requirements UK here.

Microblading License Requirements Scotland

The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 requires microblading artists to obtain a license to be able to practice their craft.

To learn more about microblading licensing in Scotland, read this document.

Microblading License Requirements Northern Ireland

In order to provide microblading services in Northern Ireland, you have to register your business in the Belfast City Council electoral area.

The registration is carried out under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. Once you register your business, you will receive a certificate of registration which should be displayed on the premises.

Get more information on licensing your business in Northern Ireland here.

What Does the Licensing Authority in the UK Do Exactly?

The licensing authority’s main purpose is to ensure that you are working in a safe and hygienic environment. They will check that you are properly disposing of hazardous waste and that you are qualified enough to carry out the microblading treatment.

Most authorities will offer guidance on their requirements for a special treatments licence so contact your local Council to check their criteria.

Remember to always display a copy of your licence or certificate in a prominent place on your premises or you will be fined.

microblading requirements uk
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What Qualifications Do I Need to Do Microblading in the UK?

The first step towards a microblading license in the UK is to enrol in a certified training course.

With so many training courses on the market that promise to have you qualified in 1-2 days, things can easily get confusing.

Since there are so many professional academies and artists, be careful with where you go. When it comes to applying for a microblading license, the choice you make will determine if you will have enough qualifications to actually obtain it.

Remember that even if you know how to microblade but aren’t certified by an accredited body, employers would avoid permitting you to practice on clients in their salons as you lack the qualification and professional training.

Do I Need a Level 4 Certificate to Practice Microblading?

To put it simply – it depends on your location.

If you are practising microblading in Central London or a London borough, you are required by your local council to hold a Level 4 certificate for licensing purposes. Only with an official Level 4 qualification will you be able to get insurance for your microblading business.

If you’re working anywhere else in the UK, you are not required to have a Level 4 qualification, but your certificate does have to be accredited and recognised by the ABT.

Microblading Licensing UK – Restrictions

Microblading license requirements in the UK come with the following restrictions:

  • You can only work on the premises where you’re licensed.
  • You must follow any local bylaws relating to staff hygiene and the safety and cleanliness of your premises, furniture and equipment.
  • Your premises will usually be inspected before you get your licence.

For more information on restrictions and other licensing requirements, contact your local council.


Microblading licensing regulations are prone to change. The safest way to check them is to contact your local authority that regulates body art and get the information directly.

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Microblading License Requirements UK – Main Takeaways

Applying for a microblading license in the UK is a fairly straightforward process that requires the right education and training.

Once you’ve completed that first step of your microblading career, you may proceed to apply for a license depending on your local council’s requirements.

When your licence gets approved, make sure to follow the restrictions provided by the Government and check for any possible changes in regulations from time to time. Good luck!



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