Microblading Insurance: Why You Need It & How to Get It

By Deana D.| Last updated on May 31, 2024

Microblading insurance protects artists and their salons against different legal claims. Learn more about the different types of microblading insurance, what they cover, and how much they cost.

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Microblading is one of the most popular eyebrow enhancement treatments on the market today and the demand for new artists just keeps growing.

Once you open your own salon, you take on a whole list of legal responsibilities that make you and your practice vulnerable.

Though you may not be ultimately responsible for an injury or damages, your role entails responsibility and action since even baseless claims require you to defend yourself, and legal defense can be costly.

To help you better understand how to protect your business and yourself as an artist against legal claims, we bring you a comprehensive guide on microblading insurance with explanations of why you need it, which types exist, and how much they cost.

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Do You Need Insurance for Microblading?

Yes. It’s crucial for protecting your business from legal claims that may arise.

Insurance is there to cover the costs of legal processes in case a client decides to sue you for any reason, or to cover different expenses that may arise from damage to your studio or equipment.

Once you attain your microblading certificate and license regulated by the state you work in, the next step is to invest in microblading insurance.

There are different types of insurance that would benefit your microblading business, and depending on your needs, you can discuss the best insurance policy or policies with your insurance agent.


This article will provide you with general information about microblading insurance, but please note that regulations and policies differ from country to country, state to state, and even agency to agency.

So for specific information, please contact a local insurance agency that has experience working with PMU or tattoo artists, or at least beauty professionals.

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What Type of Insurance Do I Need for Microblading?

Even with proper care and training, the use of a microblading tool could cause complications that could give rise to a claim. Let’s take a look at each liability coverage with examples of possible claims that can occur:

Microblading Liability Insurance

A professional liability insurance policy is the most important thing to consider when starting a microblading business.

This type of insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance or malpractice insurance because it covers damages caused by professional mistakes.

For example, if a client is unhappy with the result of their microblading procedure and brings a lawsuit against you, this policy will cover the legal costs and potential settlement. This will also cover you in case your client develops an infection post-treatment.

General Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance covers all claims that occur in a place of business, in this case, your microblading studio. It’s also known as slip and fall insurance and covers you in the case of a client falling down or injuring themselves in your studio or similar.

Rental Damage Insurance

As a freshly trained and certified microblading artist, you will probably begin your practice at a rental property before investing in your own space.

Rental damage insurance protects you from any damage that might occur to a rented property. In most cases, this type of insurance protects your equipment and workspace from any accidental damage or environmental damage like fire and flood.

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Product Liability Insurance

If you plan on supplying your clients with microblading aftercare products or plan to sell your own products for pre and post microblading care at your salon, you will need product liability insurance.

This type of insurance covers you if a claim is made against the products you use or supply to your clients.

How Microblading Insurance in USA Works

Different states in the US vary greatly in their microblading and permanent makeup insurance requirements.

In the past, some US states required a cosmetology license to practice microblading.

As of May 2017, having blood-borne pathogens training means you’re safe to practice microblading. Nonetheless, check the State Board’s website of the state where you plan to practice microblading for updates on the specific requirements needed.

And since microblading involves the use of blades and creating incisions in the skin of the client, there may also be certain Health Department certifications required within the practicing area.

For example, the Florida Department of Health classifies microblading and permanent makeup as tattooing, which requires its own license and certification.

Simply put, the best way to protect you and your business from a claim is to have the security of a microblading insurance policy in place, so make sure you do your research and find a reputable agency in your specific state.

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What Is Mobile Microblading Insurance?

A mobile microblading insurance would ensure that you perform your practice outside the realm of your microblading studio – at clients’ homes, for example.

This is unfortunately illegal in the US, as states like Florida do not have provisions for a mobile tattoo license. It is stated that all tattooing and microblading must occur in a licensed fixed, or temporary establishment.

However, microblading insurance in the UK for mobile artists can be obtained.

If you’re operating on a mobile basis, you should check what cover applies when you take items away from your studio or workplace – it may not be covered when it is in an unattended vehicle, for instance.

How Much Does Microblading Insurance Cost?

Some insurance companies include microblading insurance as part of beauty therapist insurance, tattoo artist insurance, or in rare cases, permanent makeup insurance. For that reason alone, it can be difficult to put an exact price on microblading insurance costs.

Still, based on extensive research we found that the average price of microblading insurance in the USA is about $900-1200 a year, while microblading insurance in the UK costs about £250 per year.

Microblading Insurance – Main Takeaways

Starting a career in microblading means obtaining a certificate, a license, and insurance depending on the specific regulations of the state you’re working in.

Every microblading artist working in a studio setting is required to invest in liability insurance, as well as property and product liability insurance to protect their equipment and their premises.

Make sure you stay up to date with your state requirements and do your research before signing with an insurance company, to keep yourself and your practice protected against different types of legal claims.



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