How Much Does Microblading Cost in the US?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on April 24, 2023

If you are wondering how much does microblading cost, keep reading for the results PMUHub’s research into the average prices of microblading in various cities across the USA.

How Much Does Microblading Cost? by PMUHub

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Last updated December 2022.

There is almost no reputable beauty salon that does not offer microblading nowadays.

That says a lot about the popularity of the procedure. Taking care of your eyebrows has become an important part of the beauty routine, and this brow obsession has affected the price of microblading.

If you’re considering getting your brows microbladed, one of your first questions might be: how much does microblading cost?

The average microblading cost in the USA in 2022 is about $600.

Keep reading to find out more about the treatment and the microblading prices!

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How Much Does Microblading Cost on Average?

The price of microblading varies, depending on different factors such as:

  • location
  • competition
  • the experience of the artist
  • the popularity of the artist
  • the academy where they trained

The average cost of microblading is just under $600.

However, the price range is very wide. The microblading eyebrows cost can be as low as $250, but it can be as high as $2000.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

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How Much Does Microblading Cost in the USA?

The average microblading price in the United States is $597, but it can vary from $250 to $2000.

In the chart below, you can find the results of PMUHub’s research into microblading prices in various cities across the USA.

According to the list, the average price of microblading is highest in New York City, and lowest in Jacksonville, Florida. NYC also has the widest range of microblading prices, from $385 to $2000.

NOTE: The microblading prices in the chart are for 2 sessions – the initial session and the touch up.

Some artists charge additionally for the 6-week touch up.

Some of them also charge for consultations.

Taxes and additional fees may apply.

City/StateMicroblading Cost –
Average Microblading Price
Microblading Price Range
Chicago, IL$640$350 – $1200
Aurora Area, IL$735$400 – $1400
NYC, NY$800$385 – $2000
Albany, NY$550$450 – $700
Portland, OR$630$400 – $885
Salem, OR$595$495 – $1000
Houston, TX$570$450 – $800
San Antonio, TX$490$300 – $675
Dallas, TX$715$250 – $1100
Fort Worth, TX$515$375 – $600
Cleveland, OH$550$450 – $800
Columbus, OH$600$500 – $750
Miami, FL$720$250 – $ 2000
Jacksonville, FL$450$300 – $600
Palm Beach, FL$475$300 – $675
Seattle, WA$670$550 – $950
Olympia, WA$530$450 – $700
Los Angeles, CA$675$400 – $1500
San Diego, CA$560$400 – $800
San Francisco, CA$700$550 – $1000
Phoenix, AZ$500$350 – $675
Tucson, AZ$460$350 – $600

PMUHub’s research – microblading prices

What’s Included in the Microblading Price?

The microblading procedure consists of two visits. The first one is the microblading treatment itself. This usually takes 2-3 hours. The first part of it includes consultations with the microblading artist, who helps you decide on the shape and pigment of your brows. Once you are satisfied with the choice, the microblading process is done. You will also be given instructions for the aftercare.

The second visit is the first follow-up treatment, which is supposed to be done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment.

Its purpose is to correct any imperfections after the healing period is finished. If your skin didn’t take the pigment in some spots, or you want some small corrections done, that’s what this touch-up is for.

Are Touch-Ups Included in the Price of Microblading?

The first touch-up is sometimes included in the price, since it is an important part of the treatment.

Without the first touch up, the whole process might be considered unfinished. That said, there are also salons that charge for the first touch-up separately, but they usually emphasize that. 

If they charge it separately, it is usually around $100.

Other touch-ups are not included in the initial microblading cost.

Their purpose is to prolong the durability of your microbladed eyebrows. So, if you want your microbladed brows to last longer, expect the total microblading eyebrows cost to be higher.

The longer the period between the initial treatment and the touch-up is, the higher the microblading cost. This is because eyebrows fade as time goes by, so more additional microblading needs to be done.

What Does the Price of Microblading Depend On?

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Will My Skin Type Affect the Price of Microblading?

It is well-known among microblading artists that people with dry skin make better candidates for microblading than those with oily skin.

However, the initial microblading price is the same for everyone.

Yet, microbladed eyebrows will fade away faster if you have oily skin and they will require more frequent touch-ups, which are not included in the price.

Consequently, you will spend more money on touch-ups if you have oily skin and want your eyebrows to last longer.

Another factor you should take into consideration is your lifestyle. If you work out a lot, go swimming very often or do similar activities that involve sweating, that will affect the speed of fading of your eyebrows.

You should also bear in mind that certain skincare products accelerate fading, so you might want to rethink your routine if you get microblading.

The faster your brows fade, the more touch ups you might want to schedule, so you’ll consequently end up with a higher microblading cost.

What Does the Price of Microblading Depend On?

There are many factors that affect how much does microblading cost. Here are the most prominent ones:

Artist’s certification

First of all, it is good to know that not all practicing artists are certified.

Licensing regulations vary and in some US states, you don’t have to obtain a certificate in order to become a microblading artist, and there are always amateur, self-taught artists who practice microblading, legally or not.

The cost of microblading with such artists can be as low as $200.

However, those who are certified naturally have higher microblading prices.

Not only do they have proof that they have finished all the steps in learning how to microblade, but customers trust them more. They usually have a well-known academy standing behind them which guarantees that they are capable of performing this job.

Artist’s experience

Then, there is the artist’s experience.

If an artist has done many pairs of brows, the chances of them making a mistake or doing a bad job are low. Therefore, an artist who has done a lot of clients and has many microblading before and after pictures to brag with will probably set higher microblading price.

The more skillful the artist is, the more popular they are. And when someone’s services are in high demand, their prices also go up.

Therefore, the reputation of the artist plays an important role as well.

A generally accepted hierarchy among PMU artists puts the so-called Master Artists on top, so their services are the most expensive. Newbees and apprentices who often work under the supervision of more experienced artists charge significantly less (which doesn’t mean they’ll do a bad job!)

The average microblading price with artists just starting out is around $300.

Tools and equipment

Another factor that affects how much does microblading cost is the materials the artist uses.

Some equipment and pigments are more high-quality and therefore more expensive than others. This also means that your eyebrows will turn out better and last longer.

However, the more the artist invests in the materials, the higher the microblading cost.


Location is also a significant factor.

Smaller towns sometimes have lower microblading prices than large cities in the area, but this is not always the case.

In bigger cities, where the rent for a salon is higher, the microblading cost is higher as well. Big cities naturally have more salons, so the microblading price range is wider.


The competition in the area is extremely important when it comes to the cost of microblading.

Research has shown that, if there are only a couple of salons in a town, their prices are likely to be similar.

If there are many salons that provide microblading in an area, there can be significant deviations from the average microblading price, with treatments from Master Artists being double or even triple the price of the treatment done by a less renowned artist.

How Do I Choose a Microblading Salon Based on the Price?

Microblading prices are not cheap, so you naturally want to spend your money wisely.

First of all, you should find out what is the average cost of microblading in your area.

You can take our USA microblading price chart as a starting point, but in case your city or town isn’t listed, make a list of all the salons near you and find their price lists.

Then compare them.

Microblading is not a small investment and it is also something that you are stuck with for at least a year.

Bear in mind that low price might mean low quality (of course, there are exceptions). Therefore, opt for something in the middle.

The best option is to go with someone who charges the average price in your area.

On the other hand, if you want to be sure that your artist will provide an excellent service and works with the best materials, be prepared for a higher microblading cost.

Sometimes you pay for the brand, as well-established academies and salons have higher microblading prices.

Also, certified artists usually charge more than those who are not.

PMUHub Tip: If you really want your eyebrows microbladed, but you cannot afford an expensive artist, there are still those who have lower prices due to location or the competition. So if it’s not too much hassle for you, you can always take a short trip to nearby towns where the microblading cost may be lower.


Check the salon carefully before you make your final decision. Ask to see pictures of their previous works, and you can always book a consultation appointment.

Average Microblading Cost

Does Microblading Pay Off?

The microblading price is a small investment compared to what you get.

Investing in your eyebrows might not save you a lot of money, since it is obviously cheaper to buy an eyebrow pencil. However, it will save you the time you spend every morning on doing your brows and trying to make them look even and natural.

After microblading, you will always have that subtle enhancement. Also, your brows will look picture perfect even after a workout or a swim. You don’t have to worry that they will come off or smudge. In addition, your eyebrows will look natural, which is very trendy at the moment. Finally, it will definitely boost your confidence. Styling your brows to best complement your facial features can bring out your beauty and enhance your look. But microblading can also help people who struggle with thin, sparse brows or don’t have eyebrows at all due to certain conditions. For them, the confidence boost can be priceless.


In the long run, the final microblading cost consists of the initial procedure and the touch-ups. The number of touch ups you’ll need depends on how you treat your microbladed brows. If you skip your follow-up 6 weeks after the initial procedure, or if you consistently do activities known to accelerate fading, you’ll need to spend more money on touch-ups, and the total microblading cost will increase. So before you get microblading, bear in mind you might have to make some tiny adjustments to your lifestyle if you want to avoid piling up touch-up bills.

Microblading Cost – Main Takeaways

For some people, the microblading cost plays a significant role in choosing a salon and an artist. Eyebrows are an important part of a person’s face, and since microblading lasts a really long time, this is not the time to be frugal. That is why serious research should be done and prices of nearby salons should be compared before you make an appointment. The price shouldn’t be more important than the skillfulness and experience of the artist!



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