How Much Does Microblading Cost in the UK?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on December 30, 2022

Microblading cost in the UK varies from city to city. Here’s a price list of average price points in major cities, plus a breakdown of factors that influence the price.

Microblading cost UK

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Microblading cost might seem like a lot of money initially. But investing in your eyebrows is essentially playing the long game.

Microblading provides you with years of flawless non-smudgeable arches. Think of how much time you’ll save yourself on a daily basis. Plus, all the brow products aren’t exactly free.

So let’s review the microblading cost UK in major cities and discuss whether it’s worth it.

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Microblading Cost UK – What Is the Average?

The microblading cost in the UK ranges from £200 – £600+, so we can say that the average price is around £500. But the cost of microblading in the UK is very much dependent on the location.

For example, the microblading cost in London will be higher compared to the north and midlands, where clinics are typically slightly less expensive due to a higher competition.

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What About Nanoblading Cost UK?

Nanoblading cost in the UK is pretty much the same as the microblading cost.

Nanoblading (not to be confused with nano brows) is actually the microblading technique, the only difference is in the blade used. Nanoblading is done with thinner blades so the strokes are more delicate.

Plus, a thinner blade also ensures less skin trauma, so there’s less risk of skin damage, which is why this method of creating hair strokes has been gaining so much popularity lately.

Other than this technical difference, everything is more or less the same – and so is the nanoblading cost in the UK. To avoid confusion, many artists still call it microblading – even if they use nano blades.

So all the information in this article applies to nanoblading, too.

You can learn more about nanoblading here.

nanoblading cost uk
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Microblading Price List UK

When creating this microblading price list for the UK, we’ve counted in the price of the initial microblading session, as well as the first touch-up, as it’s a part of the full microblading process.

Some salons charge the sessions separately, some charge them together, but for convenience, we’ve added them up.

So let’s see what the range is like for microblading cost in the UK.

Microblading Cost UK
by Location
Average Microblading Cost
Microblading Price Range
Microblading price London£500£200 – £650
Microblading Birmingham prices£370£200 – £550
Microblading price Manchester£380£220 – £550
Microblading Liverpool price£450£240 – £650
Microblading Glasgow prices£400£230 – £600
Microblading Cardiff prices£350£220 – £470
Microblading Swansea prices£280£200 – £360
Microblading Nottingham prices£350£230 – £500
Microblading Wolverhampton prices£400£250 – £650
Microblading Dundee prices£320£210 – £440
Microblading price York £400£220 – £600
Microblading price Edinburgh£380£240 – £520

Source: PMUHub’s Research

What’s Included in the Microblading Cost in the UK?

Microblading is a 3 step process: consultation, initial treatment, and a mandatory touch-up. Most salons divide the price by a salon visit, but the full process requires completing all three steps.


First comes the consultation, which can be free, but can also range up to £50. Usually, it’s around £20-£30.

During the consultation, the artist should walk you through the process and do a pre-draw of your new brows. You shouldn’t be under any pressure to make an appointment on the spot.

Take some time to think about it and decide if they’re the right artist for you.

The Initial Treatment

After you’ve found your artist, you can book the initial microblading session. The price of this depends on the location of the salon as well as a few other factors (but more on that later).

The most important difference within the price range is dependent on the method of microblading you choose to get.

There are 4 different types of microblading which you can learn more about here.

This step in the microblading journey is actually creating your new brows, so obviously it’ll be the most expensive. This step also requires quite a bit of supplies to be consumed, which is one of the main pricing determinants.

The price of the initial treatment can vary significantly from salon to salon. It can be as low as £100-£200 but can go up to £650 (and more).

Touch Up

While the initial treatment is where the brow is designed, the touch-up is where they get polished. Without it, the brows are left unfinished.

This is a necessary step to getting the desired, long-lasting results. So you have to count in its price as well.

Learn more about why the first touch-up is mandatory here.

A common question is Is the touch-up included in the microblading cost in the UK? And the answer to that differentiates from artist to artist.

Some artists split the payment to make their services more accessible, while others include the full process in the upfront cost, making the touch-up essentially seem free of charge.

Make sure you get this information during your consultations, as you don’t want to be surprised with an additional hundred(s) of pounds you thought were already counted in the original price.



The longer you wait between the initial procedure and the touch up, the higher the price will be. Microblading cost UK increases with the amount of time that passes since the first application of pigments tends to fade, requiring more supplies and work from the artist later on.

what is included in the microblading cost uk
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Is Further Maintenance Included in the Microblading Price in the UK?

No, after the initial series of treatments, any further sessions are charged extra.

Microblading is not permanent – it fades over time. If done correctly, your brows will last you 12-18 months, after which you should get them retouched to prolong the results. But the right time for a touch-up is highly individual.

If you have oily skin, the pigment might get washed out faster due to excess oil production. This means that oily skin types might have to get a few additional touch ups – which aren’t included in the original price.

Other than that, the frequency of touch-ups will also depend on how you treat your microbladed brows and on your lifestyle. You can get more information about when the right time for microblading touch-up might be here.

How Much Do Maintenance Sessions of Microblading Cost in the UK?

Most artists offer maintenance treatments at a reduced cost. They’ll usually charge 60-70% of the initial microblading cost in the UK. However, whether you’ll get the discount also depends on the state of your brows.

You might have to pay the original price if your brows have faded significantly, or need additional corrections like reshaping and color correction. And artists usually don’t offer a discounted rate for someone else’s work.

What Factors Affect the Microblading Eyebrows Cost in the UK?

The price of microblading will depend on several factors like:


Obviously, the microblading cost in the UK will be higher for well-known artists than for those just starting out. The popularity of an artist increases with their level of experience so an artist who has been working longer will charge more.

However, this doesn’t mean beginners won’t do a good job! Just be careful when scheduling with someone who doesn’t have a large portfolio.


It’s important to note that not all working artists have credentials. Pay attention to who you’re booking with!

While licensing laws in the UK require permanent makeup artists to have a license in order to perform this treatment, there are always self-taught artists that practice microblading without one, illegally.

With such artists, microblading prices are suspiciously low. So if it seems too good to be true… it probably is.


The materials the artists use also have an impact on the microblading cost – the expense of microblading increases in direct proportion to how much the artist spends on supplies.

High-quality tools and pigments are notably more expensive because they provide better and longer-lasting results. The pigment’s hue won’t change to orange or gray, so in the long run, you’re saving money on color-correcting touch-ups.


The demand for the treatment and local competition are two closely connected elements that affect the cost.

Because there is greater demand in big cities, salons can raise their costs. Plus they also need to factor in that rent and other expenses will also be higher.

Since there are more salons in large cities, the pricing range for microblading is inherently wider. Artists in smaller communities sometimes charge less for microblading than those in big cities, although this isn’t always the case.


Regarding the price of microblading, the level of local competition is crucial.

Prices will be more comparable in areas with little competition, while in areas with a large number of salons providing the same service, the rates will vary drastically more.

How to Choose a Salon Based on Price

When choosing the artist or salon, the microblading eyebrows price in the UK can’t be the only factor you consider. You should take into account all the mentioned factors.


  • Who performs the procedure – is it an experienced artist or is it a beginner?
  • Does the salon use high-quality products?
  • Is the competition in the area strong? Are other artists better?
  • Does the salon look clean? If you can do the consults at the salon, you can assess this.

Again, the price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. It should be the artist’s portfolio. Before making an appointment, carefully review their before and after images. Make your choice based on reviews and testimonials.

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Microblading Eyebrows Price UK – Main Takeaways

Some clients focus too much on the cost of microblading. The results of this treatment last a really long time so this isn’t something you should be frugal about.

So while yes, the expenses should play a part in the decision-making process, it’s not what you should be basing your choice on entirely. The artist’s talent and experience should be valued more than the price.

The cost of removal and having your brows redone will almost certainly cost you more money than it would have if you had just made a better original investment.



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