Microblading Before and After Pictures

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on June 7, 2024

Explore microblading before and after pictures done by permanent makeup artists all over the world. See what results can be achieved with microblading.

Microblading Eyebrows: The Ultimate Guide (microblading before and after)

Work by Bojana Nikolin

Microblading Eyebrows Before and After Gallery

Get inspired for your eyebrows transformation by looking at some of the best before and after microblading pictures. Browse through microblading photos of female or male, light or dark brows. See what amazing results can be achieved with this treatment.

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Natural Microblading

The reason why microblading is so popular is the fact it looks subtle, like your brows but better! Here are some of the best before and after photos of natural looking microblading.

Microblading for Blonde Eyebrows

Blonde eyebrows can be enhanced and slightly darkened with additional hair strokes in the lightest shades of brown. Here are some photos of microblading for blonde eyebrows.

Microblading on Dark Skin

Doing hair stroke brows in shades of deep brown on melanin rich skin can look stunning. Check out these gorgeous before and after photos of brow microblading on dark skin.

Microblading for Redheads

Red-haired clients usually have light eyebrows. Microblading in shades of auburn or warm brown will enhance them. Here are some before & after photos of microblading for redheads.

Microblading for Older Ladies

Although it’s not the best choice for mature skin (nano brows are a better option), microblading for older ladies can look very natural and attractive. Here are some before and after images!

Microblading for Men

Men’s microblading follows the natural growth pattern and it’s usually done in a straighter arch, with some stray hairs. See some examples of microblading for men before and after photos.

Microblading Beard & Mustache

Facial hair in any shape or style can be densified with microblading beard strokes.
If you just wear a mustache, not the whole beard, you can enhance that with microblading, too.
Here’s what microblading mustache and beard styles looks like.

Alopecia Microblading

Microblading can recreate eyebrows for people with no brow hair at all. Done by a skilled artist, it looks extremely natural. Scroll for some amazing images of alopecia microblading.

Microblading Gone Wrong

Experience the unfortunate aftermath of a microblading procedure gone wrong. From uneven and unnatural eyebrow shapes to mismatched pigments, witness the unfortunate results of a botched microblading attempt in this microblading fails gallery.

Different Styles of Microblading Eyebrows



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