Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading for Men: Why More and More Guys Opt for It?

If you were wondering whether this popular aesthetic procedure can be used on men as well as on women, the answer is YES.

Nowadays, the appearance is as important to men as it is to women, and the prejudice about aesthetic treatments that perhaps existed earlier, thankfully, does not exist anymore. Microblading will give you a naturally-looking brows that will improve your look and give you a great-looking set of brows!

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Why Do Men Opt for this Treatment?

The answer can be simple, they want to look nice and well-groomed. However, if men have thinning eyebrows or damaged hair follicles, due to age or overplucking, a microblading treatment can be their only solution. After a certain age, male brows tend to run wild or become sparse and less full.

We all know how important the eyebrows are and how nicely they can frame our faces and give it a nicer look. Therefore, it is not at all unusual that more and more men are opting for this semi-permanent treatment. We all like to look nice, don’t we? The great thing about men microblading is that it can restore or give you the desired set of brows which will refresh your face.

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What Does a Men Microblading Procedure Involve?

There are a few steps that each experienced artist goes through to ensure that their clients get eyebrows which are as natural as possible.

Step 1: Finding a proper color

Most aestheticians will use a custom-made blend of pigments that match the client’s natural brow color. In this way, the microbladed strokes will blend with the real hairs and you won’t be able to tell a difference.

Step 2: Imitating the natural growth pattern

Apart from the color, another essential element the artists need to pay attention to is the direction in which they place each stroke. These strokes must imitate the direction of the surrounding natural hairs in order to provide the perfect blend.

We all know that some hairs grow upwards, some downwards and majority sideways. It is up to the artist to notice the best position of each stroke to make it as similar as possible to the surrounding ones.

Step 3: The shape

We can all agree that when talking about the differences between male and female brows, this is where we see the biggest change. While women’s brows are always perfectly and clearly shaped, men’s tend to be a bit unruly and imperfect, and that’s exactly how we love them!

To ensure the shape will stay like that even after the microblading procedure, the aestheticians make sure to add a few “stray” hairs here and there.

Are the Results Natural-Looking?

To answer you shortly – Yes! If done properly, microblading for men can provide a natural set of brows which will nicely blend with your existing hairs. The procedure is done in such a way that the strokes “sneak in” between your natural hairs, so the final look will just be fuller and better-shaped arches, and that is the beauty of this treatment.

How Long Does Men Microblading Last?

Men microblading usually lasts between 1 and 2 years, depending on several factors, such as your skin type and general lifestyle.

The pigment tends to fade after a year or so, so a touch-up is recommended once a year if you wish to retain the shape and intensity of the pigment. If, on the other hand, you grew tired of them, the great thing is you can just wait for them to fade.

How to Choose the Right Aesthetician for Men Microblading?

This is the most common question people ask. Recommendation is always the safest choice, but not everyone can have that.

The other, equally safe option, is to choose a certified artist with lots of experience and positive reviews. This is a very popular treatment both for women and men, so you shouldn’t have a problem in finding someone who has all the qualifications mentioned above.

And don’t go with the cheapest option, because you will probably regret it. The reason why some salons offer a low-priced treatment is because the staff is inexperienced and/or they work with low-quality pigments and equipment, and you don’t want that for your face and brows.


So, there you have it! Men microblading proved to be an effective solution for guys who want some extra fullness in their brows that look natural and is easy to maintain. If you are a guy who struggles with the shape or volume of his brows, do not hesitate to opt for a microblading treatment.

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