Microblading Blonde Eyebrows: Is It Possible?

Find out what is microblading for blondes like and what shades are available.

Microblading for Blondes: Is It Possible?

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2020. Updated May 2021.

Microblading has been extremely popular for a while now and it seems everyone is getting some brow work done! However, blonde people are more reluctant to go under the microblade, fearing they’d end up with unnaturally dark, very obviously touched-up arches.

PMUHub is here to shatter the misconception and assure all blondies that microblading for blondes is 100% possible!

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Is Microblading Blonde Eyebrows Possible?

Yes, microblading for blondes is definitely possible, as microblading can be adapted to any brow color, shape and style.

The only thing that differentiates microblading blonde eyebrows from any other style of microblading is that the technician has to be more careful when picking the shade.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a permanent makeup procedure for eyebrows that gives the look of fluffy, realistic yet enhanced brows.

The technician uses a multi-bladed tool to implement pigments of natural origins into the skin between the natural hairs, modifying and beautifying the arch for up to 2.5 years.

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Why Is Microblading for Blondes a Great Idea?

As all naturally blonde people know, with golden hair come light, almost indistinguishable eyebrows.

With eyebrows being the number #1 makeup trend, blonde people spend a lot of time and money filling in their brows with various makeup products, many of which are hard to use and have to be reapplied often.

Finding the right shade is just as problematic. Luckily, the solution to the hardships of brow makeup is microblading for blondes.

Microblading for Blondes: Is It Possible?

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What Is Blonde Microblading Like?

The microblading procedure is the same for everyone, so microblading blonde eyebrows is just like any other microblading treatment.

The first and crucial step is the consultation, the chance to tell the technician what you want and for the technician to give recommendations. The PMU artist then starts measuring and outlining, and with your guidance, they draw the outline which gets filled in with hair-like strokes.

Once you’re satisfied with the shape, a numbing cream is applied. When it kicks in, the artist starts drawing the strokes by dragging the microblading tool through the epidermis, depositing pigment into it.

This lasts about an hour, and after a few weeks of healing and aftercare, the fabulous blonde microblading is revealed!

What is Blonde Microblading Like?

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What Is Blonde Microblading Aftercare Like?

Aftercare is the same for everyone and blonde microblading healing process is no different than that of any other brow PMU procedure.

The tech will give you specific instructions on how to clean the area for a few days and provide you with special products. They will also instruct you what to avoid for about two weeks.

Since there’s trauma to the skin, there will be some swelling, itchiness, and scabbing, but it should subside within 10 days.

Check out our Microblading aftercare guide for a more detailed overview.

Blonde microblading

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What Colors Are Available for Blonde Microblading?

An important part of the consultation is color matching. Blonde clients usually want the final result to be slightly darker than their natural hair.

There is a wide range of pigment shades to choose from when microblading blonde eyebrows, which can be further mixed into a customized shade. So even microblading strawberry blonde eyebrows is possible!

The most important choice is between a slightly warmer or cooler tone. You can go for warm light browns or cool ashy tones. The techs spend quite a bit of time studying pigments and color theory during their training, so they are more than qualified to advise you on this matter.

It’s important to note that every pigment looks different once injected, and techs can predict the final results.

They can also predict what shade will blend into the natural hairs so the strokes don’t stick out, in which case you might have to get the hairs tinted.

Extra Note

It takes some time for the pigments to settle into the skin, so the results of microblading often appear much darker in the few days after the procedure.

This can be particularly worrisome for light-haired people, but don’t panic, the pigment fades into the color you originally chose within a few days.

microblading blonde eyebrows

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Alternative PMU Procedures for Blonde Eyebrows

Microblading is the pioneer PMU brow treatment, but several spin-offs have emerged over the years that give slightly different results.

Powder brows include a soft shadow, while ombre powder brows give a more dramatic look. All procedures can be done in any pigment shade, so they’re available for blondes, too!

Still on the fence about PMU? Consider a brow lamination + tinting! It is a great way to try out the enhanced brows look without the commitment.

Microblading Blonde Eyebrows – Main Takeaways

Microblading blonde eyebrows is a solution to a number of practical issues like makeup running, smudging and extra expenses, but it also boosts confidence! An enhanced arch frames the face and highlights its beauty!

If you are still unsure whether you should go for blonde microblading, take a look at some amazing transformations in before and after images gallery and get inspired.

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