Microblading Beard and Mustache

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on May 31, 2024

Microblading beard and mustache can be a successful solution to patchy beard problems. Read all about this patchy beard fix that gives permanent results.

Beard and mustache - microblading for men by PMUHub

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Microblading artists are always coming up with new ways to use their skills to improve our lives. As a result, some artists now offer a new spinoff on microblading devised especially for male clients – microblading beard and mustache!

Sometimes called facial hair enhancement, it’s the perfect male grooming treatment for guys who love the trendy beard and mustache look, but need a bit more volume.

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What is Microblading Beard and Mustache?

Mustache and beard microblading is an innovative treatment for men that enhances facial hair. More precisely, it is a form of a cosmetic beard tattoo that can fill in sparse patches of the beard and mustache, modify the shape, and give extra fullness. This treatment is also the only way to camouflage scars in the area by blending them into a stubble.

Whatever the purpose is, it can give super realistic results that last several years.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a permanent makeup treatment, similar to traditional tattooing, although it doesn’t last forever. It is done in the basal epidermis layer of the skin with a small blade that makes scratches.

The pigment is inserted into the hair stroke-like scratches, making them look like hairs. The result is natural-looking eyebrows that usually last 2-3 years. Some touch ups might be required as well, in order to keep the results of the treatment as fresh as possible.

Microblading facial treatment for mustache and beard

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Who Is Beard Microblading For?

Microblading beard and mustache  is a great treatment for men who like wearing a beard or a stubble, but have sparse patches, thin hair that looks patchy, or an asymmetric beard line on the face or underneath the jaw.

A common issue clients want fixed is enhancing the connectors – a thin stretch of hairs that connects the mustache to the beard.

It can also be used to camouflage scars, or even recreate the whole stubble for clients who don’t have any facial hair, like people suffering from alopecia, patients who’ve undergone chemotherapy, or transgender people transitioning for female to male.

Extra Tip

Keep in mind that the results don’t last forever and the pigments will fade, so if you decide to shave off your facial hair, the results will still be there. So unless you’re fully committed to rocking the beard for a longer period of time, perhaps this isn’t the treatment for you.

How Is Microblading Facial Hair Done?

Beard microblading can be done in two ways depending on the desired look, but the basics are the same as with any permanent makeup procedure: PMU pigments in the shade that blends with the natural hairs are injected into the skin by opening up its surface in microincisions that imitate the shape of natural hairs.

Once the skin heals, a top up is done to achieve maximum results.

Here are the two styles of facial hair microblading:

1. Longer Beard Microblading

Men who wear longer facial hair may want to fill in sparse patches or add extra volume.

In this case, the artist makes longer incisions and imitates the look and color of longer hairs. Sparse patches are filled in with a higher stroke saturation, while volume is added by drawing strokes all over the jaw and cheek area between the natural hairs.

Image source: Instagram @seychellespty

2. Stubble Beard Microblading

For men who usually don’t go fully bearded, but rather wear a two-day stubble look, beard microblading can recreate this look, too.

In this case, pigments are injecting in dots rather than strokes, resembling the scalp micropigmentation technique. For this look, artists generally recommend an ashy tone rather than shades of brown, since this is the color hairs have at the point of emerging.

Stubble recreation, sometimes called beard micropigmentation, is a great technique for camouflaging scars in the area. It can even be used to cover the whole area for clients who don’t have any facial hair for whatever reason.

Image source: Instagram @katia_stoianova_

Is Beard Microblading Actually a Beard Tattoo? 

Yes, in a way. Modern, cosmetic tattoos used to enhance natural features are much more sophisticated than traditional tattoos. 

Cosmetic beard tattoos use pigments which are not inserted too deep under the skin. The body breaks them down with time, and the beard tattoo eventually fades. 

How Long Do the Results of Mustache and Beard Microblading Last?

The results of beard microblading generally last up to 2 years, depending on aftercare, lifestyle, and the general state of the body. Everyone’s system absorbs pigments at its own rate.

In order to maintain your results as long as possible, make sure to follow all aftercare instructions, and avoid certain activities and products that accelerate fading. Once the results do start fading, you can book a touch up and prolong them.

How Long Does the Beard Microblading Appointment Take?

How long will microblading beard take depends on the amount of work to be done.

The artist needs to examine the area, do the outlining, mix pigments, and finally apply them as meticulously as possible. Small corrections usually take about an hour, but the treatment can take up to 3 hours for filling in thin beards diffusely or recreating stubble on the whole area.

Keep in mind, if a larger area is microbladed, you’ll probably need a top up about 6 weeks after the initial appointment, but that should take much less time.

What Is the Cost of Microblading Beard and Mustache?

The cost of microblading mustache and beard depends on the artist and the amount of work done.

Small corrections usually start at $200, but for significant work, the price goes up to about $600. Some artists charge by the hour.

The best way to know the price of the beard and mustache is to book a consultation appointment with the artist and let them assess the amount of work that needs to be done. If you decide to have men’s eyebrow microblading too, some artists offer special prices.

Image source: Instagram @scalpmicrosd

How Do I Choose an Artist for Beard Microblading?

Since facial hair microblading is a relatively new treatment, not many artists offer it.

Something to keep in mind is that there is no training for this particular spinoff, so it’s mostly done by artists who are so experienced in brow microblading that they feel comfortable with treating other areas on the face.

If you manage to find an artist who offers this treatment as a staple, great! Check out their microblading beard before and after portfolio and if it looks good, book a consultation appointment.

Microblading Beard and Mustache – Main Takeaways

Mustache and beard microblading is an innovative treatment for men that enhances facial hair.

Since microblading beard is rather new, it’s likely that there is no artist specializing in this treatment in your area. It’s best to call up a few of the most experienced and renowned artists in your area and ask if they’ve ever done facial hair enhancement and if they’d be willing to.

Just make sure you always go to an artist who has been trained, certified, and licensed for microblading.



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