Microblading Touch up After a Year: When Is the Right Time for a Color Boost?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on March 7, 2022
Microblading Touch up After a Year: When Is the Time for a Color Boost?
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Microblading is a wonderful treatment, but it’s not just a one-time thing, meaning, it will not look the same forever. In fact, the pigments will start fading after some time, and you will need a touch up to prolong the effects and give your brows a refreshed look.

Sometimes, clients are not sure when it is the right time for a touch up. Is it after a year? Or sooner? Or, what if the microblading still looks great after a year? Is a touch up necessary?

Let’s learn all about it.

What We Already Know About Microblading

Here are some facts you may or may not have learned about microblading by now:

  • The first touch up is mandatory and it is done 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment.
  • Microblading is sometimes referred to as semi-permanent, which means that it tends to fade after around 2 years.
  • Microblading is done in pigments, not ink, and that is one of the reasons it fades.
  • Microblading fades faster on oilier skin.
  • Your lifestyle will affect the fading – if you sweat or swim a lot, and in any other way expose your eyebrows to water more than usual, your microblading will fade faster.
  • Your skincare routine also affects microblading fading – some ingredients will speed up the fading process.

Facts About Microblading And Touch UpImage source: Instagram @shayli_phimaster

Is Microblading Touch up After a Year Necessary?

It depends.

For most people, microblading should be retouched after a year, but not necessarily for everyone. Some clients will notice their microblading started fading sooner and even after 9 months start filling their brows with a pencil because some amount of pigment has vanished.

On the other hand, some clients may not need a microblading touch up after a year – their microblading will still look pretty fresh and there will be very little fading. This usually happens with people who have normal to dry skin, as well as those whose daily routine doesn’t include the above-mentioned factors that speed up the fading process.

How Do I Know When Is the Right Time for Microblading Touch Up?

Since it is all individual, your artist may be able to predict when you will need a touch up, based on your skin and lifestyle. Also, when you notice you can’t leave the house without filling in your eyebrows, that means that your brows are faded enough for a touch up.

If you don’t like the shape of your brows anymore and want to change something, that too is the right time for a color boost appointment.

If you think your eyebrows still look good, but your artist told you to come to a yearly touch up, maybe you can have consultations. It’s also a good idea to take a few pictures of your brows and send them to your artist to check if your brows are ready for a touch up.

How Do I Know When Is the Right Time for Microblading Touch Up?Image source: Instagram @hairstroke.microblading

Will My Microblading Look Crisp After the Touch Up?

The goal is to always have crisp hair strokes after microblading. Whether your microblading will look crisp after the touch up depends on different factors. The first one is the state of your eyebrows after so much time – if the pigment didn’t run and the strokes haven’t blurred too much, it should look good after the touch up.

Also, you need to let your eyebrows fade as much as possible if you want crisp results. Some artists recommend you let your brows fade 60-90% before the touch up, to get the best results, as similar as possible to those after the initial treatment.

But if the strokes are blurry, the new strokes may not look as crisp as after the initial treatment. This depends on the artist’s technique as well. If the artists didn’t microblade your eyebrows properly, i.e. if they went too deep, there is a risk of blurry strokes.

And What About All the Future Touch Ups?

The more color you add in the future touch ups over the years to come, the less crisp your hair strokes will be. Yes, great microblading artists are able to keep the crisp look as long as possible, but be prepared that at some point you may have to switch to getting some shading or powder brows, to avoid the blurry hair strokes look of your eyebrows.

Microblading Touch Up After a Year And All the Future Microblading Touch UpsImage source: Instagram @blissbeautytruro

How Much Does Microblading Touch Up After a Year Cost?

The price of the microblading touch up after a year depends on how much work needs to be done. Microblading artists usually charge 60-70% of the initial price of the treatment. But if you wait for too long and the brows are so faded that the touch up will take as long as the initial treatment, they may charge the full price. So, don’t wait until your brows are completely faded.

If there is not much to be done, the artist may charge much less.

Also, bear in mind that if you decide to change the artist and get a microblading touch up with someone else, they will probably charge you the full treatment price. This is the policy of most artists and it is completely justified.


The frequency of microblading touch ups depends on how fast your microblading fades. Some people, mostly those with oilier skin, may need to book a touch up approximately 9 months after the initial treatment, while others will still have great brows after 18 months.

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