Microblading Too Dark and Thick at First: Will It Get Lighter?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on February 22, 2023
Microblading Too Dark and Thick at First: Will It Get Lighter? 
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So, you’ve just had microblading done and now you are probably freaking out because it seems like you haven’t really got what you’ve hoped for – your brows look too dark and too thick, totally unsuitable for your face.

The question is, what to do now? You are wondering whether they will change and should you have them removed. But wait! Read this article to find out all about microblading too dark and thick at first.

So, What’s the Solution to Your Microblading Too Dark and Thick At First?

The only solution is patience. This situation is completely normal and most people go through the same after microblading. It’s especially prominent with people who haven’t had much brow hair before the treatment and they just can’t get used to their new look immediately.

What you’re experiencing is BROW SHOCK. They may even not look too dark – you just need time to accept them. Especially if you don’t have any makeup on the rest of your face, the brows will look too dominant and you will feel too aware of them.

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Will They Shrink and Lighten?

Yes! They always do.

On the second and the third day after the treatment, they are at their darkest. They are still fresh, and they are just starting the healing process.

The full healing process lasts 4-6 weeks and by that time they will lose up to 40% of the pigment. They will also appear smaller and much more natural. This is something all the clients are warned about, but many of them end up panicking on day 3, thinking that their brows will look that way forever! Keep calm, this isn’t their final look yet.

When Will My Microblading Become Lighter?

The so-called dark phase is followed by scabbing.

Usually, the scabs will start forming between days 3 and 5 and they will be falling off in the days to come. As they fall off, they pull out some pigment, leaving new skin behind. When the new skin blends in, it will show the true colors of your microblading.

The period after the scabs fall off is called the light stage or the ghosting phase – your brows will appear too light because of the baby skin that is emerging. Once the healing process is over, they will look normal and natural.

When Will My Microblading Become Lighter?Image source: Instagram @mollie_onyxandivy

What If They Don’t Get Lighter?

If done properly, they will shrink and look lighter. Also, they may look patchy. But if you are not satisfied with their color or shape, or if they look uneven, there’s the 6-8 week touch up to fix all the imperfections.

After the healing period, the touch up treatment is required and you should feel free to tell your artists everything that bothers you about the look of your brows, so they can see what they can do.

But What If They Really Look Botched?

If the brows look really unnaturally thick, uneven, and dark, they may be botched. Botched eyebrows are easy to recognize – they really look off.

First, we need to emphasize that you must carefully research microblading artists in your area and find someone experienced and certified to do the job, to avoid ending up in this situation.

If for some reason, you end up with a botched microblading, emergency saline removal can be done in the first 48h before the skin starts healing. If you wait longer than that, you will have to wait until the healing process is over, so up to 6 weeks, to start some other removal process.

Is There Any Other Way to Lighten Microblading Too Dark and Thick at First?

You may come across different tips on how to fade your microblading at home. Some people on forums claim that using hydrogen peroxide paste to lighten microblading is very effective, but we have to warn you that it’s not really safe, especially on sensitive skin.

Also, aftercare rules say that you should avoid getting your eyebrows wet (but you must wash them!) as well as sweating and sunlight. If you do the opposite, the eyebrow tattoo will probably lighten, but you may lose all the pigment and the treatment will be unsuccessful.

Is There Any Way to Lighten Too Dark Microblading?Image source: Instagram @jessicahazebrows

So, I Just Need to Be Patient?

Yes. With microblading too dark and thick at first, you just need to wait until the eyebrows heal completely. We promise you will feel much better about them by day 14 after the treatment. Again, don’t forget that it’s a completely normal situation and that many clients experience it.

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