Microblading Pros and Cons: All You Need to Know Before Your Treatment

By Emily M.| Last updated on July 22, 2022
microblading pros and cons
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the past few years, you’d probably heard about the eyebrow microblading trend that’s been shaking up the beauty industry.

Microblading is a non-invasive treatment that gives sparse, light, and uneven eyebrows a natural-looking makeover.

If you’ve ever experienced brow envy and wondered how your favorite celeb or socialite achieves such a flawless eyebrow look, chances are they’ve had microblading done.

So, you’re probably thinking to yourself, what are the microblading pros and cons? Read this article to find out everything you need to know before booking your microblading appointment.

In Short – What Is Microblading?

A brow tattoo treatment done manually using a microblading tool – a blade consisting of several tiny needles – to make thin incisions on the skin and imitate the look of natural brow hairs. Microblading artists can imitate the length, color, thickness, and shape of brow hairs that best suit their client’s features.

It’s not a forever tattoo – it fades over time and you can refresh it to prolong it.

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Microblading Pros and Cons

Microblading is a permanent brow tattoo treatment, but it fades over time. Fading depends on many factors, such as your skin type and lifestyle, but most of all, how rigorously you follow the aftercare routine prescribed by your technician.

We strongly advise you to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages before booking your appointment. To help you with your decision, let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons of microblading:

The Pros

There are many benefits to microblading but some of the most important ones to mention are that it saves you time and money, provides you with long-lasting results, it is waterproof and it’s great for covering scars. Let us explain in more detail:

It saves time and money

Microblading can be a real time saver when applying makeup since you no longer have the need for eyebrow products.

This won’t only speed up your morning routine, but also save you some money on brow products and makeup removers. An added benefit is that you no longer have to struggle with shaping your brows if you’re not particularly good at it in the first place.

Long-lasting results

If you’re dreaming of perfectly shaped brows that last for months and even years, microblading can do that for you. Microblading results can last up to 18 months or even longer with proper aftercare routines and regular touch-ups.

You’ll have waterproof eyebrows

If you have sparse eyebrows you know that wearing brow products in the summer heat isn’t a good idea.

When you get your brows microbladed, you no longer have to worry about sweat or getting your eyebrows wet. You can finally enjoy swimming and diving without your eyebrows smudging off.

It’s great for covering scars or battling hair loss

Microblading can make scars in the brow area look less prominent. It can also be a good option for people who suffered brow hair loss related to cancer treatments or alopecia. It’s a great way to achieve natural-looking results and regain your confidence.

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The Cons

We have to be objective and look into both microblading pros and cons!

The microblading procedure comes with various cons to look out for, and some of them are healing and aftercare, the possibility of infection and allergic reaction, it’s not the best option for oily skin and it isn’t that easy to remove. Here’s an in-depth explanation:

Healing can be tricky

The healing process after your microblading treatment can last 6-8 weeks and it can be an uncomfortable experience for some.

During this time, your eyebrows will itch and there will be some scabbing, so it is important to note that following an aftercare routine and avoiding touching your eyebrows is a must for achieving the best results.

The possibility of infections and allergic reactions

Although rare, allergic reactions and infections can happen after microblading.

In order to prevent allergic reactions, you can do a patch test beforehand. An infection can develop as a result of poor technique or inadequate aftercare. The signs of an infection are typically heavy scabbing, followed by inflammation, redness, and/or pus.

It’s not great for oily skin

Microblading on oily skin types usually doesn’t last as long as it would on normal to dry skin.

It is also harder to achieve crisp, defined strokes and the results start fading much sooner than they normally would. If you have oily skin, you can still get your eyebrows microbladed with an experienced artist, but nano brows or powder brows are generally much better PMU options for you.

It’s not easy to remove

Once you decide to microblade your eyebrows, be prepared for all possible risks because you’ll probably be stuck with them for a relatively long period of time. You can’t remove microblading by yourself, but thankfully your microbladed eyebrows will fade over time and then you can have them professionally removed.

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So, Is Microblading a Good Option For You?

Getting PMU shouldn’t be an impulsive decision and you should consider microblading pros and cons before you get it.

Microblading is a great idea for people who want to save some time when doing their makeup or just aren’t skilled enough to make their eyebrows look even. It’s a useful treatment for people going through brow hair loss, or who have naturally light and sparse eyebrows.

If you have normal to dry skin, you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of microblading and achieve the brow look of your dreams.

However, if you have oily skin, microblading isn’t a great option for you. Instead, opt for machine brow treatments like powder brows and nano brows, since the results last longer and are more suitable for sensitive and oily skin types.

Find out more about microblading and other PMU treatments here.

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