Microblading Process Step by Step: Find Out What to Expect

By Katarina V.| Last updated on October 20, 2021
Microblading Process Step by Step: Find Out What to Expect
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Microblading is, without a doubt, the most sought-after permanent makeup treatment at the moment. Clients love the natural results it gives, but they sometimes feel uneasy about the procedure, since it is actually a kind of a tattoo on your face.

PMUHub describes the steps of the microblading treatment, for all the interested microblading clients, as well as microblading artists who have just started and want to know how more experienced and established artists go through the microblading process.

Before the Treatment

The microblading process starts with consultations! They are very, very important. The client gets informed about the treatment and what to expect during and after the procedure.

The artist needs to assess the client, meaning, to figure out their skin type, because some of them are not the right candidates for microblading. Also, the artist needs to ask for the client’s medical report, to check if the client is undergoing therapy or takes medications that are contraindications for microblading.

Also, they will need to get the clients informed about the realistic expectations and warn them about the healing period – some of them freak out while the brows are healing. The client needs to know that the results can be judged only when the brows are completely healed after the touch up.

Newbies usually do consultations for free, but some more established and fully booked artists tend to charge for the consultations.

Step 1 – Photos

Taking photos before the microblading process is something every artist does. It is important for them to show the result of the treatment and show what a big difference the eyebrows can make. Microblading is such a powerful treatment, it can make the whole face light up, by lifting the eyes and making them more open.

Step 2 – Cleaning

The artist uses a special product or alcohol to clean the brows properly.

Step 3 – Numbing or Mapping?

At this stage of the microblading process, different artists do things differently. Some of them do the mapping first and numb the area afterward, to prepare it for the treatment. The main reason for this is so that the numbing effect lasts longer.

Other artists numb first and then do the mapping part. They explain that this is done because the numbing cream can mess up the pen and the outline is lost. But, if the numbing is done before the mapping, it can wear off in the middle of the blading part, so secondary numbing is necessary.

Numbing Firs or Mapping First?Image source: Instagram @jp__microblading

Extra Tip for Microblading Artists

Have your clients sit up when you do the mapping. Sometimes, eyebrows don’t look the same when the client is lying down and when they are sitting, so the artist needs to check if the mapping is good by having the client sit up.

Step 4 – Paperwork

The area to be treated is wrapped in plastic and the client waits for the numbing to kick in. While waiting, most artists ask them to do the paperwork, i.e. to fill in the consent form. Some artists ask you to do the paperwork before the numbing, just in case you are allergic to the numbing cream.

To find out what to expect in the consent form, read this article Microblading Consent Form for Clients.

Step 5 – First Pass

The blading part of the microblading process starts. The artist dips the blade in a previously prepared pigment mixture and creates the hair strokes.

Step 6 – Pigment Mask

After the first pass, the pigment mask (or a pigment bath) is applied over the entire brow so the strokes are saturated properly. It is removed after a couple of minutes. Not all artists do this, but those who do, say it is for better retention – the pigment soaks into the strokes.

After the first pass, the pigment mask (or a pigment bath) is applied over the entire browImage source: Instagram @microblading.by.pia

Step 7 – More Numbing

Some artists skip the secondary numbing, if the effects of the pre-numb cream didn’t wear off or if the client can bear the pain. If the client complains about the pain during the treatment, more numbing should be added.

This time, a different numbing cream is used. The one for the pre-numb is not the same as the one that should be used when the skin is already opened.

Step 8 – Second Pass

Another pass is done, for better pigment retention. The number of passes during the microblading process depends on the client’s skin, retention, and the artist’s pressure. Some artists also include the third pass, and some even more.

Step 9 – Pigment Mask No. 2

Another pigment mask is applied, for better pigment retention. This is also optional and not every artist does this.

Step 10 – Checking + Photos

At the end of the microblading process, the artist will remeasure and check if the brows are good. The area is cleaned, and the healing balm is applied. The photos are taken so that the artist uses it for their online portfolio if the client has given approval to post photos of their face online.

Step 11 – Aftercare Tips and Scheduling a Touch Up

The success of the microblading treatment depends on the aftercare routine to a great extent. Most artists give out an aftercare kit, which contains the products the client needs after the treatment as well as a card with the aftercare instructions.

In case you need to learn more about the dos and don’ts during the aftercare, check out our Microblading Aftercare Guide.

The microblading process is a two-session treatment, which means a client will need a touch up in 4-8 weeks.

Aftercare Tips and Scheduling a Touch UpImage source: Instagram @brow.potential


So, there it is, the microblading process explained step by step. One of the important things during the treatment is good communication between the artist and the client – the client needs to be well informed and understand what to expect and how to care for their brows after the treatment. That is the only way to get great results and both sides to be satisfied.

For more information on microblading, visit our comprehensive Microblading Guide.

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