Microblading Healing Process After Touch Up

By Emily M.| Last updated on May 20, 2022
Microblading Healing Process After Touch Up - What to Expect
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Microblading is done in 2 sessions – the initial session, and the 6-8 week touch up. The purpose of the touch up is to correct all imperfections that may have emerged during the healing process, like sparse patches or some strokes disappearing, so there’s some more additional microblading.

Microblading healing and aftercare after the initial treatment is often discussed, but what about the microblading healing process after touch up?

We’re answering all your questions.

How Long Does the Microblading Healing Process After Touch Up Last?

Shorter than the initial healing process! Yay!

Well, the first part of the healing – the closing up of the wounds, at least. The additional strokes should close up within 5-7 days after the touch up.

The internal healing of the tissue and the settling of the pigments always takes 6-8 weeks, so if you need a 3rd touch up for some reason, you’ll have to wait an additional month and a half.

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What’s the Microblading Healing Process After Touch Up Like?

It’s just like the healing process you experienced after the initial session, but on a smaller scale.

Since the touch up most often only implies making some small corrections, and not going over the whole brows, there’s less breaking of the skin. There’s still incisions made that will need time to close up, though.

The cuts will heal at the same pace as the first time around, and they’ll go through all the stages, but the symptoms will be much less intense.

Nevertheless, let’s go through the stages of the microblading healing process after touch up:

Strokes Too Dark

Days 1 & 2

The strokes which were added or existing ones which were gone over once again will look darker than you want them too. If only some of the strokes were touched up, this may cause your brows to look uneven for a while.

What’s the Microblading Healing Process After Touch Up Like?Image source: Instagram @eyebrows_la


Days 3-5

The incisions made will form scabs, but if there were fewer of them, there will be much less scabbing than the first time around, when the whole surface of the arches was covered with cuts.

The intensity of the scabbing depends on the amount of work done at the touch up, so you can more or less predict what to expect.

If only certain patches were treated, you may not even notice the scabs.


Days 5-7

Once the skin underneath heals, the scabs will start flaking off. Again, if little work was done, you may not even notice the flaking.

Spots Too Light

Days 7 – 41

The strokes that were covered with the scabs will look too light. The color will darken over the next few weeks, and when it does, you can consider your brows completed. Congrats!

For more information on the microblading healing process, read this guide.

Will It Be Uncomfortable?

The microblading healing process after touch up will be much less uncomfortable than the initial healing. There will be less redness, less irritation, less itching and dryness. That said, it’s all very individual and you might feel all these sensations.

You will have to be patient and disciplined so you don’t touch the brows, but since you know what to expect, it will be easier to deal with the minor discomfort.

Does the Microblading Healing Process After Touch Up Require Aftercare?


Even if there aren’t that many new strokes, they are still open wounds and need to be treated in a certain way to heal properly and to prevent contamination.

If the aftercare routine that was prescribed to you after the initial session gave good results, your artist will probably tell you to repeat it. So, cleaning off the lymph with a damp cotton pad for the first 2 days, then regular washing and applying the ointment (in case of wet healing).

You should also avoid:

  • Touching the brows and ripping off the scabs
  • Getting the brows wet outside of cleaning/washing
  • Excessive sweating
  • Swimming, saunas and steam baths
  • Sunlight exposure

For more information about microblading aftercare, read this guide.

Microblading Aftercare Day by Day - PMUHub

Final Tip – Follow the Aftercare Closely

You need to follow the aftercare routine as closely as possible this time around too, even more so.

Here’s the thing – the 1st touch up is either free, or included in the price of the initial treatment with most artists. After the initial treatment, you can count on the touch up to fix all the imperfections that might emerge during healing. But after the touch up, you don’t get any more free touch ups. So if you accidentally mess up your microblading after the touch up, you’ll have to pay for an additional touch up.

Okay, the price of a touch up isn’t as high as the price of the full treatment – they’re usually $100 – $250. But this sum isn’t insignificant, and why waste any more money when you can just muscle through the aftercare and ensure great healing?

For more information on the microblading touch up, read this guide.

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