Microblading Hashtags: How to Choose the Best Ones

By Katarina V.| Last updated on April 19, 2022
microblading hashtags
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When looking for a PMU or microblading artist, Instagram is the first place where clients will go. They will search the artists in their area and check out their portfolios – great photos are the first thing that will make them contact you, or visit your website to check the prices and reviews.

Therefore, as a microblading artist, you need to make sure they find your photos and profile easily. That means you can’t just post a photo and hope you will somehow end up on their explore feed.

Using microblading hashtags is one of the first things you need to think about when sharing the images of your work on Instagram.

Should I Use Microblading Hashtags?


The Instagram algorithm changes all the time, but hashtags are something that is still the ultimate way to search for something you need. So, never skip them. People use them to find what they need, and the more specific hashtags you use, the more likely your photo will pop up as a top search result. They work kind of like Google keywords that help people discover your business.

What Are the Most Popular Hashtags for Microblading?

When you are posting photos of your microblading work, the best option is to combine popular hashtags (500K+ or 1M +, depending on the niche), medium-volume and hashtags with low volume.

High-volume hashtags would be the most general ones, the first that come to mind and that everybody uses. So #microblading, #microbladingeyebrows and #permanentmakeup would be some of the biggest.

Here’s the list of the most popular microblading hashtags:

  • #microblading 22.2M
    #microbladingeyebrows 2.7M
    #microbladingbrows 1M
    #microbladingartist 1M
  • #permanentmakeup 9M
    #permanentmakeupartist 730K
    #permanentmakeupbrows 227K
    #permanentmakeupeyebrows 40.8K
  • #pmu 7.8 M
    #pmuartist 2.3M
    #pmubrows 1.8 M
    #pmueyebrows 164K
  • #eyebrowtattoo 1.6 M
    #eyebrowtattooing 70.5K
    #eyebrowtattoos 24.5 K
  • #browtattoo 945K
    #browtattooing 56.4K
    #browtattoos 15.6 K

An interesting strategy for finding suitable microblading hashtags is to search Instagram by the biggest hashtag, i.e. #microblading, and go to the explore page. See the top posts and check which other hashtags they are using.

Make sure you don’t use hashtags that will be misleading, such as microblading training – if you offer only microblading services, this hashtag is irrelevant to your posts.

microblading hashtags

Image source: Instagram screenshot

How to Mix Microblading Hashtags

For the best results, you need to combine hashtags of different volumes. Mix the big ones with those that are more specific for the picture and your business.

To help potential clients from your area find you, you need to insert the location. #microbladinglosangeles or #microbladingnewyork would be bigger ones, but if you put in the name of your area, it can help people closer to you find you, for example, #microbladingmanhattan.

If you completed a course with a reputable, world-famous academy, you should also include it in your hashtags. Some people want eyebrows of a specific brand, of a specific pattern, so make sure your hashtags show that.

When it comes to small volume hashtags, if it shows before and after results, use hashtags such as #microbladingbeforeandafter. Or if it shows healed work, which is something a lot of clients are usually interested to see, label it as #healedmicroblading.

The best formula would be:

  • 3-5 popular hashtags (high volume hashtags (1 million+ search results)) – these will (briefly) get your content in front of the most people within Recent Posts
  • 5 medium-volume hashtags (20,000 – 100,000 search results) – your photo will stay longer among Recent Posts and help your profile grow at a steady pace.
  • 3-5 low volume hashtags (1,000 – 10,000 search results) – with these hashtags your content has higher chances to appear in the Top Posts section of a search result.

how to combine microblading hashtagsImage source: Freepik

Don’t Use the Same Set of Microblading Hashtags for Each Post

Be as specific as possible, especially if your Instagram page doesn’t have a lot of followers. It’s hard to make your post appear among the first ones in the Explore Feed, but if your hashtags describe the image as closely as possible, people will find it more easily.

Don’t use the same hashtags for every post! For instance, if you are showing the stages of the healing process after the microblading treatment, use something like #microbladinghealing #microbladinghealingprocess or #micorbladinghealingstages. If you are showing the process of the treatment, then include something like #microbladingprocess, #microbladingmapping #microbladingtreatment, #microbladingsalon #bestmicroblading.

Create Your Own Hashtag Set

As said above, mixing hashtags of different volumes is the best strategy as well as changing hashtag sets. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, but it’s advisable to use up to 15. So, you can use Notes on your phone to make sets of hashtags for microblading for different types of posts.

If you offer other treatments, such as powder brows, don’t use microblading hashtags. It will be unrelatable and confusing for your clients. Describe clearly which treatment the image shows and use only hashtags that are related to the image.

Some artists use microblading hashtags even when they post an image of a lip tattoo, and that is a wrong strategy – people won’t click on the image, they will ignore it and the content will be recognized as irrelevant by the algorithm.

create your own microblading hashtagsImage source: Freepik

Funny Typos

Sometimes, people make mistakes while typing. Actually, this happens so often that some misspelled hashtags have a huge reach. The word microblanding, spelled with an extra letter, has over 1 million posts! So, you can take advantage of that, and use one misspelled hashtag to reach people who maybe don’t know the correct name of the treatment or make a mistake while typing.

To Sum Up

Even though the golden age of hashtags is behind us, they are still something that shouldn’t be omitted, something that will help your audience and potential clients find you. So, if you are a small to average Instagram profile, make sure to put an extra effort into choosing the right hashtags to help your profile grow and your posts reach a wider audience.

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