Microblading After 2 Weeks: What to Expect

By Katarina V.| Last updated on December 10, 2021
Microblading After 2 Weeks: What to Expect
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Microblading, the most popular cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows, has been here for some time and it seems like it’s not going anywhere. The most sought-after way to get natural-looking hair strokes has its ups and downs, one of them being the healing process.

After you get the treatment, the brows go through the healing stage, and some of you may be worried about the look of their brows while they are healing. One of the biggest concerns is whether what is happening with your brows in the first weeks is normal. A common concern is what microblading is supposed to look like after 2 weeks.

So, here are all the possible scenarios of microblading after 2 weeks. We will discuss what’s normal and what’s not and what to do in certain situations.

Microblading After 2 Weeks – Possible Scenarios

The Most Common One – Eyebrows Are Too Light

What you can expect to happen with your eyebrows after the treatment is that they will go through the following stages:

  • Eyebrows are too dark – 2-3 days after the treatment.
  • Scabbing stage – scabs are formed and eyebrows start peeling. The scabs fall off with pigment.
  • Ghosting stage – approximately 2 weeks after the treatment. Your eyebrows are too light and sometimes it looks like all the pigment is gone.

So, here we are – the end of the scabbing stage. After all the peeling is over, eyebrows don’t look as dark as they were immediately after the treatment. And this is normal. The scabs took away some pigment, but the color will reappear since the pigment that remains in the skin continues to oxidize.

What to do: Be patient and wait. Don’t judge the look of your eyebrows until they are completely recovered, which will happen around 6 weeks after the treatment.

Microblading Scabbing Day By Day

Eyebrows Are Still Peeling

The scabbing stage starts approximately 3-5 days after the treatment and lasts up to 10 days. Therefore, it should end by day 14. However, the longevity of the peeling period varies from person to person and depends on different factors such as skin type or the type of aftercare (whether you are using the wet or dry healing method).

What to do: If the brows are still peeling after two weeks, it is advisable to contact your artist and explain what is happening with your microblading after 2 weeks.

Eyebrows Are Too Patchy

If the scabs have fallen off and your eyebrows are two patchy, don’t worry. This is also a common thing. Some of the pigment will reappear and if not, it will all be corrected at the touch-up appointment. It may be uncomfortable to walk around with patchy eyebrows, but more microblading shouldn’t be done before the eyebrows are completely healed, 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment.

What to do: Be patient and wait for the touch up. You can now add some makeup if the patches are too visible.

Eyebrows Are Too Patchy After MicrobladingImage source: Instagram @pblashesbrows

Eyebrows Are Uneven

What can also happen with your microblading after 2 weeks is that eyebrows are not healed evenly. One can appear lighter than the other one. This can happen for different reasons, one of them being the way you sleep.

What to do: Wait for the touch up until they are completely healed and the artist can add more pigment if it is necessary, to make them look even.

Microblading Disappeared Completely

This is also one of the possible scenarios for microblading after 2 weeks. The brows disappeared completely and won’t come back. The reasons for this may be different:

  • Poor aftercare – you didn’t follow the aftercare instructions so you messed up the results.
  • You picked the scabs and affected the results.
  • Poor microblading technique – the artist didn’t microblade deep enough, the tattoo was too shallow, so the retention is bad.
  • The skin is too oily – clients with very oily skin are not good candidates for microblading and the retention may not be good.
  • The skin is just not accepting the pigment – this is very rare but some clients’ skin is just rejecting microblading pigments.

What to do: determine the reason for that and try to correct it at the touch up or look for another artist.

Eyebrows Look Great

Some clients are just blessed to end up with great microblading after 2 weeks. It’s the ideal scenario – perfect brows that don’t even need a touch up.

PMU Eyebrows Emotions Day By Day

Aftercare for Microblading After 2 Weeks

After 2 weeks, you can stop the aftercare routine and can continue with your normal activities. You can now wash your face and eyebrows as usual. Make sure you still avoid retinol and oil-based products as well as sun exposure. Keep your brows protected by wearing SPF.


The first two weeks after the microblading treatment are crucial for the success of the treatment. They can also be emotionally exhausting and it can be hard to be patient to wait for the final results. However, prepare for what to expect and hopefully, you will not have any major issues with your microblading after 2 weeks.

For more information on microblading healing, read this guide.

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