Men’s Nipple Tattoo – What’s Male Areola Reconstruction Like?

By Emily M.| Last updated on July 14, 2022
Men's Nipple Tattoo - What's Male Areola Reconstruction Like?
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Advanced micropigmentation methods available today allow us to tackle our insecurities with non-invasive methods that are guaranteed to work. A branch of paramedical micropigmentation that’s truly changing people’s life is nipple and areola micropigmentation, a way to recreate the nipple and areola so they look 3D.

While the most common clients for artists who do areola micropigmentation are women who’ve gone through mastectomy as part of cancer treatment, there are also male clients who come in for a men’s nipple tattoo.

So let’s talk about the men’s nipple tattoo treatment.

What’s Nipple and Areola Micropigmentation?

A form of paramedical tattooing, the nipple and areola micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic or regular tattooing with the purpose of recreating the look of a nipple and areola for people who don’t have them for some reason.

There are actually 2 somewhat different versions of the women’s and men’s nipple tattoo treatment – traditional tattooing with inks, and cosmetic tattooing with pigments.

Here’s are the main differences between the 2:

  • Traditional tattooing is meant to last forever, while cosmetic tattooing is meant to be touched up and refreshed every 3-5 years.
  • Traditional tattoos are implemented deeper into the skin with a tattoo gun, while cosmetic tattooing is done closer to the surface of the skin with a micropigmentation pen. As a result, traditional tattooing hurts more.
  • Tattoo inks tend to look prominent on the skin as their formulas are designed for body art, while micropigmentation pigments blend into the skin more subtly and look much more natural, as they were designed to mimic the tones and properties of the skin.
  • In many cases where the client had to go through mastectomy, their insurance covers a traditional nipple tattoo, but they may not cover the cosmetic kind. This is not a rule, though.

Obviously, both versions of the women’s and men’s nipple tattoo serve the purpose of making clients feel better in their skin and contribute to the restoration of their confidence. Which one you choose is down to you, but a cosmetic tattoo is generally favored for its ultra-realistic look.

For a more detailed look into the nipple and areola tattooing process, check out our comprehensive guide.

What’s Nipple and Areola Micropigmentation?Image source: Instagram @cosmetic_aesthetics

Why Do Male Clients Opt for a Men’s Nipple Tattoo?

Unfortunately, men can lose their nipples and areola for many reasons, just like women. Some of the reasons men come in for areola tattoos:

  • They’ve had a mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment (yes, men can get breast cancer, too)
  • They’ve had a mastectomy as part of gender affirmation surgery
  • Their nipples and areolas got scarred or otherwise damaged due to trauma
  • They were born without one or both nipples (this condition is called Congenital Athelia)
  • They want their areolas enlarged

Whatever the case, the men’s nipple tattoo can help.

Does a Men’s Nipple Tattoo Look Realistic?

There are so many talented tattoo and micropigmentation artists out there who can create men’s nipple tattoos so realistic they look indistinguishable from natural nipples! They use clever color placement and shading techniques to create amazing results, which look so good regardless of whether the nipple mound was reconstructed or not.

It all comes down to finding a skilled artist, really.

Head over to our Areola Tattoo Before and After Gallery to see the best works.

Can the Treatment Be Done If I’m Only Missing 1 Nipple?

Definitely, it just takes a different approach. While clients who come in for bilateral men’s nipple tattoo have the freedom to choose the color, shape and size of their nipples, for clients who come in needing only 1 nipple tattooed the goal is to match the tattooed nipple as closely as possible to the other one.

The tattooed nipple will lose color intensity over time, while the other one will not, so the client should get more frequent color boosts.

Can the Men Nipple Tattoo Treatment Be Done If I’m Only Missing 1 Nipple?Image source: Instagram @inkboutiquehouston

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Men’s Nipple Tattoo?

Anybody who identifies with any of the categories above and doesn’t fall into any of the contraindication categories below.

Who Isn’t a Good Candidate for a Men’s Nipple Tattoo?

The contraindications that make doing a men’s nipple tattoo unsafe are:

  • It has been less than 4 months since the mastectomy (the tech will assess if the tissue has healed sufficiently)
  • Ongoing cancer therapy
  • Uncontrolled diabetes (consult your GP)
  • Certain autoimmune disorders
  • Blood disorders

This list is not final. If you suffer from any medical conditions, consult your doctor before you book a men’s nipple tattoo treatment.

Who Isn’t a Good Candidate for a Men’s Nipple Tattoo?Image source: Instagram @jbcosmetictattoo

Final Word of Encouragement

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the professionals in the industry, paramedical tattooing has reached such a high level of efficiency it can truly give stunning, natural-looking results. If you’re faced with a surgery or are dealing with a condition that’s affected your nipples, we hope to ease your worry at least a little bit by assuring you that realistic nipple and areola reconstruction is definitely possible.

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