Live or Online Microblading Training – Which is Better?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on January 31, 2023
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Starting a career in microblading is a process. The first step is getting the necessary skills by finishing a microblading training course, which is a prerequisite for getting microblading certification (and in some states, a license for practicing).

A common question among new artists who are just starting out is whether they should invest in the microblading training online or the live training. So PMUHub is bringing you a breakdown of both versions of the microblading course, with all the pros and cons.

Live Microblading Training

What Does it Look Like?

Microblading training courses are held by microblading schools or artists who have enough experience to train beginners. The live trainings are a combination of theory and practice, so the first phase resembles a lecture on the basics of microblading, and the second is practice on props, and finally live models with the supervision of the instructor.

Theory includes mastering the health and safety protocols, brow shaping and mapping, information on tools and pigments, color theory, etc. All phases are interactive.

The workshops usually last for several days, so they are also an opportunity for networking. Meeting your mentors in person and mingling with other future artists is a great learning opportunity.

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For beginners, nothing beats hands-on experience. Watching live demonstrations and working on real people is the most effective way to learn microblading, so for absolute beginners, live microblading course is definitely a better option.

Working artists also report that live training makes you much more confident in your work.


Live microblading classes last for several days, so you have to adapt to the schedule. Also, they are usually held in big cities, so you might have to travel back and forth, or stay at a hotel.

Such eyebrow microblading classes are more expensive, but given the fact that you get to work on live models, it’s a worthy investment.

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Microblading Certification Online

What Does It Look Like?

The online version of the microblading course has all the elements of the live one, minus the training on live models.

Online microblading courses imply that you are supplied with learning material in the form of videos, guides, textbooks, and even live sessions with instructors. Some academies have developed training apps where you can reach out to mentors, fellow learners, and submit your work on latex props.

You also get a training kit in the mail, which contains all the basic tools, pigments, and latex skins on which you practice. You can go through the material at your own pace, but there is usually a time limit within which you should finish the course.

Keep in mind that not all online courses cover the same scope. There are beginner courses which cover all the basics, but there are also advanced courses dedicated to artists who have already learned the basics, but want to upgrade their skill.

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There are several advantages to taking your microblading training online.

First, it saves time. Online microblading training is a more practical option for people who are trying to reorient to microblading and have jobs, so their schedule might prevent them from attending the live training events. It’s also a great option for moms, who can attend classes and tend to their kids at the same time.

Then, there’s the fact that getting microblading certification online is cheaper. The price of an online class depends on the academy and the scope of the course, but it’s generally significantly cheaper than the live training course with the same instructor. Plus, you will save on transportation and accommodations, if the course is outside your hometown.

Nearly all online microblading courses offer extended mentorship and support, so you’ll have someone to turn to with questions even after the course is officially finished.


The biggest disadvantage of online microblading training is the fact that you don’t get to practice on live models. Finding someone on your own who’s willing to let you practice on their brows is nearly impossible, and in some states, it’s illegal until you’re officially certified.

Also, learning how to apply the right amount of pressure is very difficult online.

Some academies insist you take a bloodborne pathogen training before enrolling in a live training.

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Microblading Training in the Time of Coronavirus

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtually all academies and trainers have started offering microblading classes online, so newbies are no longer limited to just a few academies and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Moreover, trainers have been putting a lot of effort into perfecting their online microblading courses and the e-learning materials. They also have more time to devote to your questions and reviewing your work. So if there’s one positive thing about this whole situation it’s the fact that the quality of online PMU training has definitely improved.

The live trainings are still very much present, though, albeit slightly changed. Live events are now held in smaller groups, following all Covid-19 prevention measures. One thing to keep in mind though, is that, with the situation changing fast and restrictions on flying always just around the corner, there’s always the possibility of live events being cancelled, so it may not be a good idea to make any deposits too far in advance.

Some master artists now offer one on one microblading training, which is a great, generally safe learning opportunity, but it also costs quite a bit of money.

How to Decide Between Taking the Training Live and Online

The quality of microblading training will inevitably determine the quality of your work, and while the skill is improved with practice, taking an accredited microblading course is the only way to master the basics, so choosing which course you’ll take is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly.

If you’re an absolute beginner expecting to master the skill in as little time as possible, live training is the way to go. But if you’ve already taken a course or two and want to brush up on your skill or learn some additional tricks, you could definitely benefit from online classes.

You could also go the other way around and cover the basics on an online course and then complement it with a live one before you start taking clients. Many academies offer discounts for students who decide to take both.

Before you decide to take any live or online microblading training reviews should definitely be considered.

Main Takeaways

The decision to take an in-person training vs online training for microblading should be based on what you want to get from the course, and how much time and money you’re willing to invest.

The best microblading training is the one where you’ll have an opportunity to ask any question freely and where your mentor will devote enough time to you, be it in person or virtually. Obviously, there are certain limitations to microblading online training, but most of them can be overcome with a bit of extra effort.

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