Lip Blush Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

By Emily M.| Last updated on March 19, 2024
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Due to an overwhelming amount of information about lip blush available, both on the Internet and in person, you may feel lost and confused. Well, we hear you loud and clear!

Whether you’re a skilled artist looking to upgrade your skill set, a beginner, or simply a PMU enthusiast, this article can help you by shedding light on some common misconceptions.

Here’s all about lip blush myths, let’s debunk them together!

Myth 1: Lip Blush Is the Same as Lip Tattoo

You have probably heard the phrases lip tattoo and lip blush being used interchangeably, but you may wonder, why is that? Are they really the same thing?

A cosmetic lip tattoo is a PMU treatment in which pigments are injected beneath the surface layer of the skin, to gain long-lasting color and definition. This process is ideal for those seeking a bolder lip color or a more pronounced lip shape that withstands daily challenges like drinking, eating, and even kissing.

Lip blush is a lip tattoo style or a version of lip tattooing, that gives the lips a soft and natural-looking tint.

The process enhances your lips and creates a definition without harsh lines. It’s a versatile option, offering subtle enhancements that can be tailored to individual preferences and skin tones.

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Over the years, lip blush has become massively popular, and due to its high demand, PMU artists started using the terms lip blush and lip tattoo interchangeably – which has probably caused some confusion among clients.

So, to sum it up: when a permanent makeup artist says lip blush, they’re thinking of a popular style of lip tattoo that will give your lips a soft pop of color.

Myth 2: Lip Blush Is Painful

If you’ve been considering getting your lips blushed but are afraid of being in pain, it’s understandable. Fortunately, we are glad to inform you that this procedure doesn’t exactly hurt, it’s just a bit uncomfortable.

Any procedure involving the lips is associated with pain or discomfort due to the sensitivity of that area. However, lip blush prioritizes client comfort.

Numbing agents, such as topical creams or gels containing ingredients like lidocaine, are routinely applied before the procedure. These agents effectively desensitize the lips and minimize any potential discomfort during the treatment.

The expertise of the artist also plays a significant role in reducing pain during lip blush. A skilled professional will know how to adjust their pressure to make lip blushing as comfortable as possible for their clients.

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Myth 3: Lip Blush Causes Cold Sores

If you are prone to cold sores and still want to get your pout blushed, it’s understandable to have second thoughts. While it’s normal to have concerns, the reality is that the lip tattoo treatment itself does not directly cause cold sores.

Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). For individuals prone to this issue, any lip procedure, including lip blush, may pose a risk of an outbreak.

However, it’s essential to note that the occurrence of cold sores is not exclusive to lip blush and can occur due to various factors, including stress, illness, and hormonal changes.

If you are prone to cold sores, it’s important to notify your artist beforehand. They may recommend antiviral medications or topical treatments to prevent outbreaks or reduce their severity.

lip blush causes cold soreImage source: Instagram @pmuhub

Myth 4: Lip Blush Stays on Forever

There’s a lip blush myth out there that once you do it, the color stays on forever, requiring no further maintenance or touch-ups. While lip blush is a semi-permanent procedure, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t last forever.

So, to know how long your lip blush will last, it’s important to consider factors like your skin type, sun exposure, your body’s metabolic processes, the technique used, and others. Some clients experience longer-lasting results than others.

The longevity of a lip tattoo varies from person to person and depends on aftercare as well. Typically, it lasts anywhere from one to three years before requiring a touch-up to maintain the desired color intensity.

The point of the story? It’s important to remember that lip blush isn’t permanent like a traditional tattoo and you will need touch-ups if you want to prolong your results.

Myth 5: Lip Blush Is Unsafe & Causes Damage to Lips

Maybe the most controversial lip blush myth is that it’s not safe and will cause some kind of damage to the client’s lips.

Rest assured, when performed by a qualified and experienced professional using proper techniques and high-quality materials, lip blush is considered safe and unlikely to cause harm to the lips.

It’s important to understand that a lip tattoo, like any cosmetic procedure, carries certain risks. However, they are minimal when a skilled PMU artist performs the treatment in a clean environment with sterile tools.

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Also, make sure to follow your artist’s guidelines after getting your lips tattooed. Following the instructions for post-procedure care like avoiding sun exposure and not picking or scratching the lips, can help prevent complications and promote optimal healing.

Make sure to apply SPF lip products every single day to avoid sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and poorly healed results.

So, as long as you choose a skilled professional, follow the aftercare instructions, and stay aware of the risks, getting your lips tattooed will be a piece of cake!

Myth 6: Lip Blush Looks Fake

Many refrain from getting a lip tattoo due to concerns that it will look fake or artificial. However, the reality is quite the opposite, as lip blush is specifically made to enhance the natural beauty of the lips while maintaining a subtle and realistic look.

Unlike traditional lipstick or lip liner, which can sometimes appear harsh or overly dramatic, lip blush aims to provide a soft and natural tint to the lips.

A PMU artist carefully selects pigments that complement the client’s natural lip color and skin complexion so the colors blend seamlessly!

Also, the technique they use (and there are a few to choose from) focuses on creating a gradual transition of color, mimicking the appearance of naturally flushed lips. By layering the pigment, artists can achieve results that are almost unnoticeable from your natural lip color.

Be aware that your results won’t look the same after your lips go through the healing process. The color is the most vibrant after they are done and it will wash off eventually. On that note, let’s get into the next lip blush myth. 

lip blush looks fakeImage source: Instagram @anastasiajones.pmu

Myth 7: Lip Blush Is for Women Only

This lip tattoo myth couldn’t be further from the truth.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures, including lip blush, to improve their appearance and boost their confidence.

It is a versatile procedure that can benefit clients of all genders who desire subtle enhancement of their lips. Lip blush for men aims to add a touch of color, combat hyperpigmentation, hide a scar, or redefine lip shape.

Luckily, the stigma surrounding cosmetic treatments for men is gradually diminishing, allowing more of them to feel comfortable exploring options like lip blush to enhance their features and improve their self-esteem!

lip blush for menImage source: Instagram @_savannahmarienyc

Lip Blush Myths Debunked: Final Thoughts

Throughout this article, we’ve debunked myths ranging from concerns about pain and safety to misconceptions about the permanence and gender exclusivity of lip blush.

By addressing these myths head-on, we’ve shed light on the reality of lip blush as a safe, versatile, and inclusive option for enhancing the lips and boosting confidence!

If some of these misconceptions affected your decision to get your lips blushed, there’s no need to worry anymore. Now is the perfect time to start considering a lip tattoo with peace of mind!

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