10 Lash Tips for Clients: Mastering Aftercare & Improving Retention

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Lash Tips for Clients
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Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular treatments for enhancing features and drawing attention to the eyes. However, proper care and maintenance are essential for increasing their longevity and beauty.

Read this article to discover the 10 most valuable lash tips for clients that regularly get extensions as well as those who’re trying out this treatment for the first time. Let’s get started!

What Is Lash Extension Aftercare & Why Do You Need It?

The key to full, fluffy, and most importantly, healthy lashes is daily maintenance and aftercare.

Lash extensions are essentially synthetic fibers that are glued to your natural lashes with a specialized adhesive or lash glue. They’re meant to last on your lashes until they fall out naturally following the lash hair growth cycle.

But in order to truly last for those 6-8 weeks on your natural lashes, they need to be cared for and maintained daily. Thankfully, lash extension aftercare is quite simple and mainly focuses on limiting certain activities that may affect their look and retention.

Top 5 Eyelash Extension Care Tips

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion and contradictory information when it comes to proper aftercare for eyelash extensions.

That’s why it’s important to find a reputable technician for your treatment and consult with them on the right product to use and how to maintain your extensions.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a top 5 list of lash extension care tips. Here’s what to do:

1. Keep Your Lashes Dry for the First 4-5 Hours

In the past, lash techs advised their clients to keep their lashes dry for at least 24-48 hours after getting them done. But, lash adhesive formulas have evolved and your extensions can now be completely cured in just a couple of hours.

To be sure, wait for at least 4-5 hours before wetting them or seek advice from your technician.

The reason you should wait for the adhesive to completely cure before wetting your lashes is that water can weaken the bond and cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.

That means no showering under running water, no swimming, or participating in any activities that may cause excessive sweating until the adhesive is cured and good to go.

Learn more about bathing with lash extensions here.

2. Don’t Rub Your Eyes or Pull on Your Lashes

Touching, tugging, or rubbing your eyes frequently can lead to premature shedding of your lash extensions. Every lash tech will tell you to fight the urge to scratch your lashes or try and pull them out yourself since this can cause permanent damage to hair follicles.

If your eyes feel itchy or irritated, try using a clean spoolie brush to gently massage the area around your lashes instead. Or, if you notice a lash that seems to be out of place and causes you discomfort, seek professional advice from your technician.

3. Clean Your Extensions Regularly

Proper cleansing is crucial to maintaining the look of your extensions and preventing oil buildup and eye infections.

To properly clean your lashes you must be gentle and use a specialized lash cleanser or lash shampoo recommended by your technician, combined with a dense makeup brush.

You should essentially give your lashes a bath, preferably every night, to remove sebum and makeup residue.

What’s important to note here is that you shouldn’t use regular soap or any kind of oil-based face wash to clean your extensions, as this might interfere with the bond and cause your lashes to shed. Here’s what we recommend using:

4. Avoid Using Oil-Based Products

Oil-based products like facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and more, can weaken the adhesive bond and cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.

Instead, you should opt for water-based alternatives that are gentle on the lashes and won’t compromise their longevity.

5. Don’t Sleep on Your Face

Be mindful of your sleeping position. Whenever possible, try sleeping on your back instead of sleeping on your stomach.

Sleeping on your face can put pressure on your lashes and cause them to break and fall out. Try to sleep on your back or invest in a silk pillowcase, as these materials create less friction against your lashes.

What Is Lash Retention & Why Is It Important?

Lash retention refers to how long eyelash extensions last on the natural lash before they shed or fall out naturally.

There are many factors that affect lash retention, some that can be controlled and some that sometimes can’t. The type of lash extensions you get as well as the adhesive are things that have a great impact on retention but can be controlled, while environmental factors such as high humidity can’t.

Learn everything about lash retention and how to improve it here.

Top 5 Lash Retention Tips for Clients

Lash extension retention is something that technicians take into consideration when you come in for your treatment, so choosing a skilled and experienced professional is the most important factor for long-lasting results.

However, there are still things that you can do to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment. Take a look at our top 5 lash retention tips for clients below:

1. Brush Your Lashes Regularly

Brushing your lashes regularly with a spoolie is crucial for maintaining their shape and preventing any tangling.

Gently comb through your lashes from the base to the tips, ensuring they remain separated and defined each day. Regular brushing can also aid in removing makeup residue, dirt, and oil stuck between the extensions.

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2. Limit Moisture and Heat Exposure

Exposing your eyelash extensions to excessive heat, moisture, and steam can weaken the adhesive bond and cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.

Avoid spending excessive time in saunas, steam rooms, or near hot ovens.

When going swimming, make sure your lashes are not exposed to chlorine for long periods of time as it can also affect the bond.

Additionally, make sure you pat dry your lashes each time they get wet or dry them with a hairdryer set to cool.

3. Avoid Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara

Although waterproof makeup may seem like a good idea, especially in the summer months, when it comes to lash extensions, waterproof eyeliners and mascaras are things to avoid.

Waterproof products can be difficult to remove and often require oil-based removers, which can compromise the adhesive bond of your lash extensions.

If you still want to add more definition to your lashes, opt for water-based or lash extension-friendly formulas that are easy to remove and won’t harm your extensions. Here’s our product pick:

4. Invest in a Quality Lash Sealant

A lash sealant is a water-soluble, oil-free aftercare product that prolongs the retention of lash extensions by forming a barrier to protect against the elements that break down the lash adhesive.

Lash sealants should be used about 2-3 days after getting lash extensions to ensure they don’t cause any blooming effect. You can find our top product choice below:

5. Schedule Regular Infill Appointments

Our last, but not least tip is to maintain the fullness and longevity of your lash extensions by getting regular infills every 2-4 weeks.

The natural growth cycle of your lashes means that you will experience some shedding over time, which will contribute to an unbalanced lash look. Regular infills, typically every two to three weeks, will help fill in any gaps and replace any extensions that have naturally fallen out.

This ensures that your lash extensions always look fresh and that their overall volume is maintained.

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Lash Tips for Clients: Summed Up

Following our lash tips for clients will ensure that your eyelash extensions stay in optimal condition, giving you longer-lasting results.

By practicing proper eyelash extension aftercare, including keeping them dry during the initial bonding period, using gentle cleansers, and avoiding oil-based products, you can ensure your lashes are in top condition.

Additionally, implementing lash retention tips for clients like regular brushing, avoiding excessive heat and moisture, and scheduling regular infills will help you achieve the lash look you’ve always wanted!

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