Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions: Key Differences

Long and full lashes have always been a symbol of beauty. Women have found different ways to emphasize them – from good old mascara to fake lashes. Luckily, new lash treatments have appeared for those who have poor, sparse lashes. The most popular ones are lash extensions and lash lift.

Let’s see what is the difference between them.

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What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent beauty technique used for enhancing the eyelashes. It reshapes your natural lashes by curling and lifting them, and making them look longer and fuller. The treatment acts something like a lash perm, it’s very simple, safe and completely painless. You will have impressive lashes for 6-8 weeks, after which they will take their natural shape.

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Lash Lift Treatment vs Lash Extension Treatment

These treatments are done differently. With lash extensions, each lash is dipped into a medical-grade adhesive and bonded to your natural lash.

With lash lift, your natural lashes are lifted and curled with the help of chemical products. It is also known as a lash perm, since perming solution is used and curling is involved.

The Effect of Lash Lift vs Lash Extension

After the lash extension treatment, your lashes will not be unnoticed. Your lashes will be thicker (naturally, since you will have a lot of extra lashes), longer and more dramatic. They are perfect for big events, such as weddings. Also, they look much more natural than fake lashes glued to your eyelids, and you don’t have to worry they will fall off.

On the other hand, lash lift does not look so dramatic; it is more natural, but still great. Your lashes are also longer and lifted, as if you have the best mascara in the world! It is perfect for an everyday look.

In addition, a lash lift is usually combined with tinting. If you add tint to your lash lift, you give them a more dramatic look. If you don’t want to apply mascara every day, tinting is perfect to replace it. It is a great solution for people who go on holiday. However, lash tint does not last as long as lash lift – it will come off after 3 weeks.

The Durability of Lash Lift vs Lash Extension

Both lash lift and lash extension last as long as the lash growth cycle, which is 6-8 weeks. However, different factors affect the longevity of each treatment.

Firstly, the aftercare routine. Every permanent makeup treatment requires some healing period and specific aftercare routine, during which you need to be careful. If you are not, you can mess your treatment up. The aftercare instructions are easy to follow and usually include avoiding water and makeup.

Secondly, it is the question of maintenance. If you mistreat your lashes, they will last shorter. Lash extensions are a little bit more sensitive than lash lift, but rubbing is definitely something that you shouldn’t do.

Get a detailed overview of a lash lift aftercare in our Lash lift aftercare guide.

Is Lash Lift Easier to Maintain than Lash Extensions?

Yes, it is. With lash lift, you need to be careful for the first 24-48h, during which you shouldn’t wash your face and use makeup, but after that you can continue with your routine. That means that you don’t have to be careful at all and you don’t have to use any special products to maintain your lash lift.

With lash extensions, you need to be more cautious, since fake lashes are applied to your natural lashes, and they can fall off. They are not high-maintenance, but you are not as relaxed as you are with lash lift. With lash extension, you need to be more gentle when washing your face and more careful about which skin products you use.


Lash Lift and Lash Extension Touch up

With lash lift, a touch up is not required. Your lash lift will last 6-8 weeks and if you want it again, you just repeat the treatment. Wait for at least a month before you redo the treatment.

Lash extensions require a touch up appointment around three weeks after the initial treatment.

How Much Do Lash Lift and Lash Extension Cost?

Lash extension is more expensive than lash lift. The price of lash extension varies, depending on the location and the popularity of a salon, and it can go from $150 to $200, and even more in some prestigious salons. Also, after three weeks, you should have a touch up appointment, which is sometimes complimentary, but sometimes paid additionally.

Lash lift costs from $50 to $100. After the treatment, you are set for at least 6 weeks, and you can repeat the treatment after 8 weeks, without additional appointments in the meantime.

For a detailed lash lift price overview, visit our Lash lift cost guide.

Pros and Cons of Lash Lift

The most important advantage of lash lift is that it is natural, since your lashes are lifted and curled and no additional lashes are involved. Also, it is low maintenance, affordable and the risk of irritation is lower. The results are great, it makes your eyes look more open and it is great for people with straight lashes.

The disadvantage of lash lift is that it doesn’t give the voluminous effect if you are lashes are too short. Also, if not done by a professional lash lift esthetician with a license, it can be a waste of money.

Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions

Pros of lash extensions would be: dramatic look, long outstanding lashes, makeup look. Looks more natural than fake lashes.

Cons of lash extensions are that they are high-maintenance and a bigger commitment than lash lift. Also, they require a touch up after a month. Also, some side effects may appear if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions and if they weren’t done by an experienced artist.

How to Choose the Right One for You?

In order to choose the best treatment for you, it is important to know what type of look you want to achieve. If you have an important event coming or you want to look fabulous every day, go for lash extensions, cause the give that makeup look. It is also the best, and probably the only, solution for very short lashes that cannot be lifted and curled.

Lash lift is perfect for you if you have long but straight lashes and you want them lifted and accented.


Lash lift is a very popular treatment right now. It is affordable, simple, with a lot of women finding it practical in every day life. So, if you want amazing yet natural eyelashes every day, definitely go for it!

On the other hand, if the ‘wow’ effect is what you want to achieve, definitely go for lash extensions. They are an irreplaceable solution for creating a dramatic look.


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