How Much Does Lash Lift Cost?


ermanent and semi-permanent makeup turned out to be a great option for women who want to look nourished and pretty every day. There is a variety of different treatments that can improve your facial features. Some of them are microblading, lip tattoos, permanent eyeliner. A special part of beauty industry focuses on eyelashes. Enhanced eyelashes can beautify you significantly. There are different ways of extending them and a lash lift is a number one eyelash treatment at the moment.

In this guide we are answering a lash lift cost related questions in order to cover all about this highly-requested cosmetic procedure. Look for your answers in the section below!

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What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is something like a lash perm. With the help of chemicals, your lashes are curled and lifted up. They look longer and fuller. No fake extensions are added – only your natural lashes reshaped.

The whole treatment is very simple, safe and painless and lasts for only one hour. The aftercare routine does not require much – you need to avoid makeup and getting your lashes wet for 24 hours. After that, you will have impressive lashes for 6-8 weeks, after which they will take their natural shape.

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How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost?

The average price of a lash lift treatment is $100, but it can vary from $50 to $200, depending on different factors.

What is Included in the Price?

Lash lift treatment is one hour long and involves placing protection pads, applying perm solution, curling your lashes, applying setting solution and tinting, which is optional.

  • Tinting is adding dye to your lashes and making them darker. Some salons include it in the price of a lash lift, and some charge additionally. If it is not stated in the price list, ask your beautician if tinting is included.
  • Some aestheticians sell nourishing creams, which will make your lash lift last longer. Those are usually bought separately.
  • Patch tests are tests that should be done by those who want to check if they are allergic to any substances used. They should be free.

After the lash lift treatment, you are set for 6-8 weeks. There is no need for a touch-up and there are no additional expenses. After this period, you can redo the whole treatment and you will pay the full price again.

What Does the Price of a Lash Lift Depend On?

The price of the treatment depends on the location, competition, as well as the popularity and reputation of a salon or an aesthetician. A famous salon that hires professionals and offers impeccable services might charge up to $200.

Also, there are those that charge $50 or less for a lash lift. PMUHub tip: Be careful with low prices! Inexperienced and undertrained aestheticians sometimes use low prices of their services to get new customers.

The lash lift cost also depends on the materials and products used. Perm solution, setting solution and tint are used for the treatment. Organic lotions usually cost more, but they strengthen and hydrate the lashes. The quality and price of these products will definitely affect the price of the treatment.

Lash Lift Price Compared to Other Eyelash Treatments

In the table below is given the price of a lash lift treatment compared to the other similar treatment’s prices. Take a look:


Average Price

Additional Cost

Lash Lift



Classic Lash Extensions



3D Lash Extensions



4D Lash Extensions



Lash Tint



Lash Botox



Russian Volume Lashes Full Set



Bear in mind that a lash lift does not require extra appointments.

All you need to do is repeat the treatment after 8 or more weeks. With lash extensions, a touch up is required after 3 weeks and sometimes it is complimentary. However, most salons charge around $50 for a touch-up.

How Do I Choose a Salon Based on the Price?

First of all, you should find out what the average price of a lash lift in your area is. Make a list of all the salons near you and find their price lists. Then compare them. 

If you want to be sure that the job will be done by a professional who uses high-quality products, look for the salons which prices are above average.

Before you decide to go for the cheapest option, check the aesthetician of your choice. Make sure they work in a sterile environment and have a certificate. You usually get what you pay for so if you decide for a cheaper option, you risk to have your lashes botched.

On the other hand, if a salon has low prices, that might mean that they are new on the market and are trying to attract more customers. If you want to give newbies a chance, make sure they have completed a training and use high-quality products and sterile equipment. 

The best option is to ask for a recommendation either online or with your friends.

how much does lash lift cost?

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Does Lash Lift Pay Off?

A lash lift is said to be an investment that definitely pays off. It saves you money and time. You pay for the first treatment and you don’t have to redo your lashes for 6-8 weeks. If you really look after them, they might even last for 12 weeks! And there are no mandatory touch-ups.

Is It Cheaper if I Do a Lash Lift at Home?

There are DIY at-home eyelash perming kits that you can buy on Amazon, and they can cost  from $50 to $100 and you can use them more than once. They contain everything you need in order to do a lash lift at home.

Even though this option does sound appealing, being more affordable than a lash lift in a salon, it has a lot of downsides:

  • Firstly, the treated area is very sensitive and you don’t want to have your eyes infected. If you go to a good salon, you can be sure that an aesthetician is familiar with the risks and will be very careful.
  • The professional knows how long perm solution should be left on the lashes, how much setting solution to apply, how to do the tinting without messing something up. Even though you read the instructions and watch a lot of YouTube tutorials, you can never do the job as well as someone who has completed the training.

You need to be very skillful in order to give yourself a lash lift. You can ask someone to help you, but better leave it to a professional.


Lash lift is a very popular treatment right now. It is affordable, simple, with a lot of women finding it practical in every day life. So, if you want amazing yet natural eyelashes every day, definitely go for it!

Remember to focus on the skillfulness and experience of the artist and the other factors mentioned above, when choosing an aesthetician. It’s only after that when you should judge and decide if the price is right.

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