Lash Lift Aftercare Instructions + Day by Day Overview

A lash lift treatment is one of the most popular permanent makeup treatments right now. It is safe, gives great results and it is low-maintenance. Your eyelashes are enhanced, but still look natural.  

Aftercare is a very important part of every permanent makeup treatment. It consists of several rules which have to be followed; otherwise the results will not be as expected.

So, here is everything you need to know about the lash lift aftercare routine.

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How Long Does Lash Lift Aftercare Last?

Lash lift effects last 2-3 months during which you don’t have to do anything special to maintain it. The aftercare procedure is not too complicated, but the first 24 hours are crucial. Once you go through it, you are free to enjoy your lashes fully, without any fear of ruining them.

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Lash Lift Aftercare in the First 24h

  • don’t wear mascara or any eye makeup
  • don’t get your eyelashes wet
  • don’t use any products on your lashes
  • don’t rub your eyes
  • don’t go swimming
  • don’t sweat
  • don’t go to saunas
  • be careful when you shower, don’t take long showers
  • don’t sleep on your face
  • don’t use oil-based products

Lash Lift and Tint Aftercare Day by Day

Day 1 Your lashes are freshly done and they need some time to settle. For the next 24h be extra careful and follow all the tips listed above. If there are some worrying redness and irritation, contact your artist or a dermatologist.

Day 2 Your lashes are still flexible, so you still need to be careful and avoid water, rubbing your eyes and sleeping on your face. Wait a little bit before applying makeup.

Day 3 You can relax now and start behaving as usual. However, do not rub your eyes and avoid using aggressive products for removing eye makeup.

Days 3-20 You don’t have to do anything special, just avoid oil-based products as well as those that contain exfoliates, if you want it to last as long as possible.

Day 20 If you had your lashes tinted, to add more depth, the tint will at this point probably start to wear off. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight because that will speed up the fading process.

Day 21 You can start applying oil to nourish your lash lift.

Your lash lift will last around 2 months.

How Do I Maintain My Lash Lift?

A lash lift is really low-maintenance and you don’t have to worry much about it. It is enough to brush your lashes with a lash brush from time to time.

After the first two days, when you have to follow the lash lift aftercare instructions, you can relax and normally swim, exercise, wash your face, sleep properly and you don’t have to worry that your lashes will fall off or drop.

How Long after Lash Lift Can I Shower?

You can shower the very same day, but make it short. Steam will not do your lashes good, so do not take long showers in the first 48 hours. Also, try not to get the treated area wet.

How Long after Lash Lift Can I Wash My Face?

You can wash your face normally 48 hours after the lash lift treatment, when your lashes are settled. Otherwise, you might ruin it. Use wet cotton pads and clean your face gently before you are allowed to wash it properly.

Can I Wear Mascara after Lash Lift Treatment?

Mascara and eye makeup are allowed 48 hours after the lash lift treatment.

Can I Wear Waterproof Mascara after the Lash Lift Treatment?

Waterproof mascara is something that should be avoided. Firstly, because it contains aggressive ingredients that dry your lashes. Secondly, removing it requires aggressive products and some rubbing. All of that can weaken your lash lift.

You probably won’t need mascara, since your lashes will look great with a lash lift, but if you want to highlight them even more, use oil-free mascara.

Can I Wear Eyeliner after Lash Lift?

Yes, but also 48 hours after the treatment. After the sensitive phase is finished, everything is allowed.

Can I Apply Oil after the Lash Lift Treatment?

Not immediately after it. In fact, you should avoid it as well as oil-based products. Three weeks after the treatment, when the tint starts fading, you should start conditioning your lashes. They have been treated with chemical products, so they have to be nourished. The best option is to use coconut or castor oil.

What if I Mess up My Lash Lift?

This is unlikely to happen if your lash lift esthetician has done everything right and if you followed aftercare instructions. It is important not to get them wet, otherwise, they might drop.

If you, somehow, get them wet, make sure you dry them as soon as possible. They might not change, but if they drop and your lash lift is ruined, wait at least one month until you repeat the treatment. It is not good for your lashes to be treated with perming lotion so often.

Does the Tint Last as Long as the Lash Lift?

No, it starts fading sooner, around three weeks after the treatment, and your lash lift will last longer, until your lashes finish their growing cycle.

How Do I Make My Lash Lift Last Longer?

First of all, follow the aftercare tips for the first 48 hours. Don’t use waterproof mascara, don’t rub your eyes and don’t go swimming so often.

Are There Any Touch Ups?

No, touch up appointments are not part of lash lift treatment. Your lashes should be curled for at least 6 weeks. After that, they will start to drop, since new lashes replace them.


When Can I Repeat the Lash Lift Treatment?

You should wait at least a month before you book a new lash lift treatment. The best option is to do a new one after two months, when your old lash lift is completely gone and your lashes are recovered.


As you can tell, there are no many aftercare rules taking place after the lash lift treatment. However, it is crucial to be careful first 24 to 48 hours post procedure, since it decides the longevity of your lash treatment’s effects.

If you are well informed and follow the tips, expect great results.

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