Laser Treatment for Pigmentation: Should You Give It a Try?

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on July 11, 2023

Read this guide to learn all about the laser treatment for pigmentation – how it works, what it can help, & how much it would cost!

laser treatment for pigmentation

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Getting a laser treatment can help you get rid of a lot of insecurities – but can it remove pigmented blemishes too? The simple answer is yes!

In fact, not only is it a pretty effective method, but it’s also a perfectly safe one too. There is no damage caused to the surrounding skin since the laser is extremely precise and only targets the darker spots you want to remove.

Read our comprehensive guide to find all the answers.

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How Can Laser for Hyperpigmentation Help?

Laser pigmentation removal works by targeting the exact spots you want to remove and hitting them with a ray of energy in the form of light. The specific wavelength of this light then absorbs the colored cells, which are usually rich in melanin.

Although melanin is natural and exists in everyone’s skin, it can gather in one spot creating an age mark, freckle, or other blemish.

Because the process of laser hyperpigmentation removal relies on just light, it isn’t invasive at all and should be completely painless. If you have sensitive skin, and some discomfort does occur, it won’t be worse than a regular sunburn & can be treated with an ice pack.

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The Best Laser Resurfacing for Hyperpigmentation


Before we get into it, it’s important to note that choosing the best laser for hyperpigmentation shouldn’t be up to you.

No matter the amount of research you’ve done, ultimately, your dermatologist or treatment provider will know best since they had a chance to meet you and your skin in person.

With that being said, we can talk about the lasers used for this procedure (but purely to satisfy your curiosity).

Using an IPL for hyperpigmentation is the most common practice.

This laser is a type of non-ablative treatment, which means that it uses the wavelength to remove the epidermis (which is the outermost layer of your skin) while heating the dermis (the layer underneath it).

The heating promotes collagen production, which will make recovery quick and the skin firmer and smoother. Although it most commonly requires a few sessions to show results, it’s an extremely effective treatment.

It works especially well on flat spots (where pigmentation is the only issue), but it can also help enlarged pores, wrinkles, & spider veins.

But What About the Best Laser for Dark Skin Hyperpigmentation?

To refer back to our disclaimer, you won’t have an exact answer until a professional has seen your skin & its exact shade.

However, laser skin treatments should be perfectly safe for all skin types as long as the provider has the right experience and knowledge to treat your skin with care.

Overall, the best results came from using an Nd:YAG laser on darker skin, but any laser will work fine as long as it’s in the right hands.

The Best Laser Resurfacing for Melasma

Melasma is somewhat more difficult to treat since it usually takes over a larger surface than just a few freckles. Usually, professionals recommend the Nd:YAG Alexandrite laser for treating this condition, but they also advise pairing it with other treatments like peels or an adjuvant.

Still, it’s best you make these decisions in consultation with a dermatologist, especially if you’re considering taking any medication as well.

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Lip Pigmentation Laser Treatment

A laser can be used in the same way it targets blemishes to change the appearance of your lips. The beam will melt the pigmentation stored in the cells, making the lips appear lighter and more evenly toned.

You can read more about laser lip lightening here.

In fact, that’s not the only way a laser can enhance your lips’ look! It can also be used as a tool to make them look plumper thanks to its ability to stimulate the production of collagen. Learn more about laser lip plumping here.

How Many Sessions of Laser Pigmentation Are Needed?

Typically, your provider will offer you a package of 6 sessions that are a few (usually 3-4) weeks apart. You can expect to see a slight improvement after each of these sessions, but the full result won’t come until the end.

The number of sessions necessary for your specific skin will be determined at your consultation appointment and can depend on a number of factors, such as your skin type and the type & depth of the pigmentation that will be targeted.

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How Long Does It Take for Laser Pigmentation to Fade?

Just after the treatment, you may notice that the spots have gotten even darker. This is no cause for alarm since it’s a very common side effect that will go away on its own in time.

For the pigment to fully fade, it can take anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on your skin’s natural cell turnover rate and how well it’s responding to the treatment.

Can Pigmentation Be Removed Permanently by Laser?

Yes! In fact, it’s one of the few treatments that are actually permanent.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that the fact that you’ve faced this issue once means that your skin is simply more prone to these kinds of blemishes. This means that more hyperpigmented spots may appear later in your life, especially if you spend lots of time in the sun.

These spots can also appear as a sign of aging, but there’s not really much you can do to prevent that (besides book more laser appointments).

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What Are the Disadvantages of Laser Treatment for Pigmentation?

Although this method of taking care of hyperpigmentation offers a lot of benefits in terms of how effective & permanent it is, there are also some risks and side effects to it that are important to keep in mind.

The procedure itself is painless, but some people (especially those with more sensitive skin) might experience a slight burning or stinging sensation during the treatment.

After the treatment, the most common side effects include redness and dry patches around the treated area. In some rarer cases, bruising and even swelling may appear, but this will go away on its own and can be reduced with an ice pack.

Laser Treatment for Hyperpigmentation – Aftercare

There’s really not all that much you can do in terms of post-laser aftercare. Your therapist will apply a cooling product immediately after the treatment to ease any discomfort and stinging you may have felt and reduce the risk of redness.

Other than that, you can apply ice packs or cooling products when you get home. If there’s any other advice or product recommendation your dermatologist gives you, stick to it, and you won’t have any reason to worry about potential side effects.

Hyperpigmentation Laser Treatment Cost

The average cost-per-session falls somewhere in the $200-$700 range.

There’s a multitude of factors that go into determining the price of any treatment.

For example, the exclusivity of the salon may deter you from going to a pricier place, but keep in mind that it’s much more important to trust the process with an experienced professional than to save a few bucks.

Other than the exclusivity, the price point will most heavily be based on the size of the area you want to treat. Typically, you’ll need to pay around $200 for a small area and up to $700 for a full-face session.

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation – Main Takeaways

Considering that the price isn’t that steep compared to other, similar facial treatments and the fact that the method has been proven effective, safe, and permanent, we say you should definitely give laser pigmentation removal a try.

The most important part to remember here is that you should consult with a dermatologist first & let them help you choose the best provider that has the right experience and equipment to give you the best results!



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