Is a Permanent Makeup Career Right for Me?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on September 20, 2022
permanent makeup career
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Not satisfied with your job? Feel trapped at the current career and dream of a different one? At the same time, you’ve always felt passioned about makeup, and you now dare to imagine a new career path for you. If the answers are yes, then a permanent makeup career is the right choice for you.

Making big career decisions is never an easy job, especially if you already have a steady job and stable income. But, if you would stop for just a second and ask yourself: Is this what I want to do? Is this my dream job? The answer will most probably go in another direction. If the very thought of you making your way in the permanent makeup world and building your own business causes you an adrenalin rush, you should definitely go for it.

However, while there are many benefits to becoming a permanent makeup artist, it is important to know that nothing comes easy in life and therefore an instant success in this field of work will simply not happen, so give your very best and try as hard as you can, and the success will follow.  

Educational background

Like in any beauty industry, your first step should be doing a training and acquiring licenses. Luckily for you, the initial training for a PMU artist usually ranges between 5 days and two weeks, after which you can already kickstart your career. Bare in mind that this training is of the utmost importance since it is here that you will gain the necessary skills. Therefore, be careful when choosing your instructors and the type of classes you will attend. Make sure you ask about the number of people in the class – smaller groups are by far better, as well as the previous experience of the instructors.

At this stage, it is crucial to connect with other newcomers such as you as well as experienced colleagues who can provide you with invaluable advice about the trainings and other tips. Success in this industry is directly related to the quality and amount of training you receive, so, once again, be sure you make the right choice.

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Courses and masterclasses

In this rapidly growing industry, the advances are made on a daily basis, so it is vital to keep up to date with all the latest techniques and trends by visiting numerous conferences and masterclasses held by the respected artists. The initial training is there only to teach you the essential skills, whereas these conferences are the key to your permanent makeup career. Always keep up with the trends and be top-notch, that will guarantee your success. 

Earning potentials

While the exact figures are difficult to acquire since most of the artists are self-employed, some estimates can be made. The first thing you should do is to calculate the expenses and potential estimated income. Initial investment into equipment and materials is where most of the money will originally go and, like in any job they are a bit high, but you are building your own business so don’t worry, it will pay off in time.

The services PMU artists provide usually range between $100 and $600, with additional earning coming from maintenance visit charges and commissions. The price of the treatments will depend on your experience, the location, local competition as well as customer demands. Once you go into business, and start building a name for yourself, the revenue will go up as well.

earning in pmu industry is important aspect of considering a pmu career

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels


The question many ask before venturing into PMU is: Do I have the necessary skills? Great thing about this profession is that anyone can do it. Yes, it requires a lot of hard work and dexterity, since the PMU professionals need to be good with their hands and able to work in small, concise movements. But do not worry, this is something you will acquire through your training and in time as you gain experience.

Superb customer service is another must in this industry. Like in any pink-collar occupation, having excellent social skills and making your clients feel at home is a key to your success. Not everyone will feel comfortable coming to you and it will be your job to make them welcome.

Benefits of the permanent makeup career

Apart from being your own boss and building something of your own, career in PMU is a lucrative business that keeps getting bigger and more popular. So, jump on this train and do what you have always wanted, use your passion for makeup to make people more confident in themselves and help them look and feel better.

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