Is Microblading Permanent? Here’s What You Should Know

By PMUHub Editorial Team| Last updated on November 30, 2022
Is microblading permanent
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I chose Microblading to simplify my morning routine. And to have awesome brows that don’t wash off!

Microblading is not as simple as just threading and shaping your brows. It is a form of a brow tattoo. That is why one of your first questions may be Is microblading permanent?

This is not a yes or no question – the answer is a bit more complex. Technically, the effects are not permanent, but since it is a form of tattoo, it never disappears completely.

What Is Microblading?

This super popular treatment is similar to a brow tattoo, but it is done differently from traditional body art, and does not stay visible forever. It falls into the category of cosmetic tattooing.

People love it because they get perfectly shaped eyebrows with visible separate hair strokes, that resemble natural hairs. That means no block of color – its natural look is what makes microblading so popular.

How Is Microblading Done?

A manual tool is used to make small cuts that resemble hairs (so-called hair strokes) and insert the pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. It is basically tattooing your eyebrows, but with pigments instead of traditional tattoo ink. 

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading lasts for 1-2 years. This depends on different factors such as skin type, lifestyle, the quality of the pigment used, etc. Most clients need a touch up at around 18 months.

Is Microblading Permanent?

No, the effects of microblading are not permanent. It is supposed to fade after 1-2 years. Many people refer to microblading as a brow tattoo, but they are not sure is microblading permanent. 

Microblading is under the semi-permanent category, which means that the results don’t last forever, as with a real tattoo.

But, there’s a catch. Pigments used for microblading are formulated in such a way that the body can break them down and fade them. However, a certain amount of them cannot be extracted and stay forever.

This residue can be visible or invisible – this depends on their color or the depth of application. 

How long does Microblading last after the treatment?
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What Affects the Longevity of Microblading?

The lifespan of microblading is not the same for everyone. For some people, it will last even longer than 2 years, while for others it may last much shorter. Here are the factors that affect the longevity of microblading results:

Skin Type

People with dry skin are the most suitable clients for perfect microblading results. The hair strokes will be crisp and the effects will last much longer than on people with oily skin.


Your microblading artist will give you aftercare instructions which you must follow. Otherwise, the retention of the microblading pigment may not be successful.


Water and sun exposure will speed up the process of fading. So if you swim often or spend a lot of time in the sun, this means that your microblading will last shorter. Also, people who work out sweat a lot, which will also affect the results of microblading.


The longevity of microblading is also affected by the pigments your artist uses. Some of them last longer, but may not be suitable for your skin type.

Iron Deficiency

Most artists use iron oxide-based pigments, so if you’re anemic, the ink may not retain well, as the body “eats up” the iron component.


If you want to prolong the lifespan of your microblading, you need to book regular touch-up appointments for a color boost.

Skincare Products

Some skincare products, especially those that contain retinol, will speed up the process of fading your microbladed brows.


Some medications, such as blood pressure and thyroid prescriptions, may also affect the lifespan of your microblading.

Will Microblading Fade Completely?

In most cases, microblading will fade completely after two or more years. However, there are cases when the pigment is a little bit more persistent and stays much longer.

Microblading not fading can happen if the pigment went too deep under the skin. Microblading should be done in the upper layer of the dermis, but if there’s too much pressure on the blade, it will go deeper and stay longer.

There are cases when microblading stays for years but fades into an orange or grayish tone. The fading depends on many factors, primarily body chemistry, but also due to skin type, red undertones, the pressure on the blade, and the formula and color of the pigments used during the treatment.

Will Microblading Fade Completely After 2 years?
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Does Microblading Fade the Same as Brow Tattoo?

If you wonder is microblading permanent like a brow tattoo, the answer is NO. As said above, microblading uses pigments, formulated differently than tattoo ink, and they are more easily broken by the body. 

A brow tattoo usually gets some blueish or orange tone, which looks really unattractive. Microblading fades much more naturally but can be persistent if some scarring occurred during the treatment and the pigment was deposited too deep under the skin. Or, it contains some component your body can’t break down.

pmu microblading implementation depth skin layers

How Can I Make Microblading Last Longer?

If you want to have perfect brows for as long as possible, here are some tips:

  • Follow the aftercare routine
  • Avoid spending too much time in the water
  • Avoid spending too much time in the sun
  • Avoid using skincare products that speed up microblading fading
  • Book regular touch-ups, as soon as you notice your brows need a color boost

How Often Should I Book a Microblading Touch-Up?

The frequency of your microblading touch-ups depends on how fast your microblading fades. Some people (mostly those with oily skin) will need to add some microblading pigment after 9 months, while others are set for a year, or even longer.

How Often Should I Book a Microblading Touch-Up?
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Can Microblading Be Removed?

If you are not satisfied with your newly microbladed brows, there are ways to undo the whole process. Some of the ways are more successful than the others, but the top options are:

Find out all about microblading removal options here.

Why Is Microblading Being Semi-Permanent a Good Thing?

When people ask is microblading permanent, they are afraid to commit to something that will stay on their face forever. They are usually relieved when they find out that it will become invisible after approximately 2 years.

This means that you can change the style of your brows if the trend changes (and it always does). Also, if you get tired of one style and want something new for your brows, microblading gives you the chance to completely change your look, after it fades.

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