Is Lip Blush the New Alternative to Lip Fillers?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on October 11, 2022
what is lip blush - Is Lip Blush the New Alternative to Lip Fillers
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Fashion and cosmetic trends always change, but it seems that plump lips are always trendy. Even before the invention of the first commercial lipstick at the end of the 19th century, women have used various substances to emphasize their lips.

Modern era glorifies full lips, which are not that hard to get anymore, with the help of cosmetic treatments. One of them is lip blush, a brand new treatment which is here to replace the infamous lip fillers.

What is lip blush?

Lip blush is an evolved semi-permanent treatment which involves inserting pigments into your lips, thus making them look fuller. It is often achieved by using a combination of techniques: pixilating (applying small dots of pigment), shading and lining.

Lip blushing is a style of the semi permanent lip tattoo. It uses new techniques, advanced semi-permanent PMU pigments, and improved digital tools that are more gentle to the skin. The result is much more natural-looking lips, without harsh lines.

what is lip blushing?

Who is it for?

Lip blushing is for people who want to enhance their lips, add definition and volume but still look natural. Besides that, it is a great option for correcting uneven lips and adding more natural color to pale lips.

What does the lip blush treatment look like?

The treatment lasts between one and two hours. Firstly, you choose the pigment and the shape of your lips with the help and tips of the aesthetician. The aesthetician draws the desired shape, so you can make adjustments. Then, in order to make the procedure less painful, an anesthetic is applied before the treatment.

The pigment is applied with the advanced tattoo-like machine. After the healing period is finished, a touch up is required, in order to correct any irregularities or add more pigment. You can also change the color if you decide that the one you chose is not the right for you.

Is lip blushing painful?

No, it isn’t. The tool used in the treatment is advanced, digital pen-like appliance. It does not go as deep into the skin layers as the old-fashioned tattoo tool. Also, it does not involve as much scratching as microblading. Besides, the numbing solution is applied before the treatment to prevent any possible discomfort.

Lip blushing treatment is much more sophisticated than the treatments used in the past.

How long does lip blush last?

It can last from two to five years. It depends on your lifestyle and sun exposure, sweating, cosmetic products you use might speed fading up. If you have regular touch-ups, your lip blushing will last longer.

What does the healing process look like?

The healing process is four to five days long. Your lips might appear a bit swollen after the treatment and the color on your lips is slightly darker, but don’t freak out. It is a normal occurrence and the color will change during the healing period. Also, scabs will probably show up and flake off within a week.

What does the lip blushing aftercare entail?

Luckily, lip blush does not take too much time to heal. During that period, it is important to religiously follow the instructions given by your aesthetician.

Avoid wearing makeup, especially around and on your lips. Avoid sweating and sun exposure. Wash and dry the area gently, without using any aggressive cosmetic products. Apply the crème or a moisturizer given by the permanent makeup artist in order to avoid complications.

Under no circumstances should you touch the scabs and peel them off. Let them fall off naturally in order to avoid any complications.

lip blush aftercare

Photo by JerzyGorecki on Pixabay

Are there any risks?

As with any other cosmetic treatments, there are some risks involved, such as infection and irritation. In order to reduce the chances of having an infection to a minimum, follow the aftercare tips carefully. Also, before booking an appointment, check out the salon and the permanent makeup aesthetician. Read the reviews online and ask for a recommendation.

Warn your aesthetician about any skin conditions you might have. In addition, if you think you might be allergic to the pigment, do a patch test beforehand.

When can I wear lipstick after a treatment?

It is advisable to wait up to 10 days before you apply lipstick or lip balm.

How much does lip blush cost?

The price of lip blushing varies, depending on different factors such as location, competition, the popularity and the proficiency of the artist. It can go from $500 to $1500. Bear in mind that a low price sometimes indicates an inexperienced artist.

Why is lip blush tattoo better than lip fillers?

Lip blushing is a less invasive procedure and the outcome is way more natural. It lasts longer, the healing process is shorter and it is much easier to correct it in case something goes wrong. Lip fillers are also high maintenance and require frequent touch ups. However, if you want a more dramatic look, lip fillers will give better results.

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