I Ruined My Microblading! What Should I Do?

By Katarina V.| Last updated on July 15, 2022
I ruined my microblading
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Microblading is not cheap – it can cost hundreds of dollars. But according to those who’ve had it, it’s a great investment. Some people say it’s a life savior and a great confidence booster.

But what if it doesn’t really work out? What if one day, while your brows are still healing, you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and think OMG, I ruined my microblading?

Here’s what could have gone wrong and how to fix it.

Are You Sure It’s Really Ruined?

Before you start freaking out, you need to get informed about the microblading healing process and understand what is normal and what is actually an I ruined my microblading scenario.

Yes, microblading involves cutting the skin and the brows are actually a wound that needs to heal. While the eyebrows are healing, they go through several stages:

  • First, they will appear too dark. You may freak out and think that your microblading is ruined but they will fade once the healing process is over.
  • Then they will start scabbing. Some scabs will fall off with pigment, leaving new, light skin underneath, and that’s completely normal.
  • After the scabbing period is over, your eyebrows will appear light and patchy. At this point, many clients will think I ruined my microblading but patchy and uneven results are completely normal after the healing period. That’s why the touch-up appointment exists – to fill in all the gaps in your brows and to correct all the imperfections.

Your eyebrows are completely healed 4 to 6 weeks after the initial appointment and it’s only after the touch up that you can judge the final results.

emotions during microblading healing process

What Can Ruin Your Microblading?

If your microblading artists did everything properly, it’s all up to you after you leave their salon. The first two weeks after the appointment are crucial and you need to follow the strict aftercare routine.

Here are the things that can ruin your microblading and what to do if it happens.

 I Got My Eyebrows Wet and I Ruined My Microblading

The greatest enemies of freshly done microblading are sweat and water. Your microblading artist will tell you to keep your brows dry. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wash your eyebrows – that just means that you shouldn’t get them soaking wet or splash them with a lot of water.

So what happens if you get your eyebrows wet after microblading?

Microblading is done in the dermis, the second layer of the skin, and the pigment is easy to extract if the brows are not completely healed. And that’s exactly what water does – water loosens and lightens the pigment and ruins the retention.

Don’t worry if a few drops of water fall onto your eyebrows, but make sure you dry them as soon as possible. But swimming in the pool or the sea, going to steamy rooms and saunas or putting your head under the shower head is completely forbidden.

I Went Exercising and I Ruined My Microblading

Sweating is another enemy of freshly microbladed eyebrows. It pushes out the pigment from the inside and affects retention.

That’s why working out, jogging or any type of exercise and hard work that will make you sweat should be avoided during microblading healing.

If you are a fitness addict, you probably can’t imagine going 2 weeks without any exercise. But just remember how much you paid for your microblading and that the results may be ruined. Light indoor yoga or a short walk in the neighborhood is allowed, but make sure you avoid the sun.

If you somehow forgot that you shouldn’t exercise during the healing process or your artist forgot to mention that, went jogging or hit the gym, and it affected your microblading results, it can be fixed at the touch up. But the results will definitely be better if you skip your workouts for at least 10 days.

If you went exercising immediately after the touch up and ruined the results, you will probably need an extra appointment to fix the damage. That will not only cost you more but it will also cause additional trauma to your eyebrows.

Girl with microblading after a workout

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I Picked the Scabs and I Ruined My Microblading

Picking the scabs is a big no-no during aftercare. You need to let them fall off on their own. If you pick them too soon before they’re ready to fall off, they will take some pigment with them and reveal new, pigmentless skin underneath. This can be fixed at the touch up, but if it causes scarring, then it will be harder to fix.

But if you somehow, by accident, scratched the brows or ripped the scabs in your sleep, there is no need to worry. They were probably gonna fall out soon anyway and hopefully they will not cause scarring.

I Didn’t Wash My Brows and I Ruined My Microblading

Your microblading artist will tell you to keep your brows dry, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them. Washing your eyebrows is extremely important. That way you will remove all the dirt, dead cells and bacteria as well as the ointment build-up and you will let the skin breathe.

The skin needs to breathe in order to heal properly and if it’s suffocated with scabs and build-up, it can’t.

Every day, take a cotton pad with a little bit of sterile water and clean your brows gently, without rubbing or pressing too hard. If advised, apply a healing balm afterwards. Make sure you use only a thin layer of the healing ointment – a rice-grain-sized drop is enough.

It’s important to keep your brows clean of old ointment before applying a new layer.

Microblading aftercare instructions

I Exposed My Brows to Sunlight and I Ruined My Microblading

After you get your eyebrows microbladed, you shouldn’t go into the sunlight. This will also cause the pigment to fade faster. But if you absolutely have to spend the day in the sun, make sure you protect your eyebrows with a big hat and try to hide them from direct sunlight as much as possible.

If your brows get faded by sunlight, more pigment can be added at the touch up.

I Slept the Wrong Way and I Ruined My Microblading

After a microblading appointment, you will need to watch how you sleep.

Your microblading artist will advise you to sleep on your back, but if you turn to one side during your sleep, it’s not really something you can control. If one eyebrow is lighter than the other or some pigment is missing from one eyebrow, but not from the other, that means that you probably slept on your side.

This is also something that can be corrected at the touch up by adding more color and refreshing the strokes.

I Got an Infection and I Ruined My Microblading

Infections are very rare but they can happen due to poor aftercare. If you don’t clean your brows regularly they can get infected. An infection will ruin pigment retention and cause poor healing results.

Read this article to find out how to recognize a microblading infection and what to do if it happens.

I Used the Wrong Skincare Products and I Ruined My Microblading

Some skincare products can ruin microblading. That’s why it’s important to use only the healing balm given by your artist during the aftercare period. For two weeks, and even longer, avoid skincare products that contain retinol, vitamin C or similar exfoliants.

Learn which products you should avoid during the microblading aftercare in this article.

Things to avoid after permanent makeup procedure.


If you did something wrong and ruined your microblading, there is no need to worry too much because most of it can be corrected at the touch up. However, the final results may not be as good as expected. So it’s better to follow the aftercare instructions to a T and ensure great results.

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